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This is a roleplay I made for me and my best friend, Irony'sFriend. No one else is allowed to enter. xDD
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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Brawn watched the heated discussion between Emeary and Bull. Finally in exasperation he threw his hands up in the air. "Listen, guys. Let's just calm down, alright?" He turned toward Mr. Talbot. "Trey ran into a tree, Dad."

Layla tuned out everything else but Trey. She shot an accusing look Brawn's way before tending to Trey again. "Can you stand up?" she asked gently. "I think Mrs. Talbot needs to have a look at you inside."

Mrs. Talbot, who had arrived with her husband and was ready to leap into action, nodded and hurried over, doing a quick inspection. "It doesn't seem like anything's broken, just badly bruised. But let me have another look-see when we get inside the cottage, ok?" She nodded to Layla. "Take his side and I'll take the other. We're gonna help him walk." Layla nodded back and obeyed, concern for Trey evident in every movement.

Alia buried her head in Percy's shirt and nodded vigorously, wordless. Matthias gave Percy a knowing look. They'd have to have a chat with her later and figure out the real inside story.

Luke spread his arms out. "Let's give them some room, ok, guys?" he said, immediately taking control of the situation out of pure instinct.

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Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey felt a little embarrased to have to rely on two girls to help him walk, but anything to get out of there. Things were getting a little too uncomfortable for him. After all, Trey had a feeling Brawn was a little less than innocent in his accident, but he wasn't about to announce that to everyone. That would get him jumped in his sleep! For now, it was good enough to have too beautiful girls doctor him.

Emeary glared coldly at Bull, her opinion of him dropping by the second. "So you're saying Trey just tripped on thin air and bloodied himself up against the tree?"

Bull shrugged nonchalantly. "I have no idea what happened," he claimed. "I just know that Brawn was way ahead of him when I turned around. I was too busy staring at you to notice anything else..." Bull trailed off and blushed effectively.

Emeary's expression softened and a light smile played on her lips. "Oh, really?" she commented, the previous argument wiped from her mind. Bull's technique was good.

Percy sent Bull a dirty glare. The guy was ruthless! ..and apparently his brother was, too. Exactly to what measures would these guys go to to get what they wanted?

Mark walked over to his little brother. "Did you see what happened, Luke?" he asked in a whisper.

Nina followed close behind. "I'm not sure what went on, but several people seem to be blaming Brawn," she replied quietly.

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla kept glancing at Trey furtively, trying to read his thoughts. She really wondered if Brawn was all he cracked up to be. It all looked really suspicious, but knowing Trey, he would never intentionally rat someone out even if they had done him wrong. That was one of the things she admired about him most. She just wished she knew the real story.. As they helped him inside, Layla decided that once they were alone, she'd get Trey to tell her what really happened.

"Let's get him to the spare bedroom," Mrs. Talbot suggested and they headed that way.

Matthias put himself between Bull and Emeary, about fed up. He was tired of watching from the sidelines helplessly. He was going to do something about this. "Oh, save it," he snapped at the blonde. "Pretty little words aren't going to get you and your brother out of this one."

"That's right! You tell him, Matt-Matt!" Alia screamed, still trembling in fury.

Luke surveyed the scene around him, not liking where this was going. At all. Usually peace and unity was evident in their group. Now ever since Jen's brothers had come, division had came in its stead. He decided then and there that Bull and Brawn were NOTHING like Jen Talbot. He turned to his brother and Nina. "No, I didn't see what happened. But I could see it all over Trey's face... something went down."

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Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey was helped onto the bed in the back bedroom, and he couldn't say that he wasn't enjoying it just a little bit. It was nice to have Layla pay attention to him and just him. With so many kids living in the same house, it wasn't exactly uncommon to feel a little insignificant at times. "Thanks, you guys," he said after Mrs. Talbot and Layla had half-carried him all this way.

Emeary was shocked to say in the least. Matthias was standing up to Bull? Matthias was standing up to Bull! Despite the fact that Emeary had been flirting with the blond just a minute ago, she couldn't help but think something along the lines of finally! "I side with Matthias on this," Emeary said, feeling a little traiterous after switching sides so much.

