Gossip for next Alex Rider book
Yes there is one coming. How do I know such knowledge? Mr.Horowitz himself told me. *SPOILERS conspiracies welcome!
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witty kitty01

This information was heard by my own abnormally large ears at the Birmingham book bash, where Anthony did a question and answer session and read a draft of the next book. he actually does read his fanfiction! He could be reading this!

*is paranoid*

Here are the top secret info folders! *pulls breifcase out*

1. Title is 'Scorpia rising'

2. Major character death that Isn't Alex

3. Smither has a secret revealed that was apparant all the while

4. Horowitz has only written one page of it. (and I thought people on here were slow with updates!)

5. This will be the last book featuring Alex. There will be a tenth, but Alex won't be in it.


What does this mean?

who will die?

why is it Alex's last book?

What is Smither's secret?

When will the book be released?

How is it possible to continue with the Alex Rider series without Alex?


6/11/2010 #1

You were there?

What was the draft like?

7/17/2010 #2
witty kitty01

I was there! AND I LIVED!

Ahhh.... t'was epic! it's like all of the first chapters of Alex Rider, when the baddy sets up a deal that Alex later investigates. it's a member of Scorpia coming into a museum if i remember correctly. the narration talks about how 'many of those surrounding could be security' and that it could be a... cleaner? or something. the guy feels annoyed that he had to come here, but whoever told him to come is offering a large amount of money.

It was, quite simply, awesome. he also read a poem.

8/7/2010 #3
Arya Daeriel
Jack will die. Smithers is evil. Blunt has a soft side Alex will go crazy That is what I think. P.S. And for a LOT more information, go to my Alex Rider forum, Book Nine: Scorpia Rising.
9/11/2010 #4
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