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This is a roleplay I made for me and my best friend, Irony'sFriend. No one else is allowed to enter. xDD
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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Okies...I claimmm Luke, Layla, Matthias, Alia, Mrs. Talbot, Smits, annnd..well, actually, that's good. xD Wbu?

9/7/2010 #1
Eve Is My Pen Name

I'll take Emeary, Trey, Percy, Nedley, Mark, and Mr. Talbot. That everyone? ;)

9/12/2010 #2
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

I believe so!! xDD Cara said she might join to play Melina (and also to claim Juniper in the Percy Jackson rp). For the Shadow Children rp, I've been tossing around the idea of having Bull and Brawn (Jen's brothers) join the cause. ^^ That could be the main plot of our roleplay. That sound good to you?

9/13/2010 #3
Eve Is My Pen Name

That sounds awesome. :) Hehe...Bull and Brawn. And I'm glad Cara is gonna role play with us. :)

9/15/2010 #4
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Me too!! 8D And ikr? Their real names were Buellton and Brownley, but that's what Jen called them ("what kind of names are those for knuckleheads like them?") xDDD

Omg! I got an idea yesterday! You can play Bull and I can play Brawn (or vice versa, doesn't matter), and I got the idea that they totally start flirting with Emeary and Layla. And Trey and Matthias get jeeeaaalllouuss!!! XD

9/16/2010 #5
Eve Is My Pen Name

Well, you know I like the idea. It sounds great! So Bull and Brawn (Me and Bull, and you as Brawn) come back and start flirting with Emeary and Layla. Then - hehe - Matthias and Trey jump in and...sounds fun. ;D And Cara will play Melina in the midst of all this? With Mark?

9/19/2010 #6
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Hehe, we're so evil. x] Awesomeness! I'm ready to begin when you are! 8D

She said "maybe". xD She's for sure playing Rachel and Juniper in the Percy Jackson one, but no telling when she'll show up. xD She said we can start without her and she'll jump in soon.

9/20/2010 #7
Eve Is My Pen Name

(Alright, here we go :])

A rumble in the distance sounded apprehensively. One by one, all of the third children and rebels turned and gathered outside near the road. They had all been staying at the Hendricks school since the take down of the Population Police, and they had no idea who could possibly want to visit an old "abandoned" school.

A long limo slowly pulled up much to their surprise. The doors opened and out stepped two boys.

9/24/2010 #8
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever


Layla, who had been studying nursing books with Mrs. Talbot, turned at the interruption, eyes wide. Mrs. Talbot did the same, her vibrant red hair flipping in sync with Layla. "Oh! It's the boys!" she cheered loudly and raced to the doorway.

Matthias raised an eyebrow. "..The boys?"

Luke frowned. "..Maybe it's her sons? Jen had two brothers. Knucklehead ones, if I remember correctly."

Layla bit her lip. "Are they sure we can fit two more in here?" She gestured to the already-cramped cottage.

Alia smiled brightly. "If we can't, we'll make room!" she piped up, always the little optimist.

9/25/2010 #9
Eve Is My Pen Name

Nina rolled her eyes. "The last thing we need around here is two more knuckleheaded boys. Don't we have enough of those?" Her trademark smirk showed she was joking - mostly.

Mark put on a show of being 'greatly insulted'. "I'm wounded," he said while clutching his heart dramatically.

Emeary, curiousity getting the better of her, stood from her seat next to Layla and moved toward the door. "Well, are we going to go meet them or sit here and decide whether to make them sleep in the cabinet or the oven?"

"I'm pretty sure that's physically impossible," Trey added as if he couldn't stand not correcting an error.

9/25/2010 #10
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Alia giggled up at Nina, admiration in her eyes while Luke smirked at his brother.

Layla grinned. "Now, now, that wouldn't be very hospitable, now would it?" She flipped her long, thick waves over her shoulder and opened the door. "Emeary's..right," she said. You could practically hear her swallowing her pride at an attempt for a compliment of her rival. "Let's go say hi!"

"She just wants to flirt with 'em, I bet," Smits muttered loud enough so everyone could hear as she bolted outside.

