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I was a bit confused with this. So does Meg actually love the Phantom, like in a romantic way or does she just seek his approval? Either way she must like him to prostitute herself out for him. What do you think? :)

6/9/2010 #1
Flora Grey

At first, just skimming through the music and what I'd heard of the plot, I thought the intention was that she was in love with him. But now that I'm more familiar with the whole thing, I would say pretty definitively that she's not, she's only desperate for attention and approval. A lot of that need comes from her relationship with her mother, and her mother's fixation on the Phantom and their success and all that. This has been confirmed in interviews with the cast (a three part with Summer Strallen, and one with Ramin Karimloo), which you can see on the phantomloveneverdies youTube channel.

I'm glad that they didn't go the route of Meg being in love with him. I think it's more complicated and interesting this way.

6/10/2010 #2
Bayley Storme

I agree. Meg is desperate for her approval because her mother would always focus her attention on Christine and the Phantom more then her own daughter, thus making her jealous and wanting attention. She finally snapped when she shot Christine because of all of that anger built up, she couldn't contain it anymore. She may like him in the way of his mystery and who he is but I believe that is it.

12/6/2010 #3
Scarlett Shay Malfoy

I completely agree, as well. Only I think there's a bit of an obsession added into it because, as you said before, the Phantom is shrouded in mystery and that definitely attracts her to him. However, her feelings are based on the fact that Christine isn't around to hold the Phantoms attention. Therefore, she throws herself into the music hoping to be what Christine once was to Phantom. But we know that is not the case because of "Till I Hear You Sing" where he laments about his depressing and woeful life without Christine.

12/16/2010 #4

I think it's a mixture of things. She probably wants attention, first of all. I think she also sees Erik as an older brother and wants him to protect her.

2/16/2012 #5

Meg really reminds me of Cristine in the First Phantom, Lost and doesn't know what to do.

6/2/2012 #6
I agree Bayley though in my stories i have created the character of a villainous Meg using the idea that Meg is more than a little deranged and obsessed with Erik as a route to achieve her goals and she becomes the key antagonist of my stories
12/24/2012 #7
I think that Meg Diss love him. After Beauty Underneath is sung, do you see the way that she looks we him? I mean, love can make a person mad.
2/26/2013 #8
Alice Kettle
I don't think that Meg ever loved Erik, the phantom in any kind of way. She just wanted to be a star, and considering the fact that Erik was her boss, she thought that she could seduce him into giving her a main role.
2/27/2013 #9
Im convinced Meg loved Erik but her love became dangerous obsession in her desire for him to notice her. very sad and tragic.
3/19/2013 #10
Wild Concerto

I don't really like how Summer Strallen and Ramin Karimloo described Meg's feelings for Erik. I mean, she becoming obsessed? It's interesting for a character, but think of it... LND-Meg is just soooo different of musical-Meg and more especially movie-Meg. Yes, POTO-Meg is a secondary character, but if you observe her closely in the movie, from the few scenes she has, you learn a lot of her character. And you can clearly see LND-Meg and POTO-Meg are two totally different persons.

Though in the Aussie version, it was more evident that Meg was in love with Erik. Just after "The Beauty Underneath", just look at the way she's looking at him.

5/17/2014 #11

Well she also didn't have to do what she did to Christine either!

8/5/2014 #12
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