Plagiarism and a Whole Lot of Other Stuff
Recently, the Sonny With A Chance fan fiction archive has been invaded by plagiarists. This is a forum where all are welcome to vent and discuss it. But it's expanded into...a chatroom! Talk about anything you want!
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How can you say something here and manage not to sound like CDC? :/

8/5/2010 #151

True, extremely true. Example: I look amazingly good in nearly anything. *pops collar* LOL

8/5/2010 #152

Bahahahah! I love you Chal. :D

8/5/2010 #153

Haha, love you too, Alex! :D

Hmm, what else? My hair shines like a beacon to those who admire beauty in the sunlight. Now, that was really like Chad Dylan Cooper.

8/5/2010 #154

My eyes are so amazingly fantastic that any person could die looking at them. ;D

8/5/2010 #155

I walk so gracefully that not even the most famous supermodels could compare. HAHA! :D

8/5/2010 #156

Im so hot Edward Cullen looks at me and cries that he was beat. XD

8/5/2010 #157

My brainpower can invent the most wildest inventions that humankind could ever use. It can conjure up ideas and formulas that no other can even imagine. ;D

8/5/2010 #158

My genius is so envied Albert Einstein built a time machine just to come see and worship at my very feet. :D

8/5/2010 #159

I got a good review :D

8/6/2010 #160


8/6/2010 #161

Where did that anti topic go? :( I wanna post there xP

8/6/2010 #162
Heidi Erickson

Julia and Teddy begged me to delete I did. :P

8/6/2010 #163
Im so fly I make chickens cry! AWOO! Ahahah I HAD to put that. :D
8/6/2010 #164
Heidi Erickson

I rather like my dark blond hair. :)

8/6/2010 #165

For the first time, I am posting here because I choose to and not because someone is trying to help me by making me do so.

I am proud of that. :)

8/11/2010 #166
Heidi Erickson

I'm proud that I'm handling this situation better than I'd normally expect myself to. :')

(I'm proud of you, too, Danci. ;)

8/11/2010 #167

I have nothing to appreciate in myself!


8/11/2010 #168



I have a community dedicated solely to contest entries. If your story is in this community (see community link on my profile), then you are fine. If you have not, please either PM me or leave a message (with a link to your story) on my topic so that I can add it. You still have until Sunday to publish your one-shot, so do not panic. :) Just please let me know. Thank you for participating! :D

8/12/2010 #169
REGARDING THE FORUM CONTEST: Each member of the forum who chooses to vote will PM me their vote. I've decided that a PM is the best way to let me know who you're voting for without being too obvious or too anonymous. Since entries will be accepted no later than Sunday at midnight (West Coast time - but please don't submit it that late, I might not be up :P), we will have every entry in the community by Monday. Depending on your schedule, you can read all of the stories and vote for one on Sunday or Monday. I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning. You are not allowed to vote for yourself. The prize for the contest is having the power to have every forum person who voted (I'll keep track xP) review any one of your one-shots. To clarify; everyone reviews the same one. No particular assignments. And everyone who voted must review, even if one person has already reviewed it; do it anonymously and say something slightly different. Good luck! :)
8/14/2010 #170

Just now saw this topic.


I love my eyes. They're blue :)

I love my brown hair, though I want to die it black. (Everyone's telling me not to. ;P) And I don't mean that in a dark/emo way.

I'm glad that God blessed me to be not be shy. I don't know how I would be able to live being a super shy person.

I'm very bubbly and exciting, though if you get to know me you'll realize I'm kind of dark.

I kinda have two personalities. It's wierd. ;)

I believe that I write mediocre, but when people compliment my writing it totally brightens my day.

My dog is cute?

I ranked third in the region on French Horn, so I'm pretty talented at that ;)

and. . . yeah. now I just feel like i'm bragging. ;P

8/14/2010 #171

I am a boring nub.

But I have a good sense of humour ;D

8/14/2010 #172

I appreciate that I managed to finish Absweet's fic in time. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ABSWEET!! :D *hugs*

8/16/2010 #173

I felt the need to look around this forum, so I will post a little something I like about myself:

People say I have pretty hair. Oh, and I like the fact that I was born on the twenty first of this month.

8/17/2010 #174
Heidi Erickson


DancingRaindrops has postponed her deadline for the contest entries' votes until this Saturday; the 21st of August. PLEASE, if you haven't voted on the best one-shot in her community, do vote before August 21st. Thank you! :)

8/17/2010 #175
Heidi Erickson

I appreciate that I am capable of loving and giving so much. X)

8/19/2010 #176
Heidi Erickson

*Dramatic musuc ensues.*

The time has come...when the idiotic makers of update the website...ands the DREAD PAGE ONE RETURNS TO TORMENT US ALL WHILE WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE FUN AND EASY CONVERSATION!! CURSE YOU, PAGE ONE!!!!

8/20/2010 #177

I am officially opening the Getting Angela Back Compain!

Please go to the new topic and say some things you liked about Ang, things you loved talking to her about in the forum, and things you loved doing.

Let's try to keep it on the positive, not why she shouldn't leave, but why you loved it when she was here.

Please, let's try to fill up the topic fast so we can get her back ASAP.


8/20/2010 #178
Heidi Erickson

I survived first day of college. WOOT! :P XD

8/23/2010 #179

I'm apparently awesome enough for seniors to not stuff me in a trashcan on my first day of high school! WHOO! XD

8/23/2010 #180
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