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This is a roleplay I made for me and my best friend, Irony'sFriend. No one else is allowed to enter. xDD
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Eve Is My Pen Name

Raven did her best to gain composure and control the annoying blush playing on her cheeks. "Bella. Stop. Now," she hissed, unsure of what to do. She was never much of a people person (Okay, understatement of the year.) and she wasn't sure whether to blow it off, deny it, or accept it. "Whatever," she said in what she hoped to be an indifferent tone.

Aqualad looked a little uncomfortable now, too, and decided to turn to messing with Speedy. That was familiar territory at least. "Come on, Speedy," he teased. "Don't be jealous."

"Greenbean," Cyborg growled with a pointed glare toward Beast Boy. The blushing teenage boy shoved the younger teen out of the way roughly and then tried to go back to flirting with Bee smoothly. "Right, so...uh, you know I'll be here then. Working on the tower." Dang, I really do need to give Kid Flash a call.

BumbleBee was normally pretty smooth and cocky under any circumstances, but this was getting a little uncomfortable for her. "...right. So, uh, you guys going to move in for awhile, Robin? We can help you guys get moved in now if you want."

(Lol, thanks. ^^ I enjoy this. Beast Boy and Bella make me laugh so hard!! 8D)

11/17/2010 #91
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Bella giggled and knowing how Raven's limits were pushed, ran and hid behind Speedy. "Just lemme do this 'til she decides not to kill me," she whispered up at her crush, eyes dancing.

Speedy was engaged in an argument with the glorious Atlantian wonder, though. "Me? Jealous? Pft. I get all the girls. Wonder Girl obviously thought I was pretty special. At least I'm not dating a turtle!"

Beast Boy watched them in amusement. "Seriously, I can ring up Kid Flash right noww," he said in a sing-song voice, waving his communicator back and forth. "He'd be here in like five minutes- and that's if he stops for a sandwich."

Robin nodded. "Yeah. That'd be great, Bee. Thanks." He was focused on glaring at Mas and Menos though, who were still making eyes at Starfire.

(Lol!! Me too!! xDDD And in the Teen Titans comics [Titans Go], Aqualad really was dating a turtle. xDD And in the dc comics, Speedy really did date WonderGirl. Heh.. just thought I'd point it out. xDD)

11/18/2010 #92
Eve Is My Pen Name

Aqualad blushed angrily. "I wasn't dating her! It was...just a very good friendship. A crush!" he claimed defensively, hating this whole situation. "Besides, you know WonderGirl just felt sorry for you - or she thought you were Robin."

Cyborg's fingers twitched to wrap around Beast Boy's neck. "You're an inch away from roadkill, Greenbean," he warned just so Beast Boy could hear. "But...call him later for me."

"All right, Robin, stop glaring at kids half your age and show me where the luggage is," BumbleBee joked with a twinkle in her eye as she began walking toward the T-Ship. She briefly wondered about whether Cyborg would ever make his move - then again, she kind of liked it when he struggled.

Starfire laughed hesitantly at the two little boys she could not understand. One seemed to have found a rose from nowhere and gave it to her with a string of words she couldn't fathom. "I thank you," she said with a blush. "It is quite beautiful."

Raven breathed a little sigh of relief. The spotlight was finally off her and had swiveled to Aqualad. Just the way she like it.

11/21/2010 #93
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Speedy's entire face flushed red in rage. "You did not just go there," he growled in a menacing voice, "unitard guy."

Beast Boy snickered. "Will do!" He walked away whistling and decided to watch Aqualad and Speedy's spat. "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" he chanted eagerly.

Robin mumbled under his breath and led Bee to where the luggage was. He opened the compartment and started handing some to her. "This hasn't exactly been my day," he explained crossly. "Everything's irritating me."

Bella shot Raven her best "you're not off the hook yet" look and smirked, then skipped over to where Aqualad and Speedy were arguing. "Yeah! You..you..merman!" she shouted.

