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Standard template:





Birthplanet(make one up if you want, but be prepared to back it up with your own info):

Weapons(If you are force-sensitive, then name your style and blade color):

Abilities(Force powers for Jedi/Sith/Grays):


Morals(Light, dark, gray, mercenary-like):


Bio(Must be at least a paragraph long):

Other(If you have a droid, list it. If you're a murdering psycho, list it. If you're force-sensitive, LIST IT!!!):

6/3/2010 #1
The Speed of Darkness

Name: Sawari Koli Ratayi Uliwuvi

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Race: Marasu (this race is about average 4'6" and can change color with the environment after about a 30 seconds can climb and stick to walls but not strong)

Birthplanet: Nassasi

Weapons: Especially good with controlled lightning, choke, moving things neither pull nor push, purple light-saber bent handle, a blaster rifle slung across his back, mini light-saber hid in his boot.

Abilities: Jedi with some good force powers and those powers of a Marasu also good at stealth and infiltration

Appearance: sly green tunic brown belt black no shoes normally green skin when not trying to blend in, no hair.

Morals: Grey

Personality: Sly Deceiving

Bio: James was born on a distant planet there he trained to be sly stealthy and assassin-like because the tribes there are mostly hostile towards each other. Was especially gifted and is extremely smart for his race about 169 IQ. A jedi found him on his travels and the jedi almost died from the dart that he hit him with. The Jedi brought him back to the accadamy and was trained as a youngling although he was 12 which is about 6 in Marasu years (year/2=Marasu year). He is exceptional at assasination oriented attacks. Before he graduated he was scolded 4 times for not fighting valiantly. After graduation he was sent on his own to take down rouge sith and spys. Now mostly goes around and does what he wants while looking for sith.

Other: excelent assasin has a speeder and a stealth space ship has an astro droid; R9 and is force sensitive as earlier mentioned

6/4/2010 . Edited 6/5/2010 #2

Approved, now for my two.

Name: Arsus Merrick

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Krath

Birthplanet: Korriban

Weapons: Broken veridian short saber, Krath Hunting Blade, Modified Assassin's pistol.

Abilities: Lockpicking, healing, security, weapon making/fixing. (Doesn't know he's a jedi yet)

Appearance: Long-ish black hair, green eyes with Bothan Sensory Eyepiece and a suit of white combat armor.

Morals: Good.

Personality: Sarcastic, romantic, a people person. But hard-working and dedicated at times.

Bio: Born on a small settlement near the Sith Academy, Arsus left as soon as he could, fearing the bad vibes he got from the place. He moved soon after to Manaan, where he met a young jedi trainee named Syra Niash(My second character.). The two instantly became friends and stuck with it until they were 19, when Arsus joined the Republic Army. As a going away gift of sorts, Syra gave him an old lightsaber she found in a lockbox on Dantooine. Now, on the Ender Spire, his life is about to change forever.

Other: Is force-senstive, but he doesn't know it.

6/4/2010 #3
The Speed of Darkness

do you want our characters to be partners?

6/5/2010 #4

Yeah, good idea. Ender Spire is where we start?

6/5/2010 #5
The Speed of Darkness

sounds good

6/5/2010 #6

Cool, let's get this started.

6/5/2010 #7
The Speed of Darkness


6/5/2010 #8
Saber Knight

Name: Azalyn Starkiller

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Mandalorian

Birthplanet: Dxun

Weapons: Blaster rifle, double-bladed vibrosword.

Abilities: Not yet known.

Appearance: Long midnight black hair, creamy white skin, bright silver eyes, 5'5. Scouts clothing.

Morals: Light

Personality: Shy, quiet, timid.

Bio: Azalyn doesn't remember any of her childhood. She knows when she was 16 she began to be a mercenary, guarding people and defending villages being disturbed by pirates. She also did some smuggler runs throughout the galaxy, seeing more places than any could wish to see. The republic recruited her after hearing of her reputation, and after they had to pay her for the damage to her frieghter when a Hammerhead appeared out of nowhere and her Infiltrator crashed into it's hanger bag. There was really on damage to the paintjob on the Infiltrator while the hanger was partially destroyed.

Other: Unknown to her, she is very strong in the first. She can also hear, see, and even smell better then others. She is extremely good at maintaining balance and her fortitude is unlike any other.

