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Croe looked at the missy and at drew clearly still unhappy. "Sorry missy normally pretty good about sowing and making clothes but even i cant fix it with nothing," he said noticing her torn dress and also looking down at his own torn shirt which he only kept it on for the little warmth it provided.

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Missy looked down, defeated. "Not about the dress. I'll just get a new one. I'm talking about the lock." She looked up her eyebrows moving up and down. "I know how it works." Thats why she made a fuss with that other eraser. "All we have to do is wait for the right moment." She smiled widely, again.

Drew looked up with surprise. She was better than he thought. "How?"

Missy didn't comment or reply. All she did was turn her smile to him.

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Raiden snuggled to the side of the cage that was closer to his friends. "b-but isn't it locked..?"

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Missy turned toward him and in a self confident voice replied. "Yes it is." She smiled again than looked down at her fingernails. They didn't know about her new power.

Another white coat walked into the room. This time for Missy and Drew. They came back sometime later. Dillain had puncture wounds in his arms from various needle injections but Missy had none. "They didn't have a long strong enough needle" She shrugged.

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((Dillian? dont you mean Drew?))

Raiden looked over at Missy. Raiden was hoping the white coats would forget about him, he hated the tests.

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Little Redwood

lolz faiil

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Soon after Croes nap (he took a nap lol) He along with dog were given a glass of water and a small sandwhich. The dog was later moved and never seeen again. But instead a small crate was placed next to him with what looked like a frog but more plushie like. It had big anime eyes and wings it seemed to be unreal except it suddenly began to hop around.

9/24/2010 #37

Raiden stared at the animal and then he looked up at Croe. Raiden tilted his head to the side and asked "Croe, what is it?"

9/24/2010 #38

Croe smiled at the creature, "the offically cutest thing ever other then you and aiiro." Though looks from the others seemed like they didnt approve he smiled at the little creature reaching through the bars to pet it when it came close.

9/24/2010 #39
Little Redwood

((you need to post for croe AND aiiro, the plotlines needs to move at the same pace and the one aiiros on is behing))

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Missy looked at the poor creature. She listened to down the halls and heard no foot steps or any voices. She listened all around and heard no one. "Huh, guess they think theres no way to for us to get out." drew looked up hearing missy.

"Thats because there isn't."

"Oh really." She looked at him mysteriously. He thought she was insane. missy turned to raiden and Croe. "Get ready to carry Raiden." She clawed at the piece on the lock that would make the lock fall apart. She heard the sizzle of venom eating away the metal and sighed. It felt like hours until the lock dropped to the floor. Drew stared at her amazingly. Missy pushed open the door and flew across the room. She quickly melted raiden and croes locks. She looked down at the creature and remebered how Croe talked about it. She unlocked it's cage and looked at Croe. "Lets go."

Drew looked at her. "your going to just leave me here!" She was almost out of the room, but stopped and ran to his cage.

"Fine, but go your seperate ways. I saw you fly earlier. You'll slow us down." Missy forced her way through the door.

9/25/2010 #41

Croe grabbed raiden and the frog swiming as they head out he sees his jacket grabbing it runs out with missy behind him

9/25/2010 #42

After a while the three stopped flying and realized they were in florida.


9/26/2010 #43

When they reach florida they meet a strange girl that looked about fourteen but was really 12 ((haha what now)) that just happened to be hovering in the air with butterfly wings popping out of her back, "HI! I'm Alura." the girl said a little to egerly. She was wayyy to hyper! ((This is how you me moi.))

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curses u

11/23/2010 #45

"You cursed me? GRR!" takes out butterfly knife and throws at Radiens head missing it by an inch on perpose, "Watch it."

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Winks at Radien, "Now what the hell are your names?" Alura rose an eyebrow.

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Looks at Radien and reaches for a secret hatch at the bottem of her left shoe and puuls out a butterfly knife that had the words Forever Free engraved on it in fancy hand writing, "Don't get smart with me."

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"I insist you take this knife, if you don't you will insult me. You never know when you need to be protected," Alura's eyes softened like she was having a bad memory. But just as quickly as it came it left and she just held it out for Radien to have. "Please take it, it's my best... well favorite one. It has never missed a target, never."

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Little Redwood

this thread is now closed. If you want roleplay on this thread, please post on the new character thread and 'The Lab 2'

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