"Leave the insults to the experts, dude," Beast Boy whispered, breaking his chant.

11/23/2010 #94
Eve Is My Pen Name

Aqualad looked like he was about to blow. "It's not a unitard!" he claimed desperately. "And it least I'm original, Robin!"

"Yes, and that insult was so original," Raven commented, a little nervous at her sister's look.

"FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" Now Cyborg had joined in on the chant.

Starfire tried to speak up, but her words were lost on everyone. "Please, do not harm one another!"

"At least, people know who I am!" Aqualad shouted.

BumbleBee rolled her eyes at Robin and gestured toward the ordeal behind them. "Been there," she agreed.

11/28/2010 #95
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," Robin countered, glad that Titans East at least had one level-headed person on their team.

Just as Speedy balled his hands into fists, getting ready to take a crack at Aqualad's perfect face, a red and yellow flash zoomed by, sending the quarreling duo spinning.

"You rang?" Kid Flash's suave voice rang out, eating french fries. "Sorry I'm late. Decided to take a detour to France."

Beast Boy grinned and nudged Cyborg. "Gotcha covered."

Bella's face lit up with delight. "KID FLASH! YOU'RE HERE!" she yelled, running up to him and throwing her arms around him in a big hug.

Mas and Menos exchanged excited glances as they scanned over Kid Flash. "¡Ooh, es el rápido!" they chorused.

11/29/2010 #96
Eve Is My Pen Name

BumbleBee shrugged. "You guys had no choice. You have a big hole in your Tower! Like it or not, you guys are stuck here. We'll survive." BumbleBee caught a glance at KidFlash being...well, KidFlash. "..maybe."

Starfire jumped up and down and clamped. "Oh, how I love the fattening unhealthy fries of origin of France!" she declared.

Cyborg was a little shell-shocked. "Uh, yo, KidFlash. Good to see you," he greeted as casually as possible.

"Hey, Flash, what are you doing here?" Aqualad asked, a little relieved at his fight with Speedy being interrupted.

12/1/2010 #97
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"A certain little greenbean gave me a call," Kid Flash replied, jabbing his thumb toward Beast Boy. He turned toward Starfire and grinned, holding out the rest of the fries. "Want these? I can always run back and get some more," he added with a laugh.

"Take me wif youuu!!" Bella cheered, bouncing jubilantly, eyes sparkling.

Beast Boy grinned. "Figured Tin Can here could use all the help he can get," he explained, pointing at Cyborg with a wicked grin.

Mas frowned, a little upset at Bella's excitement. "Apuesto a que podría ir mucho más rápido que ese tipo!" he protested.

12/2/2010 #98
Eve Is My Pen Name

"Hey!" Cyborg claimed defensively. "I was doing just fine on my own!" Everyone within earshot gave him a look. "Well...I was doing pretty good."

Aqualad rolled his eyes. "C'mon, man, there's no shame in admitting it. Speedy's still in denial, too," he added.

Starfire pounced on the french fries and began eating them. "Oh, thank you! If only there were mustard as well..."

"Maybe we should unload and go inside now," Raven suggested tightly.

12/3/2010 #99
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"Say WHAT?!" Speedy shrieked, dropping his comb in his mirth. "I'm a total ladies' man, and don't any of you try to deny it!"

"I won't," Bella piped up dreamily, her heart in her eyes. Mas muttered to himself, chagrined.

A dust cloud came and went, and Kid Flash stood in the midst of it. "I can't deny a pretty lady," he winked and handed Starfire several packs of mustard.

"Good idea," Robin agreed just as stiffly.

12/4/2010 #100
Eve Is My Pen Name

Starfire shrieked gleefully. "Oh, thank you!" She started squirting the yellow liquid on the salty french fries.

Raven shot Robin a look. "This is going to be a long...however long we stay here," she deadpanned.

"All right, everbody!" BumbleBee shouted. "Enough foolin' around! Start unloading - NOW!"