Can I be Revan, please?

1/30/2011 #9

Name:Marknos Ragno





Weapons:A silver-bladed, polearm lightsaber.

Abilities:A Jedi Guardian in the strictest definition. Abandoned Force Power training for pure Lightsaber Combat. Very talented in the Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, and Juyo lightsaber forms. Basically, a wall for Dark Force Users to try and break-through.

Appearance:Stands almost six feet in height, couple inches off though. Dark brown hair, hazel-colored eyes. Attire is a simple Jedi Tunic, with a cloak over it. (Abandons cloak if he believes what he is about to do will require a lot of moving.) The color and style of the Robes symbolize a 'Grey-Jedi'. Someone who has turned from the teachings of the Jedi, but don't utilize the powers of the Dark Side of the Force.

Morals:Depends on the situation

Personality:An almost comedic-relief type of person, with an underlying tone of seriousness every now and then. DOES know how to get the job done though, no matter what it may be.

Bio:Like most Jedi, Marknos was brought into the Order as a very young boy. After the first few years of training began, it became obvious that he was only intrested in learning how to duel with a lightsaber. Quickly rising to the top of his age group, and near above his age group as well, in the ways of Lightsaber Combat. This attitude led the instructors on Corellia to try a different approach, fearing that this more violent way of thinking and training would be the young boys downfall. When it was time for him to become a Padawan, the Masters paired him with Jedi Master Vrook Lamarr. The pair came to Dantooine eventually and Vrook became a member of the council there, letting Marknos become knighted after his trials were complete, although, he was a little skeptical but decided to see if he would be wrong.

After a year of increased saber training on his part, Marknos last mission apart of the Order went horribly wrong. To make a long story short, a Dark Side foe stood in the way of his goal. They fought, and after the Dark Jedi utilized many styles and tactics frowned upon by the Jedi, he got away. Dissappointed, Marknos decided to leave the Order to try and figure things out on his own. He left Dantooine to try and find... well, anything in his mind. His most recent 'adventure' brought him too Taris. Unfortunatley for him, shortly after, the Sith quarantined the planet.

Other:Try and avoid direct Lightsaber combat. You will be playing his game most of the fight.

(Im hoping that no force powers would be able to be used as an increased lightsaber combat. Fair trade, no?) (Yes, the name IS in fact original. Originality, spawned from unoriginality. Ask me sometime if you care -.-)

2/24/2011 #10
Both accepted. ^^
2/25/2011 #11

Thanks dawg, whenever your ready :P

2/25/2011 #12

I'm gonna start a new RP page where we're already on Taris, that cool?

2/25/2011 #13

Fine with me :)

2/26/2011 #14

Name: Mace Korr

Age: 30

Gender: male

Race: human

Birthplanet: (you said we could make it up) Miok

Weapons: Ataru, Blue

Abilities: Force Lightning, Knight Speed, Affect mind, Choke, and Heal.

Appearance: He has a tanned complexion, with blue eyes, and black hair, he has a scar running down the entire left half of his face. He usually wears robes.

Morals: He is light, but has a belief that the ends justify the means.

Personality: He is a pessimist, and quick to anger, although when you earn his trust he is fiercely loyal, has a sense of honor.

Bio: Born on the War-like planet of Miok, it took a while to explain to him that it isn't good to make the other Jedi younglings bleed. He was made a padawan to Sha Ganar a Kel Dor knight. He had fought during the mandalorian wars, although he did not fall into darkness. When the wars were over, he returned to Dantooine, where he stayed until being sent away on missions. It was during one of these missions that Malak bombed Dantooine. Swearing revenge he set out to kill Malak, though he failed to get there in time, he was satisfied with Malaks end.

Other: force sensitive, and has a little astro-mech droid.

3/20/2011 #15

What does Standard Template mean?

5/30/2012 #16

It's the standard version of your character sheet, basically. You can add more if needed, but fill out all of that if ya can.

5/30/2012 #17

Name: Valern



Race:Human (I don't know if it'll count as Mandalorian)

Birthplanet: Korriban

Weapons: A Red lightsaber.

Abilities:Weapon creator/fixor, Sith/Jedi force powers (Lighting, drain life, choke,force push and stasis,and force heal),healing, security,stealth, awarness and (A feat) Improved dueling.

