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Hero of the Dark

(This is where post if your in the WindClan camp/territory)

6/6/2010 #1

[First post. o: Well, I was thinking Willowtail could have her kits, but this Clan doesn't have a medicine cat yet, do they?]

6/23/2010 #2
Hero of the Dark


6/23/2010 #3
Laughing Rain

Ravenstar stretched and walked out into the foggy camp.

6/26/2010 #4

Leopardspot rose from his place on the ground.

[All I know is they sleep under the stars, dunno if they do during the rain so I'll go with this for now. XD Once I get more WindClan warriors made/approved he'll do patrols.]

6/27/2010 . Edited by Hero of the Dark, 7/28/2010 #5
Hero of the Dark

Blacknose walked over to Mosspaw "it's time to train."

6/27/2010 #6

Mosspaw nodded her head quickly, "Alright." She said, standing up, "What am I going to learn today?" Mosspaw asked, no hiding her excited tone.

6/27/2010 #7
Hero of the Dark

"Fighting" Blacknose replied.

6/27/2010 #8

"Okay!" Mosspaw exclaimed, "Lead the way." She smiled.

[If cats can smile. XD]

6/27/2010 #9
Hero of the Dark

Blacknose lead his apprentice out of camp.

6/27/2010 #10

Mosspaw followed, doing her best to keep up as she inhaled the scents of the moor. Trying not to miss the slightest thing.

[Oops. *Edits* Thank-you Lost~]

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #11
Hero of the Dark

WindClan cats live on the moor...

Blacknose lead his apprentice to the battle clearing.

6/27/2010 #12

[/)_. Excuse my brain f***.]

Mosspaw followed, speeding her pace so she would match Blacknose step by step.

6/27/2010 #13
Hero of the Dark

You are excused

Blacknose walked to one end of the clearing and nuged Mosspaw to the other "attack me" he said.

6/28/2010 . Edited 6/28/2010 #14

"Wh-What?!" Mosspaw asked, she couldn't think of striking her mentor. Regaining her composure, she nodded slightly and headed to the other side of the clearing. She stalked forward, belly fur brushing the ground. Mosspaw slowly advanced, then pounced torwards Blacknose. Her claws were seathed, but she took a swipe at Blacknose with a paw.

6/28/2010 #15
Hero of the Dark

Blacknose took a step back and avoided his apprentice's paw. He then darted around Mosspaw and attacked her from behind.

6/29/2010 #16

Mosspaw was attacked, and fell flat on her stomach. She quickly stood, and tackled Blacknose.

6/29/2010 #17
Hero of the Dark

Blacknose fought with his apprentice, trying to land on top.


Rainsong sorted through her herbs.

6/29/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #18

Mosspaw fought back, eventually Blacknose landed on top of her. She began pawing at Blacknose's stomach. I'm not supossed to use claws, right?

6/29/2010 #19
Hero of the Dark

Blacknose held down his apprentice, stretching his legs so Mosspaw couldn't get to his stomach.

6/29/2010 #20
Laughing Rain

((May I join in your battle training?))

6/29/2010 #21

[Sure, have your person interupt I supose, I dunno. XD]

Mosspaw tried to nibble and paw at Blacknose's front legs so he would release, or lossen his grip.

6/29/2010 #22
Hero of the Dark

Oh course!

Blacknose's leg jerked slightly.

6/30/2010 #23
Laughing Rain

Ravenstar padded up to the mentor and apprentice.

"Mind if I join?"

6/30/2010 #24
Hero of the Dark

Blacknose looked at his leader "certainly."

6/30/2010 #25
Laughing Rain

Ravenstar settled on his haunches and said to Mosspaw, "Attack him again."

6/30/2010 #26

Mosspaw nodded, becoming nervous of her leaders' presence. I have to do my best! She thought. Mosspaw took her size as an advantage and tried to wriggle free of her mentors' grip.

7/1/2010 #27
Hero of the Dark

Blacknose held his apprentice down.

7/2/2010 #28
Laughing Rain

"Don't be afraid to hit him," Ravenstar called. "Blackspots can take it."

7/2/2010 #29
Hero of the Dark

Blacknose would have corrected his leader but he liked Blackspots better anyways.

7/2/2010 #30
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