Jurassic Park Carnivores: what's real, and what's
Here is where everyone can dish out what they know about the predatory dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park series, in terms of fact vs. fiction! How well do you know your carnivores?
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I remember watch JP for the first time, and I was annoyed when I found out that dilophosaurus didn't have a frill, or spit venom. If it did have a frill, it wouldn't show in fossil records. If it had venom, the venom sacs would show. My theory is that dilophosaurus blood was toxic, and the dilo would just spit up blood. What do you guys think?

5/28/2012 #1
The Bonecrusher Hyena

I Don't Agree. There is no evidence of any form of venom or frill. The whole 'frill and venom' idea, was purely fictional and meant to make the Creature more interesting and dangerous, like Spielberg did with the Raptors. Its real life counterpart was much bigger and had no frill or spit weapon. However, like the Raptor, Dilophosaurus wasn't famous before JP came out. So many people, still today, believe That the Dilophosaurus looked like in JP, While it looked very differant in Reality. According to fossil evidence, the Dilophosaurus had weak jaws, wich may suggests That it was a scavanger.

However, there is a venemous dinosaur. Its name is Sinornithosaurus.

3/18/2014 #2
Pythor P. Chumsworth

There are very few Dilophosaurus fossils, making it a very obscure and ideal for manipulation. Also, the Dilophosaurus shown in the movie was described as a juvenile specimen. From what I know, there have been no juvenile Dilophosaurusspecimens found. The frill could exist, becoming neck armour on adults. But the idea is implausible to say the least. The poison, however, is a little more difficult, as the hollow area where the poison would be produced would be left behind in fossilization. The novel, shows a full sized Dilophosaurus and was described as having no frill, but continued to produce poison. It's possible that the difference could be explained by the DNA splicing while making the theme park monsters.

7/17/2014 #3
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