Appearance: Short black hair, Yellow eyes and a Sith robe.

Morals: GoodBad

Personality: Sarcastic most of the time, hurts people if someone pisses him off and always dedicated at what he does. Also he shows mercy to the weak and innocent.

Bio: Having a mother as a Mandalorian and a father being a Sith lord stationed to protect Korriban, Valern was placed into the sith academy at a young age. Being beaten by the instructors and talked badly by some of the students, the young mandalorian child started to grow a hate and foundness into the dark side. Years after he turned 13, he soon became the best and the strongest out of his piers, proclaiming his powers to everyone in the arena, hurting and beating every single one of his piers sensless. Later after five more years of being taught the sith arts, Valern soon proved himself in becoming a sith when he ventured into the sith valley to make his title in the proving grounds. Now that he became the sith his father always wanted him to be, Valern fought in the wars, gaining his very own sith powers within his own proclaimed fight and lust for power. After the great defeat on the Star forge, Valern went into hiding over into the cities of Nar Shadaa to hide and personally train himself the way of the dark arts, but while living in the horrible life of Nar Shadaa. His own dark lust for power stopped when he chose to show mercy to the innocent civillians from the sinister and corrupted gangs of his sector.

Other: He is a Sith Warrior class.

6/14/2012 . Edited 6/14/2012 #18

Accepted! I'm glad someone decided to join this after it long seemed dead. So, we need to come up with where this one will start. XD Nar Shadaa maybe?

6/14/2012 #19
Yeah and basically this is before the exile winds up in the Peragus station.
6/14/2012 #20

Alright awesome.

6/14/2012 #21
I'll be awaiting on the topic.
6/14/2012 #22

I just made it.

6/14/2012 #23
name:Jii D'Parsun age 37 gender: male
6/27/2012 #24
sorry, i made a slight mistake. race: human birthplanet: never had one. born on a space shuttle in hyperspace, and drifted from there. weapons: orange lightsaber, sith like fighting style. abilities: ordinary jedi powers, can help heal people. appearance: white, wears a black hood and cloak, a jagged scar runs down the left side of his face, and he wears black mandalorian armour. moral: mercenary gray like. personality: humorous, mean but kind(ish) bio: after a while of living on a ship (see birthplanet), at the age of ten, he was attacked by pirates. He managed to hide, and escaped onto the nearest planet of Kyshyyk. He met a rogue jedi there who taught him to use the force. When he turned 18, he stole a mandalorian vessel and went to live his life as a sith. onboard he found an orange crystal, which he used in his lightsaber. his ship was renamed the Dragon's Flame
6/27/2012 #25
pointman 23

Name: Cronas


Gender: male

Race: human

Birthplanet(make one up if you want, but be prepared to back it up with your own info):nar shaddaa

Weapons(If you are force-sensitive, then name your style and blade color): Ninam juyo/vaapod and a red double bladed lightsaber.

Abilities(Force powers for Jedi/Sith/Grays): sith

Appearance: he has pale greyish colored skin with yellow eyes jet black hair he has sith guardian robes and there are pockets on the inside of the robes and there are 10 pockets all nine are filled with fallen jedi's light sabers and there is room for one more.

Morals(Light, dark, gray, mercenary-like): Dark

Personality: he is a very cold hearted person and he only cares about him self and about becoming a stronger dark jedi. he has little tolerance for failure and he does not see the force as a burden but as a gift that belong to all sith. he also belives that those who can not defeat there opponents deserved there fate.

Bio(Must be at least a paragraph long):Drew was born on nar shaddaa his father worked for the exchange as muscle his mother was a dancer at a club there. the thing his mother didn't know was she could use the force and it passed on to Cronas and he found out about his new ability when he turned 15. that is when he met a sith for the first time and he crushed him using the force and then he ran into his master he was watching it all. the dark jedi's master was darth sion and he was taught everything he needed to know and he taught him everything he knew and raised him basically. now all he aspires to do is rise up and become a sith lord. and eventually he killed his master and ended his training.

Other(If you have a droid, list it. If you're a murdering psycho, list it. If you're force-sensitive, LIST IT!!!):he is force sensitive and he wants an apprentice.

6/27/2013 . Edited 6/28/2013 #26
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