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This is the place to post any Neville/Victoire stories.



6/10/2010 #1
lonely hands

By s i l v e r a u r o r a:

oh the sweetness of you

the train track meets at infinity

By Schermionie:

Glued Together

6/11/2010 #2
lonely hands

By me:

go ahead, put me back together again

every pretty liar gets her truth

you'll be the rainbow to my raincloud

Ten Little Facts About Victoire Weasley

she's just an angel in a messed up heaven

6/11/2010 #3

By Trastamara Trash: (It's a "must-read"!!!)

The Search for Meaning

So sweet! And VERY realistic! :D

-mew! :3

6/21/2010 #4
Paper Pearls

My Victoire/Neville stories:

Like the Sun

The Search for Meaning



A Fairy Tale Beginning




Thanks for your support, guys ^_^

6/24/2010 . Edited 8/23/2010 #5
controlled climb

Title/Link: i love you, you're beautiful

Author: xakemii

Summary: His words echo and echo. They bounce off the walls and they pound into her, marking her. And she cries.


Title/Link: Miss Formality

Author: xakemii

Summary: "Well, I might have fallen in love with you, so I'm being a rude bastard to try and conceal my feelings and to save my loveless marriage." Oh yes, saying that would work just perfectly.

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/28/2010 #6
Paper Pearls

I have a new Nevic drabble: Velvet.

Edit: and another one, called Bravery.

7/5/2010 . Edited 7/5/2010 #7
lonely hands

Title/Link: let us forever be uncomplicated, dear

Author: Aiiimy

Summary: And it's hands in his, breath on her neck, dancing on his toes all over again -VicNev for mew's 'Valentine's Day is year round' challenge

7/21/2010 #8
Paper Pearls

New one from Hannah's POV: "Crushed".

7/22/2010 #9

By howlsatthemoon:

Paint A Smile, Pretty Girl

-mew! ;)

7/28/2010 #10

By howlsatthemoon:

If Perfect's What You're Searching For


8/9/2010 #11

Thanks for linking my one on here, Aiiimy! :)

By tat1312

Chapter 18 of her collection fic, pot pourri.

8/12/2010 #12
controlled climb

she just didn't match up

^ By moi xD

8/13/2010 #13
Paper Pearls


8/23/2010 #14

Taking Your Heart.

8/27/2010 #15

Breakaway (Chapter four)

8/30/2010 #16
Paper Pearls

Puppets on a Pretty String.

12/6/2010 #17

Four Fools Gold Wedding B a n d s.

12/30/2010 . Edited 12/30/2010 #18

comfort comes from where you least expect it


1/2/2011 #19
Paper Pearls

The Aftermath.

1/12/2011 #20

Affirmation (ch 1), by Bethhhhhhh.

-mew! B)

1/29/2011 #21
Paper Pearls

The World Ends and the Sky Begins.

2/3/2011 #22

Because It's Not Easy Being Weasley (ch11) by barelythere7

Electrical by The girl with the ink-heart

i let my walls come down by Veronnnnnika

Picture Perfect by WishFlower

o c e a n e y e s by tardisandafirebolt

show me a garden that's bursting into life by Astoria Goode

(^Wow, that's a lot of Vicnev. *lol*)

-mew! XD

3/2/2011 . Edited 3/2/2011 #23

Vantage Points by Amy (currently "You're Amyzing")

show me you're willing to fight by xrawrDINOSAURx

Turns out there are FIFTY actual Vicnev stories/FVs, guys. w00t!!!!! XDDDD

-mew! :3

3/2/2011 #24
Paper Pearls

Make that 51: Their Dustland Fairytale.

4/10/2011 #25
in sync

I wrote one:

and sometimes, there's nothing you can do.

5/31/2011 #26

In Love With Ego and Intention

Empty Kisses

Promise Me Forever, Darling


6/25/2011 #27

mew's Vicnevs:


On The Way There

Say The Right Thing

Teacher's Pet


One Day Of Relaxing Sin

Miss Weasley

Colors of the Heart


Baubles, Bitches, & Blood

Zilch Is What I Get


6/25/2011 . Edited 6/25/2011 #28

Technically, this fic is a Lilted, but it's where I 1st introduced Vicnev, right before "Colors of the Heart":


-mew! :}

6/25/2011 #29

Under Pressure

-mew! ;3

7/25/2011 #30
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