9/26/2010 . Edited 9/26/2010 #11
Eve Is My Pen Name

Everyone crowded through the door to get to the outside while Trey stood in a daze behind. He hated what happened to him every time Layla tossed her thick glowing locks over her shoulder. It was...mesmerizing. But Smits's comment jolted him out of his daze, and he followed the others out in the yard.

Emeary worked her way through the crowd to catch up with Layla's long strides. "So..." she taunted with an undeniable smirk. "I was right, was I?"

Percy walked next to Matthias, a little nervous at meeting these two strangers. And Barons, no less! "What do you think?" he whispered to his friend and brother by love.

9/26/2010 #12
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla scowled at the silver-eyed girl beside her. "Don't let it go to your head," she muttered, then watched as two tall blonde boys stepped out of the limo. She whistled. "Whoa."

Matthias frowned and whispered back. "I'm not sure what to think. I know they were off in boarding school up until now. But if they're Jen's brothers, they can't be too bad, right?" He wanted to eat his words as he saw the way one of the boys looked at Emeary. Thinking murderous thoughts that Samuel would've been ashamed of, he wanted to tell that boy what for. But the presence of Percy beside him restrained him.

9/26/2010 #13
Eve Is My Pen Name

Emeary who had never been one to be cautious when it came to Layla kept on. "C'mon, Layla, I want to hear you say it again," she taunted and then stopped dead in her tracks. Emeary mirrored Layla's own stare at the two new recruits. "Wow." One of the two blonds smiled at her, and Emeary felt herself smiling back.

Percy had been through too much with Matthias not to sense the older boy's emotions. Following his gaze, Percy saw the flirtatious grin one of the boys was giving Emeary - and that Emeary was returning. Percy put a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder. "Don't worry, Matthias. Emeary knows how to swim."

Trey didn't know why, but a sudden pang of hatred burned through his body like nothing he had ever experienced. He didn't know these two boys, and yet he already knew that he didn't like them - especially the one staring at Layla. Trey searched his great mind for a scientific explanation, but surprisingly found none. But, then again, science could never explain young love.

Nina smirked knowingly as she took in the entire situation. "This will be very interesting," she whispered to Luke.

9/26/2010 #14
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla never even heard Emeary's words as she blushed at the boy checking her out. She felt slightly flattered yet also a little violated at the same time as he looked her up and down. "..I think we should give these boys a warm welcome, Emeary. What do you say?" Her jade-green eyes sparkled.

Mrs. Talbot was embracing her boys for all she was worth. "Oh, Brownley! Buellton! How you two have grown! I never thought you'd overpass me- and in heels, no less!" Her eyes shimmered with unshed, joyful tears as they hugged her back.

Matthias jerked out of his trance and stared back at Percy. "U-Uh..what're you talking about? I don't care!" he proclaimed rather loudly, though he knew it was useless. Percy could read him like a book.

"Is he lying again?" Alia asked knowingly as she joined her two "brothers", smirking.

Luke leaned toward Nina. He couldn't help but feel really amused at the situation. Especially the look of horror and fury on his best friend Trey's face. He felt like he was betraying Matthias and Trey by thinking the situation was humorous, but it was all the same. "You said it," he whispered back, inwardly hoping that none of the boys would stare at Nina like that.

9/27/2010 #15
Eve Is My Pen Name

Their previous feud completely wiped from her mind, Emeary nodded as if she was in a trance. "I'm with you on this one, Layla - for once. We need to make them feel at home. Let's go!" With a sudden burst of energy Emeary grabbed Layla's arm and led/drug her over to where the boys were being smothered by their mother.

Buellton playfully pushed his mother away. "It's great to see you, Mom, but if you choke - um, I mean hug - us like that much more, we won't be with you for long," he teased and gave his mother another quick hug before giving his full attention to the two girls walking up.

Percy felt the trace of a smirk tug on his lips as he playfully winked at the sweet girl. "Hopeless, isn't he, Alia? If the guy had an ounce of sense, he would admit his feelings and make a move," he 'whispered' just loud enough for Matthias to hear.

Trey did his best to control his facial expression as he walked next to Luke and Nina. "Well, they certainly are interesting, aren't they?" Trey said in what he hoped to be a 'whatever' tone but some despite still seeped through.

Nina rolled her eyes. "Clueless."

