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And here's where you discuss pairings! Be it Cromat, Merumat, FaiLym, EdgeRei, Myuria x Eleyna whatever!

This way we don't have to worry about whether it's straight, yaoi or yuri! XD

6/8/2010 #1
Rolling Tomorrow

And the forum is alive again! :D

Hopefully with some new Faize/Amina fans! XP

6/8/2010 #2

Yayyy! XD Hmm, what shall we call that fandom? Famina? Amaize? Or maybe it already has a fanon name?

6/8/2010 #3
Rie Sonomura

I call it FaiAmi, which is what Japanese fansites call it...if you use her "GameFAQs" name as I call it, Leena, then it could be...Failee? xD; -shot-

To be honest, I'd like to write an AU-ish Crowe/Myuria (CrowMyu?) like for a sort of alternate ending, but unsure as to how... (Jeez, it seems Crowe is paired with Myuria, Eleyna and now Reimi? He's a real player xD; )

6/8/2010 #4
Rolling Tomorrow

I say FaiNa a lot...since that's the name of a character in Infinite Undiscovery. XD (Boy, Ini wasn't pleased to hear 'FaiNa!' XD)

FaiAmi is very catchy, too. :D

And if Faize gets Lymle, Amina, and Reimi (at least in some twisted minds like mine :D) then Crowe with Myuria, Eleyna, and Reimi should be fine. XD But considering the things Crowe and Myuria say to eachother, especially toward the end, I think Crowia would have great potential.

6/8/2010 #5

Hmmm so far...

CrowexArumat (become my new favourite even if I didn't think I'd get into yaoi stuff but yeah... a lot of fun)


FreesiaxBacchus (usually doing a lot of hints right now of this)

The idea of FaiAmi might be something I start juggling with soon I'm not sure


MeraclexMyuria... don't ask



Plus some various OC pairings I have planned and kicking about but lets just say I'm in my crazy mood :p. Don't be freaked I'm just pretty much fine with reading or writing anything

6/8/2010 #6

Well, basically we've got all sorts of pairings here and some are just plain crack! Alias (Arumat x Lias) for example bonded together by a certain super-hyped someone, oh no, I'm not pointing at anybody *coughcoughShiaori!cough*

So yup! Let's have a whole salad of pairings!

Ini's the one that draws cute pictures, right? I love her drawing style.

I think Faize has pretty much everyone if you include the yaoi pairings too

6/8/2010 #7

Oh yes, Alias is sort of really helping my original work and profiling oddly enough xD. Hey what can I say, apparently from what I've shown around I'm not that terrible at romance writing anymore. So far it's turning out pretty well I think, it's not very sane but well - neither am I so I just have to hope it's a good story :p

But yep I'm pretty much for any pairing really and am being told to write some more FaiLym soon. I currently have him being asked to look for her lost dog and she doesn't like anyone but Faize looking for Cerberus.

6/8/2010 #8

I admit I like the fluff of Edge/Faize even though Im not that fond of either character. I just really like the whole 'schoolboy crush' Faize has.

Cromat - Definitely I love~ as if that's not obvious from my Poke stuff.

Alias - Really has grown on me, and something I never would have thought of if it wasn't for Shiaori

6/8/2010 #9

Yay!! *thumbs up to Shiaori* now pass the Wet Pancake title to me! It's veryyy good! The crazyness never ceases to amuse me so please do keep writing!

Awww, how sweet! I guess that must be his punishment for being a dummy XD

Edge/Faize, I can see where it comes from but I don't really like yaoi much - of course Cromat is an exception because it's just too fun! I look forward to when Alias pops up!

6/9/2010 #10

I'd probably say I'm as much a yaoi writer as I am a romance writer if I'm honest. I don't claim too much into my ability to write either very well yet and I can honestly say all I'm looking for is the right "chemistry" if that makes sense. As I can't write female characters well I'll claim that as me leading to writing yaoi with a bit of a jumping in at the deep end. So don't get me wrong I'm very, very open minded, nothing shocks me and I've a lot of straight couples as well. I'll just stick to my old mantra that if I haven't tried everything, incorporated them into my style then I won't be happy with what I write.

But then yes - I will admit with the right couples I do have a weakness for yaoi now if its strong personalities, as my original work has very strong personalities and seeing as I'm bad at writing women (odd perhaps) my original stuff has mainly men. A lot of stuff I write is usually just 2-3 drafts so I'm aware it could be better and I never claimed to be a good fanfic writer :p. I'm experimental maybe but then I won't lie about my own stuff being very, very important to me and I use fics a lot to profile relationships, romance or otherwise.