Percy silently cheered on his friend. It took guts to stand up to someone (especially if that someone is quite a bit bigger than you) and Matthias had done it anyway. "I believe you might as well confess as all evidence points against you," Percy commented matter-of-factly.

Bull glanced a little nervously at Emeary, Matthias, Percy, and Alia. He was being ganged up on. That wasn't supposed to happen! Bull smiled in an attempt at his old charm. "Come on, guys, I don't know any more than you guys. This might have been just a big misunderstanding." Bull didn't think it was working.

"Yeah, something's up," Mark agreed.

"I knew this would cause trouble," Nina said with a nod. "I should've seen it coming."

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"No problem," Mrs. Talbot answered, then turned to her auburn-haired assistant. "I'm going to run and get some medicine and a few things. Be right back." She turned and departed the room, purpose in her stride.

Layla adjusted the pillows, feeling slightly nervous about being alone with Trey. Nervous? Where'd that come from? Then she realized: she felt guilty for..erm..being 'friendly' with Brawn. But even though she was a little nervous, she was also....pleased? But guilty too. She felt like a traitor, when only a few days ago she had confessed her feelings for Trey to him while they were stargazing. Her cheeks flushed at the memory. I hope he doesn't think I didn't mean it... "Ok, Trey," Layla brushed a twig from his hair, concern for Trey and anger for Brawn now joining the mixture of her jumbled emotions. "What really happened?" Her eyes were fierce with protectiveness.

Matthias couldn't believe what he was hearing. After having a verbal debate with Bull, then falling for his charm, Emeary was agreeing with him? He felt a surge of pride but quickly hid it with a glare to the blond brothers. "Don't you think you guys went just a little over the edge?" he demanded. "Mr. and Mrs. Talbot may be your parents, but this is our home. For some of us, the only one we've ever known."

Alia's anger slowly melted away and pride for her brothers came in its stead. She beamed at both of them. She liked that about Percy and Matthias. They were always willing to be honest and speak their minds, even when backing down was the easy way out. "Well, let's ask Brawn then," she suggested sweetly, and they all turned to see Brawn trying to escape the scene of the crime.

"Heh... what's up?" Brawn sheepishly rubbed his head.

Luke nodded in agreement with his brother and friend. "Let's see what he has to say for himself."

Smits crossed his arms, smirking. "You are in major trouble, dude."

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Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey flinched involuntarily. He should've seen this coming. Even if the others accepted his answer, Layla, of course, would dig deeper. "I'm...honestly not sure," Trey said hesitantly. "I felt an impact in my side and then met the tree. It happened pretty fast." He hoped this answer would suffice.

Bull nervously backed towards Brawn. "You better think of something quick, bro," he whispered so only Brawn could hear. They were in some serious trouble.

Emeary stood closer to Matthias, suddenly very aware of his arm brushing against her own. Had it only been a few nights ago when...? Whoa. Seriously bad timing. Do not need to go there right now. "I suggest the truth, Brawn," Emeary added, more to set her mind back on the right track than anything.

Everyone stood in tense anticipation, waiting for Brawn's story.

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Impact... gah, Brawn did push him, Layla thought furiously. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. "Trey, you can trust me. Really. I just wanna know who you think is telling the truth." Her eyes opened to reveal sincerity and, well, s***. She wasn't going to take no for an answer. That was Layla for you.

Brawn cursed under his breath. This had all backfired. He had only shoved Trey to get the punk out of the picture, not so Layla could get all cuddly and doctor on him. It was ANNOYING. "Well? What do you want me to say?" he demanded, straightening. These little kids can't do anything to me. "I told the truth, what more do you want?" His features were etched in a scowl.

It was all Matthias could do not to smile at Emeary standing right beside him. He felt like now, they could withstand anything. Now they were one. Now's not the time, he chided himself, although it was hard to ignore the sensation of standing so near to her. Last time he had was when.... Don't think about that now!! he urged himself.

Alia crossed her arms, obviously not buying it. "So it was an accident, you say?" she said in a sweet voice that very clearly said, "I don't believe you- at all."