9/28/2010 #16
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Brownley grinned in agreement with his brother. "Honestly, Mom, it's only been a few months. Really." He scanned around, his gaze resting on Layla. "So, this is the resistance you've told us about? Sweet."

"Make yourselves at home, sweethearts," Mrs. Talbot said, hurrying toward the cottage. "I'm going to make a few minor adjustments to your guest room."

Brownley rolled his eyes and grinned. "Alright, Mom," he called back, then leaned toward Layla. "Minor my foot. She's going to refurbish the entire thing, knowing her." He ran a hand through his shaggy blonde hair, eyes playful. "I'm Brownley, but you can call me Brawn." He held out his hand, his eyes switching from his mother's hair to hers.

"I swear I'm not related," Layla smirked, as if reading his thoughts, then took his hand and shook it longer than necessary. "Brawn- is that what you're made of?" She laughed. "I'm Layla. Good to have you here."

"Very nice to meet you. Mom never told me she recruited pretty girls." His corners of Brawn's mouth quirked into a flirtacious smile.

Matthias's hazel eyes widened as she shot a warning look toward Percy. No telling who could overhear him. Besides, his feelings were personal. He didn't like people tossing them around like a joke. They were serious, and you could never be too careful. "Easier said than done, Percy," he hissed, his voice barely above a whisper. "I'd like to see you try."

Alia cupped her hands over her mouth, eyes twinkling as she giggled. "And he'd better do it quick too," she added, still playing along with Percy, "before another man comes and steals her right from under his nose." She daintily pointed in the direction of Bull and Emeary.

Luke lightly nudged Nina with his elbow. "By interesting, if you mean charming and quick to notice girls, then yeah. Interesting." He smothered the hint of a smile so Trey wouldn't think he was making fun of him.

9/29/2010 #17
Eve Is My Pen Name

Buellton waved off to his mother and turned to Emeary. "So you're with the resistence? You don't look too dangerous to me," he said with a twinkle in his eye as he smiled.

Emeary felt a blush color her cheeks though she wasn't sure why. "That's because you haven't seen me with a hammer yet," Emeary replied with a smile despite the fact that she wasn't joking in the slightest. Something bothered her about the way he didn't find her dangerous, but after a look to his golden waves and open face, she pushed the discomfort away.

Buellton laughed openly in appreciation. "I like your sense of humor. I'm Buellton, but you can call me Bull."

"I'm Emeary. You can call me Emeary - or awesome - but Emeary works, too." Where was this coming from? It almost sounded as if she was...flirting.

Percy laughed at Alia's quip. The little one could be so funny sometimes, but he also felt a little guilty about messing with Matthias's emotions. Still, he did need to do something other than observing from afar. He couldn't stand on the sidelines when the other players weren't. "Look, Man, jokes aside, now would be a good time to take a step - before someone else does," he said seriously, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder.

Trey's fight to keep his emotions in check was getting harder. "Yes," he said stiffly. "I...suppose so."

Nina put on a show of being insulted as she put her hand cockily on her hip. "Oh, and notice neither are talking to me. What are you trying to say by that Luke?"

9/29/2010 #18
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla turned to give Emeary a "Can you believe this hot guy is talking to me?!" fangirl look with a tiny little squeal before turning back to Brawn and melting any remains of the expression off her face. "So.. you had a third child sibling, too?" She grew grave and serious as a shimmer of sadness shook her eyes. Brawn noticed and he sobered as well.

"Yeah.. Jen. We spent most of the time teasing each other, but she was a good sister. The best one I could've ever asked for." Brawn sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets. "She was brave." He noticed Layla nodding slightly in appreciation. "I noticed you said 'too'. You..?"

"Yeah. My brother." Layla spoke stiffly, then glanced around at the vociferous crowd. "..I'll tell you later."

"Alright." Brawn immediately brought up another topic before the moment could turn awkward. "So, Mom says you've been taking up nursing?"

"Yeah! She's been teaching me. Your mom's an awesome doctor." Layla found that she liked this guy. He was hilarious and easy to talk to, and not stuck-up like most Barons she'd known. Yet he had a sweet, emotional side deep down. ..She liked it.

Alia nodded seriously, causing her golden waves to bounce, her eyes filled with knowledge beyond her years. "Yeah, Matt-Matt," she agreed, using the nickname she used to call him when she could barely talk. "You're special and she knows it. Now go show it!" She giggled at her little rhyme.

