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Hello. I'm Kamen Keyblade Duelist, KKD for short. I just posted here 'cause on one of my other forums I came up with a Sentai idea by taking a team of heroes from another franchise and converting it into a sentai. In this case, it is the Toa Sentai Nuvaranger... or at least... that's the title right now. If the name doesn't give it away, it's a kind of Bionicle Sentai. If you guys have any ideas, please let me know here, in a review to my preview of the story, or in a PM to me.

Also, this is a topic where you guys can post your own ideas for sentai. So go on ahead.

6/25/2012 #1
I'm doing a very OOC Samurai Warriors/Sentai crossover soon as a challange from my pal Risk, who's gonna post a Persona/Mega Man/Sentai crossover once he gets an acount. For those familer with Sanurai Warriors, this will be more chaos then The Osaka Campain, The team is.. Yukimora Sanada - Red, Nagamasa Azai - Blue, Oichi Oda - Pink, Nene Toyotomi - Yellow, Hideyoshi Toyotomi - Green, and Magoichi Saika - Green. Odviously, it's the Sengoku Sentai. The idea kind of spawned from watching the SW2 AMV Stronger Then All, which I thought was quite fitting and so I'm writeing it up right now, so any extra ideas would help!
7/16/2012 #2
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