"It all seems very suspicious," Luke agreed. The odds clearly weren't in this guy's favor. "How would Jen feel about how you two are acting?" He felt compelled to add, the anger swirling inside of him.

Brawn's face fell. "....She'd call us knuckleheads," he muttered.

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Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey bit his lip and tried to look away, but Layla's piercing emerald eyes seemed to draw his own to her. "I...think Brawn might be a little less than innocent, but don't tell anyone I said that! I don't want to start anything," he finally confessed.

"Or worse," Bull added to Brawn's comment. He suddenly felt ashamed of himself. That kid over there was Jen's friend. These were her fellow third children. If Jen were here...well, Bull didn't want to think about it.

Emeary almost gasped out loud. Whoa...low blow. Luke definately knew where to kick them at the core.

Mark suddenly stepped forward. "You guys, let's be rational here," he said like some sort of negotiator. He turned to Brawn and Bull. "You guys tell the truth, or we'll beat it out of you!!"

Percy rolled his eyes. "Yes, let's be completely level-headed and civilized," he muttered sarcastically.

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla's eyes blazed with anger, but she nodded. And not two seconds later did Mrs. Talbot come in with the first aid kit. "Alright, let's have a look at you. Can never be too careful." She nodded toward her assistant. "Layla, you know the chamomile tea I taught you to make, the one that relieves pain? Go make a batch for Trey. The soreness will start kicking in anytime now."

Layla nodded, uncharacteristically silent, and slipped out of the room.

"Leave it to Mark," Luke agreed, overhearing Percy with a grin. He had never been so proud of his brother. Alia giggled.

Brawn was still looking at the ground, memories of Jen nagging at him filling her head. He could almost hear her saying, "Get a life! Picking on ME, the third child is one thing, but picking a fight with them is another!" He looked up at Mark seriously. "Alright, we're coming clean, alright?" He exchanged a confirmation nod with Bull before continuing. "Yeah, I shoved Trey."

"KNEW IT!" Alia shouted.

Smits frowned. The Grants had been friends with the Talbots for a long time, so he'd grown up knowing Bull and Brawn as his older brother Lee's friends. But they had changed since before they had gone to boarding school..

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Eve Is My Pen Name

Emeary felt something break in her heart, which didn't really make sense since she had barely known these guys an hour. It's just...you couldn't trust anyone, could you? Not even the ones closest to you. No, that's not true, a tiny voice whispered in her mind. Emeary's gaze suddenly landed on Matthias. There are a few you can trust. Emeary looked around at the people around her. She would give her life for all of them, and she had no doubt that they would do the same.

Emeary suddenly glared at Bull. He was cute, and he was charming. He had just about everything a girl could want, BUT no one messes with her friends - her family.

Bull suddenly felt uncomfortable among all these harsh faces. He tried to catch Emeary's eye, but failed. She was outright glaring at him, too. "Look, we're sorry," he apologized with a bit of his charm. "We were just...overcome by everything here."

Percy sent him a skeptical look. "..right."

Mark outright laughed. "You call that an excuse?"

"You're going to have to try something a little better," Nina agreed.

Mr. Talbot suddenly walked up from where he was talking to Mr. Hendricks on the sidelines. "Now what's going on here?" he demanded. "Trey seems to be okay in case any of you wanted to know. But anyway, aren't you going to continue the game? Come now, I have played football with only three people when I was your age!" He suddenly noticed the harsh expressions and accusatory glared. "Um..did I miss something?"


Trey found it hard to look Mrs. Talbot in the eye, and it was more than just her unmistakeable beauty this time. It was her son that had caused this damage. Her own flesh and blood! And more than that - it was Jen's brother! This certainly made an awkward situation.

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

(Omg, I'm listening to At the Beginning by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis while I reply to this. It makes for some epic background music!! x3)

Matthias felt eyes on him and returned Emeary's gaze and offered a small smile despite the predicament at hand. The emotions reflected in her silver eyes was enough to make him catch his breath.

Brawn turned as his dad approached, looking sheepish. "Bull and I.. were apologizing for the way we've been acting." He glanced at the angry group before him, looking guilty. "We haven't been treating them right. Definitely not the way Jen would want us too. We're sorry, guys. Really." His words, for the first time since they'd arrived, held sincere meaning.