Any other thirteen-year-old would've been embarrassed to ask nine-and-six-year-olds for advice, but Matthias had known Percy and Alia all his life. They knew him better than anyone did, and he felt comfortable sharing anything with them. "To be honest.. I don't know how to do that," Matthias admitted sheepishly. "How do I say it without sounding stupid and desperate? Besides..it seems like she likes being with that guy a whole lot better than me." His face slightly fell.

Luke's eyes widened. "I didn't mean it the way it sounded! Really!" he protested in an apologetic tone. "I'm actually really glad they're not flirting with you!" Uh-oh.. why had he let that slip?! Luke could feel his cheeks reddening against his will. "I.. I mean.."

Smits walked up beside Trey and looked up at him wisely. "You need to go win Layla back," he stated matter-of-factly. "Everybody knows you like her."

9/30/2010 #19
Eve Is My Pen Name

Emeary grinned at Layla, but secretly she felt the exact same way. How lucky was she to have this older totally good-lucking guy talking - maybe even flirting - with her? She had never really considered herself particularly striking. Raven black hair, silver eyes. Not exactly beautiful. And the most she could say for personality was a sense of humor. And yet here she was: talking to Bull!

"I hope you know what you're getting into when you moved here," Emeary joked.

"I don't know," Bull said, keeping his eyes on Emeary. "Things are looking pretty good right now."

Emeary blushed fiercely but did her best to keep a hold on the situation. "I meant with all the kids living here. Pranks aren't exactly uncommon if you know what I mean."

A mischievous grin lit up Bull's eyes. "Sounds fun. I can hold my own in a contest of wits - if you know what I mean."

Emeary felt her the muscles in her mouth grow tired from smiling so much, but there was just something about this boy that made her want to grin even more. This was going to be fun.

Percy looked over at the exchange between Emeary and the other boy. He hated to admit it, but Matthias was right. She did seem to like the blond boy. But Percy also knew the feelings Matthias held for her, and he was pretty sure Emeary felt the same way - even if she didn't know it. "You just have to remind her, Matthias," Percy said. "Make her remember what you've done for her and how awesome you are. We'll help you."

Nina smirked at the way Luke was squirming. "Oh, really? Any why would you care if they started flirting with me, Luke?"

"I-I... what makes you think...? Only as a friend - I mean...Layla's just... But what should I do?" Trey stuttered unsure whether to admit his feelings and get help or rely on his instinct and deny everything. But...he did like Layla, and he did want her back. Well, she was never really ever his, but maybe someday...?

Trey was confused, and he didn't like it - wasn't used to it. And despite all the trouble it was, he still liked her.

9/30/2010 #20
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla suppressed a rather fangirling giggle as she continued conversing with Brawn. Honestly, the past few days had been really boring over here, but maybe now they were going to get a little more interesting.. She flipped her long, luscious tresses over her shoulder, on pure habit alone, but she saw how Brawn's gorgeous eyes followed her locks and her lips took on a sweet smirk. She'd have to make a mental note to do that more often around him.

"'Course we will, Matt-Matt! We'll all get her back and show those guys who's boss!" Alia clapped excitedly, her eyes shining.

Matthias felt his lips curving up into a hopeful smile. With the powerful trio back on board, they could do anything. They'd conquered the impossible before. His heart soared in gratitude. "Thanks, guys. Where do we start?"

"Because.... you don't need any more distractions," Luke replied firmly, his voice shaking in embarrassment and nervousness the tiniest bit. He hesitated long before answering as his mind buzzed with panic. "Besides, it's their loss." AH! There I go again! If there was a sock nearby, Luke would've even gone to that extreme and shoved it between his lips to keep himself from talking. He was digging his own grave here.

Smits smirked. "That's what I thought." He folded his arms over his chest, nodding in satisfaction. "Well, you came to the right place. Mark and I'll help you win her back, no problem!" He nodded encouragingly at Mark, who was laughing and smirking from the sidelines. "Won't we, Mark?"