"I introduce you to our personal drill seargent," Aqualad muttered to Cyborg.

"Yeah..." Cyborg said dreamily with hearts in his eyes.

12/5/2010 #101
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Robin nodded in agreement with a weary sigh. "You got that right." He looked at Kid Flash. "Shouldn't you be patrolling Jump City?"

"Relax, traffic light, I got it all under control. I can get back there in a nanosec if Jinx messages trouble." Kid Flash grinned and looked at Speedy. "Name switch, much?"

Speedy scowled. "My arrows are fast," he mumbled as he heaved suitcases out of the T-Ship.

Bella giggled and jumped on Beast Boy's back. "Piggyback ride!" she squealed. "Unloading stuff- AWAYYY!"

Beast Boy turned into a pig and waddled over to the T-Ship to help. Bella shrieked with laughter. "Beast Boyyy! How many times do I gotta tell you? Not a REAL pig!!"

12/6/2010 #102
Eve Is My Pen Name

Raven encased several bags in her black aura and "carried" them inside. After a few trips, she declared herself done unloading. She looked around at the Tower. It wasn't a whole lot different than the one in Jump City save for a few differences. Raven decided to sit down on the couch and savor this small fleeting quiet moment.

"All right, that goes there. And you put that there. No, not there! There. Good." BumbleBee was thoroughly enjoying her title as leader as she spent her time ordering the others around and not picking up a thing herself. "Sparky! Why don't you get that big one since you're so strong?"

Cyborg saw his chance. "You got it! 'Cause I'm big and bad enough to take it!"Cyborg rushed over to an especially big suitcase and lifted it. Unfortunately, that particular suitcase was filled with Robin's heavy detective equipment. His very heavy detective equipment. Cyborg managed to hold the suitcase over his head for a full two seconds before it got off balance and toppled over.

"This is why you're here," Aqualad whispered to KidFlash, motioning toward the sprawled out Cyborg.

12/6/2010 #103
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"Hey! None of that better be broken!" Robin shouted at Cyborg, recognizing his luggage and not in the least happy.

"Hm, I can see that," Kid Flash observed, stroking his chin. "'Sparky' is gonna be more work than I thought. But nothing the Fastest Boy Alive can't handle!" He grinned widely before disappearing in more flashes of McDonald colors to retrieve more luggage. In his wake was a pile of suitcases still growing.

Bella burst into laughter at Cyborg's blunder as she plunked herself on Raven's lap, unknowingly interrupting her sister's moment of solitude. "Don't tell nobody," she whispered, lavender eyes wide, "but I think Cyborg has a big crush on Bumblebee." She leaned back and grinned as if she'd made some amazing discovery no one else had.

Speedy had dropped the bags he was carrying to pose in the mirror as if getting ready for a photo shoot. Beast Boy noticed and ran over. "Dude, that's so not how you do it! Try it like this!" Beast Boy struck a disco pose and Speedy raised an eyebrow indignantly.

12/8/2010 . Edited 12/8/2010 #104
Eve Is My Pen Name

(Lol, nice, Speedy. ;) And Bella is so funny!)

Cyborg stood up hastily and dusted himself off with a bright blush on his usually dark skin. "Heh...heh...whoops? Sorry, Rob."

Raven gave Bella a dry look. "..congratulations."

Aqualad suddenly appeared in the mirror with a raised eyebrow of amusement. "..Beast Boy? What are you guys doing?"

12/8/2010 #105
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"Teaching Speedy how to work it!" Beast Boy answered, not even skipping a beat in his posing.

Speedy muttered under his breath. "Making a fool of yourself is more like it."

Kid Flash zipped up beside them. "If you're gonna do it, do it right!" he cried out and started striking sexy poses, or so in his way of thinking.

Bella giggled, watching them. "I hope we stay here a real long time, S*** Rae," she whispered excitedly, bouncing in her merriment. "This is gonna be FUN!"