Luke searched the boy's face and nodded, apparently satisfied with his answer. He smiled a little, thinking that Brawn looked an awful like Jen right now. The guilty look she'd get whenever she'd put her foot in her mouth around Luke matched Brawn's perfectly. "We forgive you," he said kindly, meaning it.

"Speak for yourself," Matthias mumbled, then was immediately ashamed of himself. Wasn't it Samuel who'd always told him to forgive others, no matter what they did to you? He nodded in agreement with Luke.

Alia nodded too. "If we're gonna be a family, we have to act like one," she commented sweetly, a smile brightening her cute little-girl features.

Smits beamed at Bull and Brawn. Now they were acting a little more like themselves.


Mrs. Talbot noticed Trey's strange silence but didn't comment, scanning over him thoroughly. "Doesn't feel like anything's bruised too badly, broken much less. That was quite the run-in, though. No internal bleeding.." She shined a little light in both his eyes. "No concussion as far as I can tell." She then smiled and nodded, her red waves bouncing. "As far as colliding with a tree goes, you came out lucky, Trey. Be more careful next time. And you'll be sore for the next few days- just don't move around too much. Get lots of rest."

Just then Layla walked in, gingerly holding a cup of tea. Mrs. Talbot turned to her and smiled. "Just the girl I wanted to see. Trey's got a few scrapes here and there, but you can take care of that. I'm going back out to my boys." She turned and winked at Trey knowingly. "You're in good hands." Mrs. Talbot laid the first aid kit on the bedside table before flouncing out of the room.

Layla smiled a little and helped Trey sit up a little more, passing him the still-warm cup as she opened the first aid kit.

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Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey took the warm cup gratefully and inhaled the sweet aroma savoring it. "This is great," he told Layla. "Just great." He wasn't talking about the tea anymore as he gazed into her beautiful emerald eyes. Time seemed to stop. For just a moment, it was just Trey and Layla. No one else.


Bull looked around at everyone and gave the first true genuine happy smile all day. "This is one crazy family," he commented. "I like it...a lot."

Emeary noticed Matthias's smile and returned it, completely ignoring Bull's comment. "This is a little better," she said to him.

Percy nodded acceptingly towards the two blonds. He could forgive them. That's what Samuel had taught them after all - to forgive. No grudges to drag him down. That was the best way.

Mark stuck his fist out to Bull with a grin. Bull took a moment to realize what he wanted and then stuck his fist out to knuckle touch with a smile. Mark did the same to Brawn. They were cool now.

Mr. Talbot looked around at everyone. "Well...as long as we are all getting along now, I suppose everything is okay then," he said finally.

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla broke out of her trance with a playful shake of her head. Man, that thing he did with his eyes.. it was entrancing. "You haven't even tried it yet, silly boy," she mocked, poking his nose before dabbing some disinfectant on a cotton ball and dabbing his scrapes with it.


"No kidding," Matthias responded, all at once wishing it was just him and Emeary together, alone, with nobody around. He would be lying if he said he wasn't relieved at the fact that Bull had backed down from the "competition" he'd started, but he wanted some alone time with the raven-haired girl..

Alia giggled and muttered under her breath to Percy in a sing-song tone, "Matt-Matt has that look in his eyes againn." She gave him a knowing look and wiggled her eyebrows, tilting her head in the direction of Matthias and Emeary.

Luke watched his brother with a grin, knowing that with that one gesture it signified that all was well on Mark's part. He gave Nina a "I'm so glad that's over" look.

Mrs. Talbot strode up. "Alright, so does anyone exclude a grown woman in heels out of a football game?" she asked brightly with a grin.

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Eve Is My Pen Name

"I wasn't talking about the tea," Trey blurted out before he could stop himself and blushed furiously. "I mean! I mean...I was talking about how great your nursing skills have gotten! You're as good as Mrs. Talbot. I feel great in your arms. ...I didn't mean it like that! I meant that I feel safe in your care! Yes. I think your nursing skills are great, and I feel safe in your care." Trey laughed nervously but was inwardly slapping himself. Why did he always have to stumble over his words around Layla? She just had that affect on him.