Probably went a little offtopic there *coughs, looks innocent* but then I think who you write about says a lot about you as well. I've got my favourites personally I like to write but I'm by no means bashing of any couples. I'll probably write as much het sutff as anything once I work out how to do it.

6/9/2010 #11
Rolling Tomorrow

My favorite crack pairing is Faize/Reimi... XD It's very random, but fun to write if you emphasize the compatible aspects of their personalities.

6/9/2010 #12
Rie Sonomura

I actually saw a fanart of Crowe/Meracle once on a Japanese fansite, but sadly, that fansite is no more. T_T

To date, I'd say Arumat/Myuria is my favorite crack pairing..I'd like to see an AruSarah though xD

6/9/2010 #13
Rolling Tomorrow

I think Arumat/Myuria isn't too crack! XD They're both single, available, and didn't want to kill each other at any point of the story. :D XD

6/9/2010 #14

AruSarah would be my favorite crack pairing and Shiaori came up with the whole Devil Sarah/Angel Arumat idea that just makes the pairing seem even better. I think she'll still going to do a PA or one-shot with it (eventually, I still want my Double D fix first :P) Something about Arumat being a housewife with a bunch of angel and demon babies is just a funny concept.

6/9/2010 #15

Ooo now you mention it, that's very much back on the cards.

I've just had my angel Arumat (it sounds bizzare but it works) sort of giving me a few ideas on this and it seems to be going somewhere interesting. I'm just curious if people would actually like a ArumatxSarah thing as the angle I'm going on it could go both ways but is sort of different to what I was originally planning. So far the angel and demon thing stands as I will admit to having a complete angel fixation which I sort of want to exploit a bit for some interesting ideas.

I'm just wondering - would anyone want an *actual* ArumatxSarah romance? I'm going for a fairy tale type thing as my muse is begging me to go back to my roots in the whole dark fantasy/ horror thing and right now I'm just scripting a few ideas as they come to me. Just wondering if there's anything someone *really* would want to see before I start proverbally setting it in stone but so far it looks pretty special and interesting. At least it is from my point of view, I can't speak for anyone else.

So yep - DDfD is on the way I just sort of had my inner monologue telling me I needed to pick this up again with some of the things I've been coming up with recently.

6/9/2010 #16

I wouldnt want an actually romance thing between Sarah/Arumat. A dark fantasy/ horror thing would be really good. Id enjoy the hell out of it and especially if it was just crazed and AU all to hell. I wouldnt really be interested if it was a serious thing but that is just me personally.

6/9/2010 #17

Writing a mix of couples is a good thing 'casue then you get to experiment with all different sorts of pairings and situations! And being experimental is very fun :D

Ah yes, Faize x Reimi, to tell you the truth at first when I started playing the game I thought that is was gonna turn out as some kind of Edge, Reimi and Faize love triangle and then I met Lymie and it's all like "Yay!" now. Actually I find it fun trying to guess the plot but maybe too much shoujo manga is getting to me when I start to think everybody fancies anybody...- I'm sorry if I don't make any sense atm. But yes, they are very compatible personality wise ^^

Crowe/Meracle? That's a new interesting one! (I'm starting to believe that maybe Crowe has a thing for 'furries' [half human, half animal characters] now! XD)

Arumat x Myuria would be a good sensible pairing and they're a good read ^^ nah, I wouldn't really call it crack... Arumat x Giotto, or someone would be! XD Maybe Arumat x Professor? XDDDD *Is 'Diabolical Edge'-ed XP*

Oh yeah, speaking of angels, Shiaori did you see the winged Arumat in photobucket? Got specially for you 'cause I think that's the closest we'll ever get to angel Arumat... Unless someone could photoshop a pair of wings on him XD

Me, me! *waves hand* I'd like an AruSarah romance! :D Fairytale-ish and/or dark fantasy/horror would be an interesting read (we need more Sarah love)

6/10/2010 #18

Nothing wrong with a bit of experimenting but then I'm well... I like playing around and trying new things just as a complete and utter shocker of a statement. I was sort of making a "love chart" of all possible romances I could see happening and ergh - I sort of gave up. You know you're onto a bad thing where you pair Eleyna with Faize and you've actually convinced him it will end well.

