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Little Redwood

heres mine, ok after you guys are captured you become like 'brainwashed' by the school and are forced tyo try and capture us? that way theres conflict?

12/20/2010 . Edited 7/30/2012 #1

I think we should just restart the whole thing cause it would be kinda confusing just restarting part of the RP.

1/6/2011 #2

maybe we about Raiden, Missy, and Croe never escaped and then you guys got captured too and we can start from there


1/6/2011 #3
Little Redwood

Maybe we could just restart competely. like new characters and everything XD

1/9/2011 #4

If we do that is it OK if I just use Kit and Taz again??? :3

1/9/2011 #5
Little Redwood

ok but could you make them less god-modish? like drop the dolphin crap and the morphing abilities? it just annoys some of us that your 2 characters are so morphed.

1/9/2011 #6

Im gonna keep Raiden

1/9/2011 #7
Little Redwood

well raiden is awesome. im keeping mine too

3/14/2011 #8

lol wow Raiden is the most pitiful thing ive ever seen .... but yet u use his name for everything =___=''

3/18/2011 #9
Little Redwood

this thread is now closed. If you want roleplay on this thread, please post on the new character thread and 'The Lab 2'

7/30/2012 #10
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