Emeary noticed the soft look in Matthias's gentle eyes. She chuckled lightly and said, "Sorry about what Layla was shouting earlier. You know, the whole 'K-I-S-S-I-N'...well, you get the point. I tried to stop her as you saw." A slight blush creeped up on her cheeks despite herself.

Percy followed Alia's gaze and grinned knowingly. "I just wish they'd get together officially instead of flirting subtly all the time," he muttered. "Any ideas?"

"Well, that actually ended fairly well," Nina grinned and then grew serious. "Do they remind you of...Jen?" she asked gently.

Bull laughed at his mother. "As much as we need you on the team, I think we can let you go," he joked.

Mr. Talbot chuckled as well and led his wife to the sidelines by Mr. Hendricks. "Such good kids.."

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla laughed quietly behind her hand as he rambled on and on, eyes sparkling in amusement. "Relax, will ya?" She smiled earnestly at him, with just the slightest hint of a smirk at the corners. She looked at his long-sleeved shirt, her nurse's mind reeling. Without even thinking about it, she said, "Hm.. maybe you should take off your shirt. There could be more cuts and stuff under the sleeves." Layla then realized how that sounded, and now it was her turn to be flustered. "I mean.... if you're comfortable with that..er.." She blushed lightly.


Matthias smirked lightly. "Yeah, I was wondering about that," he admitted, stepping closer. "So.. what was that conversation about, anyway?" His hazel eyes looked bemused... and curious as well.

Alia tapped her chin thoughtfully, a cute habit, then beamed. "Mark! He said he was gonna put up a mistletoe for Christmas!" She made sure to lower her voice, but her eyes danced mischievously.

Luke nodded vaguely, memories of Jen flooding his mind. The impact she'd made on him was palpable. "Yeah." His voice sounded a little choked up, which wasn't like him. He chided himself inwardly for appearing anything less than suave in front of Nina.

"Yeah, I think we did a pretty good job with them," Mrs. Talbot agreed with a smile.

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Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey blushed furiously but tried to remain calm and collected despite the circumstances. "Well...you're the nurse here..." Trey hesitantly took hold of the hem of his shirt - and pulled it over his head. He suddenly felt very self-concious at appearing...in this way toward Layla. It's only for nursing purposes, he assured himself.


Emeary chuckled nervously. "You don't want to know," she said finally. That was the safest thing to say anyway. "Just...talking."

An evil smile grew on Percy's face. "That's perfect! We're going to have to have a little chat with Mark," he said more to himself than anything.

Nina noticed the crack in Luke's voice and the pain in his eyes. "I'm...sorry," she said, but the words sounded flat. In truth, she was sorry. She was sorry that Luke's best friend in the world had to be taken in that way, and she was sorry that he still felt such pain. But there was something else, too. ..envy. Nina had been trying to deny it for a long time, but it was there. She was jealous. Jealous that she would never be able to be what Jen was to Luke.

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

(Aww! What an AWESOME reply!! =D)

Layla sucked in a breath, it taking every ounce of her willpower not to stare at his unconcealed chest. Wait... what was I doing again? she thought foggily, completely forgetting the circumstances or why she had even asked him to do it in the first place. She shook her head vigorously out of her trance, blinking back to reality. "Right.." she said awkwardly. "This'll only take just a second.." Her voice trailed off as she absentmindedly reached for the disinfectant and cotton swabs, her eyes still transfixed on Trey. ..Whoa mama..

(XDDDDD!! I don't think of Trey as ripped or completely muscled up, but not exactly scrawny either. Know what I mean?)


Matthias raised an eyebrow. "That's funny, I thought my ears were burning earlier," he teased, although it wasn't his ears that were burning at the moment.

Alia grinned widely. "C'mon! Let's go, then! He's right over there by Smits!" She grabbed Percy's hand and tugged.

Luke blinked out of his stupor and shook his head, clearing his mind. "I am too." As his eyes met Nina's pretty brown ones, he could almost hear Jen teasing him, "Go and make a move before you lose the chance, d***!"