*coughs and looks innocent*

I've seen stuff on Arumat/ Myuria which was very well written, stuff on Faize/ Reimi and given how the characters are and there's no "I want to kill you!" (Crowe/ Myuria excluded with that one) clashes well it's not that bad in terms of crack couples. But then I'm probably not the best person to talk about that with what I come up with. Very sorry sane people :p

Will be going to photobucket then :p. Whereas I can personally completely see it I admit other people just seem to either look blankly at me or assume I'm insane - or both. Perhaps just ducktaping... no, I'm not going there. I admit I use Arumat probably too much as he was just too useful to my original stuff so I can't let him go just yet.

I try not to get off topic but then I seem to turn rambling into an art form as anyone suffering a 6k email - or worse - will testify from me. Basically my demon Sarah and angel Arumat idea has taken off and after fifteen or so pages of scripting I'm getting somewhere interesting. So far it is looking to be a dark fairytale/ fantasy type AU thingie. Will type more in relevant forum when it occurs to me :p

6/10/2010 #19

Hahaha, and here I was thinking we could pick them out of a hat! A love chart would better as it includes all sorts of pairings! Err... Eleyna x Faize? XDDDD AHAHAHAHHA! Too brilliant!

Maybe in Crowe/Myuria-verse "I want to kill you" actually translates to "I love you!" (maybe that's why Crowe was so willing to let Myuria take his life!) XD NOT! I can see them having a love-hate relationship though. Good thing I'm not quite sane ;)

Poor Mattie is getting passed around from person to person. Who did it start with? Somewhere along the way it became Cromat then Alias XD

We're not called Super Rambling Forumers for nothing! XP

*jaw drop* 15/16 pages of scripting?! Gosh , that's a monsterous amount! (but that means pages upon pages to read! XD)

6/10/2010 #20

Faiyna! It's actually even worse when you start thinking more and more about it trust me.

Crowe and Myuria I was thinking of a "life debt" thing where Myuria literally just controls him but err I have weird thoughts. I've still got my favourite couples though but then that's obvious. I shouldn't be allowed to make up crack couples should I

But hm *adding Eleyna and Faize to the list for when she tries het as that would just be dangerous*. I just feel for Arumat with the kind of stuff I put him through xD

6/10/2010 . Edited 6/10/2010 #21

Yeah it really is.

I can see Myuria being quite manipulative so that thought might not be that weird after all. Crack couples are good for my brain~~

I feel sorry for any and all characters here on actually, always getting toyed about with by us XP

6/10/2010 #22

Hmmm... I wonder would it be dangerous to venture down this road but at times like these curiousity gets the better of me :P So question: what pairing(s) do you dislike/not prefer?

I guess mine would be EdgexMeracle - I've got nothing against them, and Merry's crush is cute and all but I just can't see them as a pairing... gah! Don't brick me! *is brick'd* Please don't start pairing wars! DX

6/20/2010 #23

I'm ok for any of them :p the more bizzare the better :p

6/20/2010 #24

\^^/ Yay for crack pairings!

6/20/2010 #25

RemixAnyone because I dislike her that much. Everyone else I could just see it as crack really... (and yes I seem not to know how to spell her name right ever but meh)

6/20/2010 . Edited 6/20/2010 #26

Crack pairings ftw! One day we should take turns to pick names out of the hat and write about that pairing! XD It'll be so fun! I wonder what kind of fics 'll be spun out of ones like GaghanxMeracle ... She never meets him XD Or does she...?

6/21/2010 #27

Goodness gracious! The Star Ocean forums have been revived! I thought this place was long gone. Anyway, I'm more into pairings like MyuriaxEdge and SarahxEdge. To me, both are way better than something an obvious/automatic choice like Reimi. I mean just because those two are childhood friends doesn't mean they're bound to be, you know? If anything, Reimi seems more attracted to Crowe than anyone else (or maybe to Arumat if you're the type who's also into Sophia/

6/24/2010 #28

We have somewhat.... resurrected things.... or Sawahii did I just slack off xD

But anything on Sarah is more than welcome by me really as I just generally try to include her in anything I do. I sort of have very "unique" taste in pairings (yay OCs...) so anything more interesting in that way is fine by me.

But yeah if you're looking to start writing up here that could be fun to see what you think up :) and welcome to the forums.

6/25/2010 #29

Oh someone else whose new *waves hello at Panzerraptor* Maybe its just me but I could never really get the whole Remi/Arumat and Sophia/Albel thing, but then again I just love the male/male thing so eh... yeah. The whole Sophia/Albel things fries my brain when I try to think why that would be a good idea, and somehow work out where he doesn't murder her in new interesting ways. (Now Fate/Albel I could totally see working but yeah...)

Im with Shiaori, as Id be interested in seeing what kind of things you write if/when you do.

6/25/2010 #30
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