The Phantom of the Opera v Love Never Dies
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Hey, did anyone else notice that like every single character has completely changed personalities or what? Tell me what you think about this. Did you like them better before or now and has this changed your perspective of any of the characters?

6/7/2010 #1

Actually I'd have to disagree. I felt that the characters didn't change personality at all, they changed circumstance. In POTO Meg Giry was clearly inquisitive and ambitious, it is plausible that ten years down the line she could be the Meg we see in LND. The Phantom has softened, obviously having learnt some lesson from his mistakes in POTO. And as for Raoul his character in POTO was weak in my opinion anyway, he loved Christine, that was obvious, but besides that he seemed snivelling and spineless and I have no trouble in believing he could be a drunk, having tasted the pleasures and ease inebriation brings and easily become addicted to it because of his weak personality.

6/10/2010 #2

I would agree that some of them were predictable and seem as though possible to change. but christine and madame Giry have not change very much at all, madame is still the strong woman and is even working in the same kind of job as before and Christine athough more mature is still very similar to how she was.

6/23/2010 #3

Yeah, i have to say that of all, i thought they maintained Christine's character the best. I'm probably getting too mixed up with the film (seen it like 15 times compared to the musical once) it's just that Madame Giry didn't seem that mean and dominant and jealous and ambitious in the original. Could be just me :) God Bless xx

6/23/2010 #4

My mom said Madame Giry had more class than what was given to her in Love Never Dies.

Meg did what she was told. I never imagined her becoming a Prostitute or Madame Giry turning her into one.

Christine Changed the least but I still think she was OOC as well. I gave an entire mini rant on reasons why her going to the Phantom made no sense based on the previous musical. I was drawing from the musical mainly as well. I have seen it once a few months ago but I paid close attention to it and then went back and watched my movie version to compare them.

Phantom-I'd love to say he's more tame and in some ways he is. There are still hints of his obsession and craziness though such as in "I'll have you back by my side. I'll be no longer denied. My sweet Christine!" Then he manipulates both her and Raoul to get what he wants. He's still in there but he presents a much more tamed version. He's gotten sneakier if anything.

7/27/2010 #5

HI there i don't think he is more sneaky he was manipulatingthe Opera directors for years and he use to pretend to be a ghost and sneak around the opera causing havoc how can someone get more sneaky than that, also i may be harsh but have u seen the show i don't like people not liking this show if they have not seen it them selvesm, for that is just not liking something on hear say and on principle of there own reasoning and that is not fare to the show as it in my opinon should be viewed as a seperpate play when viewed and not juged on the performace of POTO as it is a VERY different show. If they still dislike it after seeing it than that's there opinion but for future reference to any other who dare mock this show without seeing it i do not take well to it and will not stop bugging you until you shut up. :)

7/29/2010 #6

YOU have been warned

7/29/2010 #7

I"m not Mocking it! I'm giving my opinion from what I can hear through the songs. I'm serious about interpreting the songs the way I see them. If I was mocking the show you would know.

7/29/2010 #8

sorry dont want to be mean just warning others i know and except your interpritation i just feel that when viewed on stage it makes alot more sence it is VERY different on stage and the songs fit better.

BTW i do prefure the first i just love the second as well, i think it is a stand allown show and should be viewed on its own when people go and see it just because if they go with expectations they WILL be disapointed with the results i know my mother was.

7/30/2010 #9
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

Closing in London

7/9/2011 #10

Meg was crazier in the LND than POTO itself, Christine was a little mean to the phantom at first, and M. Giry was not as classy and logical as the first.

6/2/2012 #11
I think in LNDs i guess Madame Giry is shown to be the key manipulator of everyone behind the scenes for years
12/24/2012 #12
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