12/9/2010 #106
Eve Is My Pen Name

Aqualad had a very amused and very very scared expression on his face. "..right." Suddenly Aqualad pulled out a digital camera seemingly from nowhere and snapped a picture of KidFlash posing and catching Beast Boy in the mix. "This one's for the Internet!" Aqualad took off through the Tower.

Raven facepalmed. "This is giving the Titans a good image," she muttered and then answered her little sister. "I could not disagree more."

"If you guys break anything, I'm gonna go off on y'all!" BumbleBee shouted. Notice she was more concerned for the furniture than their safety.

12/12/2010 #107
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"Hey now!" Kid Flash shouted indignantly, then zipped off. He came back half a second later with the digital camera in his hand. "Water boy's no match for speed wonder," he joked, tossing it up in the air and catching it all cool-like.

"You're just no fun!" Bella made a playful face at her sister.

Beast Boy raised an eyebrow at Bee. "..Dude, that's like an open invitation. If someone tells me not to do something, it just makes me wanna do it."

"I know, right?" Kid Flash backed up the mutant with a cocky grin.

12/16/2010 #108
Eve Is My Pen Name

Aqualad trudged back in the room with a very irritated expression on his face. He pouted at KidFlash. "Foul play," he accused.

"Sour loser," Cyborg teased, coming up beside the teen.

BumbleBee raised an eyebrow toward BeastBoy. "How 'bout this? You break something of mine, and I break something of yours - like your foot."

"I could live with that," Raven inserted to BumbleBee's statement.

12/16/2010 #109
Eve Is My Pen Name

Aqualad trudged back into the room with a very dissapointed expressoion on his face. He pouted at KidFlash. "Foul play," he accused.

"Sore loser," Cyborg teased, coming to stand beside the teen.

BumbleBee raised an eyebrow toward BeastBoy. "How 'bout this? You break something of mine, and I break something of yours - like your foot."

"I could live with that," Raven inserted to BumbleBee's threat.

12/16/2010 #110
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Kid Flash grinned. "Hey, if you've got it, use it, I say!"

Beast Boy whimpered with wide emerald eyes. "...Ok. It's a deal."

"Noo!" Bella gasped. "Broked stuff would hurt real bad!"

12/17/2010 #111
Eve Is My Pen Name

BumbleBee smirked. "I thought so," she said smugly.

"That's kind of the point, isn't it?" Raven muttered.

Aqualad playfully glared at Kid Flash and then sat down on the couch. There was no point in arguing with the cocky teen.

12/21/2010 #112
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Bella leaned back. "So what now? Can we play hopscotch?? Or!!" She gasped loudly and exuberantly the only way a seven-year-old can. "TEA PARTY!!"

"I'm out." Beast Boy fled the room. "BEWARE BELLA AND HER TEA PARTIES!!!"

"Aw, they're not that bad," Speedy spoke up. Bella gazed at him with adoring eyes.

"Hey, I'm up for some tea and crumpets." Kid Flash studied his fingers.

12/22/2010 #113
Eve Is My Pen Name

Aqualad shrugged with a kind smile. "Sure, Bella. Why not?"

Cyborg began inching subtly away. He had experienced quite enough of Bella's tea parties in Jump City.

"Oh, no, Sparky," BumbleBee intervened with a cruel smirk, catching his robotic arm as he tried to make his exit. "You're playing tea party." Bee dragged the protesting teen to Bella's feet. "Here you go, Sweetie. Sparky here wants to play."

Cyborg sent BumbleBee a death glare before plastering a fake smile on his face. "Yeah," he managed through gritted teeth.

Starfire jumped up and down joyously. She never got enough of playing with Bella. After all, they saw eye to eye on a lot of things. "Oh, yes! Bella, I would love to participate in your party of tea!"

Raven sighed to herself. "You guys don't know what you're getting into..." she muttered.