10/2/2010 #21
Eve Is My Pen Name

"My boys!" the shout carried across the yard clearly as Mr. Talbot made his way happily to wear Brawn, Layla, Bull, and Emeary were...uh, conversing. He pulled both boys into a huge bear hug leaving Emeary and Layla in the dust. "I never knew I'd miss the two of you so much. Just wait until I show you the big dinner we made for all of us - biggest feast I've ever seen! Everyone! Inside!"

And just like that, everyone made their way inside for what was sure to be an interesting little meal.

"Don't worry, Matthias, we'll think of something. We always do," Percy whispered so only Alia and Matthias could hear as they crowded through the door.

Nina shot Luke a look that clearly said they were going to be continuing this conversation later.

Mark simply grinned evilly at Trey, silently confirming their agreement.

10/3/2010 #22
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla pushed through the crowd to catch up to the Talbots. Hopefully she would get to sit beside Brawn, unless one of his parents wanted to. Even she wouldn't get in the way of family. She reached out and grabbed Emeary's arm, pulling her toward her. "Aren't they the greatest?" Layla whispered exuberantly, beaming. "That other brother was so into you!"

Luke sheepishly avoided eye contact with Nina, feeling his face burning. Maybe she'll forget about the whole thing later. But that was a lie and Luke knew it. Nina had a great memory, and sometimes you just couldn't get her to shut up. She'd definitely bring it back up later. Silently, Luke rehearsed in his mind what his response would be.

Matthias nodded back then craned his neck to look at Emeary, suppressing a sigh. She looked so happy, she was practically glowing. With a renewed vigor, he vowed that he would win over Emeary. He had to, or he wasn't sure how his heart would take it.

Smits giggled and high-fived the both of them. "We'll get started later!"

Mrs. Talbot swooped into the room elegantly. "This definitely calls for a feast! Our boys are here to stay!"

Layla smiled. To stay, huh? That sounded good to her.

10/3/2010 #23
Eve Is My Pen Name

Emeary giggled. "Not as much as that one was into you! Oh my...I can't believe this." She felt so flustered and happy and excited and everything. There was no way to describe the whirlwind of emotions in the pit of her stomach - but she liked it.

Nina was enjoying the whole situation way too much. With these boys flirting with Layla and Emeary, there were going to be some emotions running high, and Nina was going to be right there when they all went crashing and revealed. Not to mention the interesting situation she had Luke in. This was going to be...fun.

Percy felt bad for Matthias. He followed his friend's gaze, and it was true: Emeary did look happy. Percy knew the two were meant to be together, but it looked like it would take a little more convincing.

Trey grinned. Maybe - just maybe - with the help of Mark and Smits, he could show Layla that he was the one who deserved her.

10/3/2010 #24
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Mrs. Talbot held up a glass and tapped her spoon daintily against it. "Attention, everyone, attention," her voice rang out cheerfully.

Layla, who managed to seat herself beside Brawn and unintentionally across from Trey, fixed her attention intently on the older version of herself. She and Brawn exchanged a knowing smile, both knowing Mrs. Talbot was going to make a big, long speech now.

Luke didn't like this. He sat beside Trey and nudged him. "It's all going to be ok," he whispered, trying to sound as reassured as he didn't feel. This was going to be a long night, he felt as his eyes were drawn to Nina's long brown braids.

Smits sat down between Luke and Mark, seeing the grin on Trey's face. We're the Three Musketeers, out to win back the girl's heart! Or..something like that..

Matthias scowled as he sat down, trying to look presentable for the Talbots' sake, but it was hard not to glare or gag when they mentioned something about their lovable, charming, perfect sons. He didn't notice as he bent a spoon in nearly half, so absorbed in his anger.

Alia leaned over, eyes wide. "Matt-Matt, you broke the spoon," she whispered matter-of-factly. Matthias glanced down at his hands in astonishment.

10/4/2010 #25
Eve Is My Pen Name

"Now, my dear, don't you think we've bored everyone enough? We're hungry! Let's eat!" Mr. Talbot interrupted from the head of the table with joy he hadn't shown since...since Jen died. Thankful, everyone dug into the well-prepared food.

Emeary grinned as she ate. As it turned out, she was sitting across from Bull and beside Percy. Percy was sitting across from Matthias. How...coincidental. "Your parents sure seemed to miss you. I can't imagine why," Emeary joked.

Bull pretended to be wounded, but then broke out in a smirk. "Oh, you'll see, Emeary. I can be quite charming when I want to be."