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Eve Is My Pen Name

(Eeek!! It was so awesome! Lol, and yeah, I can easily see Trey as...pretty dang good-looking ;) Maybe not completely ripped, but yeah, exactly. Lol)

Trey had the sudden urge to reach for his shirt and yank it back on, but he controlled himself. "Right, um, okay.." he said uncomfortably. Could this situation be anymore awkward?? Trey suddenly noticed a long scratch traveling from his shoulder to his side. ..yes. Yes, it could.


Emeary laughed. "Oh, you did, did you?" she teased. "Well, I will say no more."

"Good idea," Percy replied and walked over to where Mark was standing by Smits. "Mark? We need a favor."

Mark grinned, smelling an oppurtunity. "Oh, yeah. What's the deal?"

Nina looked down at her shoes awkwardly, feeling the tension in the air. "Yeah, well..." She trailed off. What more was there to say?

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

(Ikr??! xDD *dreamy-eyed* x333)

Layla followed his gaze and tried to squelch a smile. She could see it in his eyes- he felt like a cornered animal. So she tried not to look at him too much (keywords) as she gently (and slowly) applied medicine to the scratches trailing along his torso, back, shoulders, etc. Especially the one Trey had noticed. Almost reluctantly, she pulled back and said, "..You're finished."


"Good idea," Matthias managed, trying to rack his mind in hopes to say something meaningful, something that wasn't stupid. But of course his mind ran blank at that moment. "So.. how about those... trees?" He literally facepalmed at that weak attempt. "Weak.." he muttered under his breath.

(Me be hyper!! xDD)

Alia gave an almost wicked grin that looked incredibly adorable on the little blonde-haired angel. "We need you to do that mistletoe thing as soon as you can!" she whispered excitedly, tilting her head inconspicuously toward Matthias and Emeary.

Luke cleared his throat. "So... Christmas is coming up.." he said, fondly remembering the holidays back at home.

12/9/2010 #109
Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey had his shirt back on almost before Layla finished the words. "..thank you, Layla. I appreciate it. Your healing skills...are impressive," he stuttered though those weren't exactly the words he really wanted to say. He didn't want to aknowledge the chills that he'd gotten as Layla's fingertips had gently touched his scrapes.


Emeary chuckled. "I have to say that they're pretty painful right now," she joked, lightening the mood. "It was a nice attempt," she added with a teasing smile.


An evil smile grew on Mark's face. "I like it!" he exclaimed. "They'll definately be two of my victims...I mean, uh...no. Never mind, they're victims."

Percy exchanged an uneasy glance with Alia. This was the right choice...right?

Nina nodded with a sad smile. "It feels weird," she admitted. "I always spent Christmas with my aunties. This year...well, it will be different."

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla tilted her head and studied him as if amused. "Well, I can't really kiss it and make it all better, now can I?" she teased softly. Although her playful voice said one thing, her eyes said another. They were clearly indicating that at his beckoning she would be more than willing to do so. Layla found that she was holding her breath. Just say the word, Trey.


Matthias laughed a bit and sheepishly rubbed his neck. "Agreed..and no, it wasn't. You're just being nice." He suddenly got an idea and lowered his arm. "..I think I'm going in for a glass of water," he said carefully, eyeing Emeary to see if she caught his message. Just the other night it had been over getting a drink of water that they... He dismissed the thought and turned for the house, leaving the decision to follow him with her.

Alia nodded as if to confirm Percy's thoughts and smiled at Mark. "I think they're in good hands."

Smits popped up behind his foster brother. "Ooh, can I help, Mark?! Can I, can I??" he pleaded with a big grin.

"No kidding," Luke agreed, seeing the longing in Nina's eyes at the mention of her aunties. "..Tell me about them," he beckoned softly.

12/16/2010 #111
Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey searched Layla's face, analyzing her words carefully. Was she really hinting...? And was he willing to...? Trey found that he had never wanted to do something more in his life. "I..I -" he stuttered, unsure of how to get the words out. "Y-you could."


Emeary caught Matthias's meaningful glance and grinned. "I could go for a glass of water, too," she agreed with the same tone. She fell in step beside him as they began to walk toward the house. Butterflies fluttered about in her stomach with each step they took. Nervous anticipation and yet excitement clouded her mind.

