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Gawd. That was amazing. Fangirl when you can actually form a sentence after reading that.

12/13/2010 . Edited 12/13/2010 #1

I'll quote what I said right after I read it

Well, that's a bullshit ending. A good one, but still full of shit.

Now I shall explain. Warning: Spoilers and slight VA bashing/ranting ahead. Proceed with caution.

So, the thing that bugs me the most is what I have dubbed, 'The Adrian Thing'. You know the one. Adrian freaking out on Rose... and then disappears. We don't learn anything else, other than, "Oh. Rose is a bitch and broke his heart." Like, then the book ends. He's not even mentioned at the coronation (I think. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Now, Adrian is my favorite character. Rose is a bit too much, Lissa was too 'perfect', Christian was too dark, and Kenzie and I came up with the nickname Guarding DB for Dimitri. Geddit? DB can stand for douchebag or Dimitri Belikov. But, alas, that is a rant for another time. So, Adrian is my favorite character just because of his wittiness, and a shitload of other stuff that I can't think of write now. And to just have him fade into the background like that? It bugs me.

But then, thinking the other way, I don't think I would be content with Adrian getting over Rose just like that and moving on to someone else, like Sydney. I do sorta ship Sydney/Adrian, but Adrian wasn't going to get over Rose that quick. And honestly, I didn't want it to turn into Breaking Dawn, where everyone gets paired up and nobody dies, and the only unhappy and alone one is Leah. But that's okay, because she was a bitch. Bullshit, SM.

So, that's part uno of Taco's rant about VA. The Adrian thing was full of shit, but I still liked it.

And the second thing that bugs me is Rose and Lissa's bond.

Fucking anti-climatic. Like, WTF? Why did Rose lose her bond? It just... didn't fit in. Why would they haul Lissa and Adrian away? Adrian I can kind of see. He only has so much influence. But Lissa is the FUCKING DRAGMIR PRINCESS WHO WIELDS SPIRIT. Really? She couldn't have used a bit of compulsion and gotten close enough to Rose to save her? And I image they (they being guardians or something) would have to drag Lissa away from Rose, and that would probably involve manhandling her or something. And who the fuck drags the FUCKING DRAGMIR PRINCESS WHO WIELDS SPIRIT away from her dying hero of a best friend.

But that did spark a fic idea that may/may not get written/published at all/in the near future.

Now, I still enjoyed Last Sacrifice. Some of it was a bit predictable. Like Rose and Dimitri ending up together. Both of them on the lam, running from Guardians, with Rose's boyfriend conveniently out of sight. And of course they had to protect each other at all costs, and have a couple deeeeeeep conversations. Because they loved eachother in the past, and as everyone knows, you never forget those you loved. Or something sappy like that. I also called Lissa becoming Queen. For several reasons, which I will list.


2) As soon as they came up with the idea, "Oh yea, she'll just run for Queen, then she'll get locked out because she doesn't have any relatives," I was like... 0.o You do remember that's what you are trying to find atm, right? A relative of Lissa's so she can vote? Yea. That person.

3) This is an afterthought, but Rhonda's prediction was something about rising to power or something, right?

But there were several things that surprised me. Jill being a Dragmir, and Tasha being the killer. But all of my rant is done for now, because I have to get back to working.

So yea. Great book, need to read it again to catch all the little details, and I will be back for more of me thinking outloud.

12/15/2010 . Edited 12/15/2010 #2
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