Percy almost felt like gagging at their tantics himself, so he couldn't imagine how Matthias was feeling. Judging by the broken spoon in his hand - not good. Percy raised his eyebrows meaningfully to Matthias, and he hoped his friend got the message. Say something!

Trey gulped as if he was about to go into battle. Here goes nothing, he though to himself. Or everything. "Um, Layla? ...hi."

Mark mentally facepalmed. This was going to take a lot of work.

10/4/2010 #26
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Mrs. Talbot showed the same exuberant joy as her husband. Eating the food with her dainty table manners, she raved, "Oh, what a great meal! Did Mr. Hendricks help you with this, dear?" She winked at everyone else.

Matthias frowned back at Percy, a clear message that said: Working on it! What was something cool he could say? Something slick and smooth, something that would get Emeary's undivided attention? Determined to put a stop to this sick stuff now, he looked straight at Emeary and opened his mouth. Unfortunately, he lost what little nerve he had as Bull gave him a hard stare. Instead, what slipped out was: "U-Uh, Emeary! I have to use the bathroom! Come with me!"

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Matthias felt like banging his head on the table when everyone slowly turned to look at him incredulously. He definitely had the undivided attention he wanted now. Slowly, he stood.

Alia clamped her hand over her mouth, eyes widening in horror for him. Layla turned to look at Trey, appearing surprised, as if she'd forgotten he existed. "Hi, Trey," she responded distractfully, eyes twinkling in amusement at Matthias' blunder. Jealous, is he? I can see it all over his face.

Brawn spoke up. "Why do you need a girl to help you?" This brought the entire table into a fit of laughter.

Smits exchanged an eye roll with Mark. This wasn't going well at all. Luke couldn't help but to inwardly agree as he uncomfortably glanced around at his friends. He wanted to say something to defend his younger friend, but couldn't think of anything meaningful to say.

10/5/2010 #27
Eve Is My Pen Name

(Epic!!! LOL)

Percy winced for his friend. Things really couldn't get much worse than this - but of course that is the most untrue statement in history, right up there with 'spinach is good for you'.

Emeary felt her cheeks blushing as she inwardly cursed Matthias for putting her in this position. What could have been going though his mind anyway? And how was she going to fix this mess?? "Um...I pretty sure you can manage that by yourself, right?" Cool, smooth, that was her front.

Mark tried to control the big goofy grin on his face. It was easy to see that Trey wasn't the only one needing help in the girl department. Nina caught Mark's eye and silently nodded in agreement. Their thoughts were quite clear.

Trey wasn't sure whether to laugh with the crowd or just feel sorry for Matthias. He definately knew where he was coming from. Trey just hoped he wouldn't get himself in a similar mess.

10/5/2010 #28
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"Actually, Em-" Layla suddenly stood, surprising everyone. She carefully hid a shifty smile. "Let me handle this." Brawn raised an eyebrow, bemused.

Alia and Smits exchanged a worried glance, inwardly wincing. No telling what that meant.

Luke saw the exchange between Mark and Nina, the envy overtaking him really surprising him. It didn't mean anything, did it? To occupy his mind, Luke shoved a forkful of food in his mouth. Didn't help much.

Layla winked at everyone, mostly Brawn, as she grabbed the cuff of Matthias' shirt and dragged him out the door. Alia sighed and shook her head, facepalming. She looked at Percy and mouthed, "We gotta go help him!"

10/6/2010 #29
Eve Is My Pen Name

Emeary wasn't sure what to make of all this. First, Matthias asks her to help him in the bathroom of all things, and now Layla was pulling him outside? What was going on?!

Mark looked at each confused face around the table frozen in awkward silence. "So, uh, nice weather we're having, huh?" he said, hoping to break the tension.

Nina chuckled at the weak attempt, but something distracted her from the corner of her eye. Luke. He almost seemed...jealous. Hmm, she would have to investigate that later.

Trey groaned to himself. As if he wasn't going to have enough trouble with Brawn, was he going to have to deal with Matthias, too? Of course, his crush had to go outside with some other guy. Of course! This was killing him.

Percy nodded toward Alia. But how? He raised his eyebrows as if to ask, Any suggestions?

10/6/2010 #30
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