"Sure, Smits, I could use your help," Mark said, ruffling the younger boy's hair. "I could use an accomplace."

Percy nodded, reassured. "We appreciate it. And if you need any help, you have us," he offered.

Nina looked into Luke's eyes to see if he was serious. Finding he was, she began hesitantly, "They each have their own little personality. They'd argue sometimes, but it was more funny than an actual fight. They were just so different...but they all loved me. They raised me." Nina glanced down at her feet, suddenly embarrased at how much emotion she had revealed.

12/16/2010 #112
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla smiled, blushing and her heart hammering as she leaned toward Trey, her lips meeting his in a tender kiss.


Matthias gathered his courage and slid his hand into Emeary's as they sauntered, the only thought registering was the hope that his hand wasn't sweaty.

Smits bounced and did a cha-ching gesture. "YEAH!" he cheered.

"Definitely!" Alia agreed with her 'brother'. "We have a LOT of skills... if you know what I mean." She grinned.

Luke smiled and stepped closer. "It helps to talk about them, doesn't it?" he probed softly. He could definitely concur.

12/17/2010 #113
Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey felt himself become lost in the kiss before panic took over and he pulled back. "I-I'm sorry," he stammered, kicking himself for being such a coward. Why couldn't he do it? What was he expecting to go wrong? "But shouldn't we...? I'm all right now. Shall we...return to the others?" Trey looked down and blushed, unable to look Layla in the eye.


Emeary smiled to herself as she squeezed Matthias's strong hand. It was rough from days of hard work, yet unimaginable gentle as he led her to the house. Just like him. "I'm sorry," she whispered suddenly, feeling the need to apologize. "I'm sorry for how I was...taken with that boy."

Percy smirked. He had no idea...

Mark shrugged. "Sure, if we need backup, we'll call for you. Hm...Christmas isn't far away. Actually, we don't have a lot of time, do we? We need to start planning, Smits," he declared, his mind already plotting out exactly how he would pull this off.

Nina smiled fleetingly. "Yeah...it does actually. What about you? Do you miss your family? Well, one of your brothers is here, but..." She trailed off, waiting for him to fill in the blanks.

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Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

(Oooh, cold MILK, Trey!! xDD hehehehe *points to profile image* x])

Layla recoiled as if she'd been slapped. Was this...his way of getting back at her for..the Brawn thing? Or did he absolutely hate her now? Had the whole thing the other night been fake? ..Could he not stand her? I can't blame him.. Layla hated herself for the tears stinging her eyes. "No, Trey. I'm sorry." She fled the room without looking back.


Matthias looked at her in surprise. "Emeary.." The name was almost a whisper. His smile was adoring, meant for her alone. "Don't worry about it." Matthias rubbed his thumb over Emeary's hand, his eyes saying everything that words couldn't.

Smits bounced. "I'm all ready, boss! I'm at your command!" he exclaimed with a little bow, grinning.

Alia smirked cutely at Percy. "This is gonna be a nice Christmas. I can tell already."

Luke's eyes grew wistful. "I miss them more than words can say. ..The littlest things remind me of them." His voice was slightly downcast. "I was always closest to Mark out of my brothers, but...it's weird not having Matthew here with him. They always kinda came in a package." He managed a wan smile. "I miss Mom especially. She was the best cook.." His voice trailed off in a sea of memories. "At Christmas she'd always make these gingerbread men. Before Matthew and Mark came home from school for Christmas break, she'd always let me have the first pick."

12/22/2010 #115
Eve Is My Pen Name

Trey mentally slapped himself and collapsed back into the pillow. "Why am I such an idiot?" he asked the empty room. Now Layla thought he was mad at her! And maybe she was now mad at him for the misunderstanding. How did he get himself in this mess? ...by retreating from that kiss. Why did he do it?

...he didn't know.

Trey groaned and got up from the bed. He didn't know how, but he had to fix this mess.


Emeary tried to ignore the fluttery feeling in her heart but could only giggle. Giggle? Since when did she giggle? Emeary cleared her throat and tried to keep her tone even, "Um, thank you. ...I appreciate it." Well, could that have been anymore awkward?

