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Okay, I created this place as somewhere for all you intelligent life-forms to gush about Spirit Bound (which was amazing!), work on your writing, talk about your favorite pairings, ect. But, we need some rules. And these rules are not made to be broken. Or bent.

1. Grammer! Please, please use proper grammer. Minor chatspeak is okay (OMG! lmao) but I would appreciate if you spell things out most of the time.

2. No racism. Don't be racist. Or sexist. Or religion-ist. Okay, I made that last one up, but don't discriminate.

3. Respect the Mods. Respect me and the mods, 'cause we are angels; the position of God already taken. And Taco will eat you alive.

4. Introductions. Please post in the Intro thread before anywhere else.

5. No Trolling. Like stated, Taco'll eat you alive, and then ban your ass using the power of the ban-hammer.

6. No Spamming. Spam only on the spam thread.

7. Swearing. Taco loves swearing, but don't aim it at others unless in a joking manner.

Violations of these rules can result in banning, or just a stern talking to. But really, we aren't that scary.

Teh Banhammer: I will be very trigger-happy with the banhammer about grammar. We love grammar here, and seeing it raped it tramatizing.

Note: This forum is still actively moderated. Post and you will [hopefully] recieve a speedy reply. 9/14/10

6/3/2010 . Edited 9/14/2010 #1
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