12/23/2010 #114
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"YAY!! Thankies, Bumblebee!!" Bella beamed up at her. "Cyborg likes ya lots, y'know. Does that mean you'll play too?!" She squealed and bounced in sync with Starfire, clapping her hands.

Speedy smirked and turned to Raven. "I hope you know you'll be playing this, too," he remarked.

Beast Boy jumped up on Cyborg's shoulders. "Aw, c'mon, Cy. It won't be so bad! The tea's actually Kool-Aid!"

Bella glowered. "It's NOT Kool-Aid! It's TEA!"

Beast Boy whimpered and ducked behind Cyborg. "Hide me."

12/24/2010 #115
Eve Is My Pen Name

"I don't think so," BumbleBee and Raven said in unison. The two teenage girls exchanged glances, but both were firm.

"I have some stuff I better be doing," BumbleBee explained nicely, inching toward the hallway.

"Not my style," was the only comment Raven gave.

Cyborg picked up the small green changeling. "Oh no, buddy," he protested. "If I have to go through this, so do you." And with that, Cyborg plopped him down beside him.

12/26/2010 #116
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

Kid Flash blocked Bumblebee's way out, smirking and crossing his arms. "We're all in this together!" he sang out as if it was High School Musical, but he wasn't fooling anybody. He was prepared for a chase.

Bella pulled on Raven's cloak. "Aww, c'mon, S*** Rae! Pretty pretty please with creepy poem stuff on top?" Then she went and did it- she did the Bambi eyes.

Speedy whistled sympathetically. "Oh, tough luck, Raven."

"That's the way to go, Bellz!" Beast Boy cheered. "Raven can never say no to that face!"

12/27/2010 #117
Eve Is My Pen Name

(Lol, creepy poem stuff...I'm going to have to start using that ;))

Raven hated having all these eyes on her waiting for her choice, but she hated those two big eyes below her even more. In truth...she really couldn't resist the bambi eyes. And she hated it. "...five minutes. Then you leave me alone. Got it?"

BumbleBee winced. She wasn't going to be getting out of this. "Fine," she mumbled. "I'll go get some chairs." Five minutes later, all of the Titans were gathered around in a circle, some in chairs, some on the couch, and some on the floor.

12/27/2010 #118
Seiji and Shizuku 4ever

"YAYYYYY!!" Bella cheered, then gasped as she looked at Mr. Fuzzlebums, nodding as if in agreement. "You're right, Mr. Fuzzlebums. I should be more dignified if I wanna be hostin' a tea party." She took up a plastic spoon and banged it against her teacup. "Attention, everybody! Attention to me!"

Speedy sighed, huddled up in the chair that was way too small for him. But even then he managed to find a way to swipe his comb through his orange hair. Kid Flash was reclining in a La-Z-Boy he'd ran and got, hands behind his head in a casual pose. Beast Boy was curled up in his lap as a cat.

Robin, his back turned to the table, was leafing through some data files he'd downloaded. Bella noticed and glared. "ROBIN! No workin' while we're at a tea party! That's rude!"

Robin sweatdropped and slid them into his pocket, shrinking down in his seat. "Right."

12/29/2010 #119
Eve Is My Pen Name

Raven groaned to herself. How had she gotten in this mess? Just five minutes, she repeated to herself over and over again to keep her sanity. Just five minutes..five minutes. Oh, look, four. Just four minutes...four minutes...

Aqualad sat uncomfortably on the floor, his legs crossed. He could talk to fish. He was a Teen Titan. He was prince of Atlantis. He was playing tea party with a seven-year-old. Not exactly the best thing for his rep.

Cyborg and BumbleBee were both sitting on the couch, a little closer than they really had to be. "You know, this is what you get for dragging me into this," Cyborg muttered peevishly.

"Oh, get over it," Bee huffed, a little irked herself.

However, Starfire was having the time of her life. "May I please have another cup of earthly beverage, Bella?" Starfire asked, holding out her tea cup. She had seen enough movies to know how it was done.

12/29/2010 #120
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