Percy nodded and glanced over at Matthias and Emeary, happily walking toward the house together. "I couldn't agree more, Alia," Percy agreed.

"Well, I will connect with you guys later, but we need to get started," Mark said, wrapping an arm around Smits. "Let's go." Mark led the younger boy to the house.

Nina smiled softly and reached out to take Luke's hand, surprised at her own boldness. "I think you and I need to learn how to make gingerbread men," she suggested.

12/24/2010 #116
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Layla in her haste practically ran into Emeary and Matthias on her departure. "Watch it," she muttered sharply before veering to the left and hurrying out the door.

Matthias turned to Emeary and raised his eyebrows. "Well... that can't be good." Obviously. He felt sorry for the sucker who'd angered that ginger.

Alia smiled brightly. "Ah, young love," she said in a half-serious, half-jesting tone. The girl had more smarts than she let on.

Smits bounded toward the house, beating Mark. "C'mon, is that all you got?! Hurry hurry hurry!!" His excitement was palpable.

Luke felt his cheeks redden in pleasure. Pinpricks of delight coursed through him... all at the touch of Nina's hand! He felt all sorts of emotions vying for his attention. "That'd be..great," he managed, tongue-tied. He felt a stupid grin form on his face.

12/24/2010 #117
Eve Is My Pen Name

(Hey, exactly when is Christmas in this roleplay??)

Trey bustled through the house, running into Matthias and Emeary on his way out. "Sorry," he muttered before exiting the house and running after the redhead.

"Now that really can't be good," Emeary noted, staring after the two lovers - or whatever they were at the moment.

Percy pointed to Layla and later Trey running across the yard. "Yeah...young love."

Mark grinned and put on a burst of speed. "All right, let's go," he said, entering the house. "We're going to need supplies. There will probably be mistletoe in the attic with other decorations."

Nina smiled, thoroughly enjoying the feel of Luke's hand in her own. "I'm sure Mrs. Talbot has a recipe we can use. I'm a dead horrible cook, but maybe together...we could do it."

12/26/2010 #118
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

(Um..maybe in a couple days or so? ^^ xD)

Matthias followed her gaze, nodding in agreement. After they both watched Trey and Layla disappear out of sight, he turned back to the doorway. "So, where were we?" he asked casually, as if the encounter hadn't occurred.

Alia watched them with a perceptive little smile, nodding in agreement. She gave Percy a sideways glance. "Don't even think about spying on them, Percy."

"Yeah! C'mon! Let's get ALL of it down! I think Mr. Talbot said he's gonna cut down our own tree later! Won't that be great? Our own Christmas tree!" Smits was panting for breath by the time he finished his sentence, due to his running and now his bouncing in sync with his words.

"I bet we could," Luke agreed merrily. "Maybe we can sneak away unnoticed.."


Layla circled around to the back of the house, feeling the fierce wind sting her cheeks as it whipped her hair all around. She took several deep breaths, forcing her emotions under control and putting her thoughts in perspective. But they always came back to the same thing: Why did he reject me..?

12/27/2010 #119
Eve Is My Pen Name

(Oh, okay. Sounds good to me. As you said, a day in roleplay time can take months in real life ;))

Emeary smiled mischievously. "I believe we were about to go get a glass of water," she reminded him though she doubted he had forgotten. "Let's go!" she suddenly cried, tugging on his hand.

"Yeah, that would be immoral," Percy shrugged, smiling. Silence issued until Percy finally voiced both their thoughts. "Let's go," he said, already moving in that direction.

Mark smiled, remembering how his father would take him and Matthew to cut down their own Christmas tree. Luke could never come since the forest was too far away from the house, but it was still a fond memory. He pulled down the string, bringing down the ladder to the attic. "You climb on up there since you're the smallest," Mark suggested. "Bring down the Christmas decorations. They're probably labeled 'Christmas'."

"I would like that," Nina said, taking a firmer hold on Luke's hand.


Trey followed Layla, catching sight of her red hair flipping in the wind now and then. What was he going to say? What could he say? Sorry, I just got scared. Scared of what? There she was, so many emotions displaying on her face. "Layla!" Trey called urgently. "Layla..."

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