The Worlds of Chrestomanci Role Play
Join the worlds of Chrestomanci, to RP to your hearts content! I have inserted a poll, because I'm not sure when to set the RP. Please vote, or I won't know when people want it set! RP won't be active until that's decided. :D!
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Here you can post your character sheets!

No Nine-lived Enchanters please, as we've already got Christopher, Cat and (maybe, depending on when the RP's set), Gabriel de Witt.

Otherwise, I think the ranks of magic users go thus:

Nine-Lived Enchanter/Enchantress



Witch/Wizard (Or Warlock)

Hedge Wizard/Witch

(If anyone has any alterations, please just say!)

Character Sheets:

First Name:

Middle Name: (Optional)

Last Name:




General Appearance:


Powers: (Optional) E.g: Enchanter/ Witch...

World and Series: E.g: 12B


6/19/2010 . Edited 6/19/2010 #1

First Name: Alessa

Middle Name: Rose

Last Name: Lucus

Eyes: Large hazel eyes with long dark lashes.

Hair: Hip length, wavy, dark brown hair.

Height: 5 foot 2

General Appearance: Pale skin, golden freckles across bridge of nose, skinny.

Personality: Bubbly, bright, laughs and smiles a lot, friendly. Likes to sing and play the piano.

Powers: Enchantress, but doesn't realise it.

World and Series: Her actual world is series 12A, but when she was two, a magical accident put her in world 12B, and her double from 12B has been living her life in 12A, meaning that she's stuck in a world without magic, but still has her magic.

Other: She doesn't know she's actually from another world, but does know that weird things seem to keep happening around her...

6/19/2010 #2

First Name: Hippolytta

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Last Name: Malenovich

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black, waist-length hair

Height: 1.3 meters

General Appearance: Olive skin, thin, Wears a tank top and a long black skirt and she also wears black high heeled shoes.

Personality: Confident, playful, mysterious, proud

Powers: Enchantress

World and Series: 12A

Other: She is a russian princess and her whole family are magic users. She is the only enchantress in her family. She has eight sisters, one mother, fifteen cousins, one uncle, three aunts, and one very grouchy grandmother.

Her aunt is the queen of russia.

10/21/2010 #3

Oh my gosh, thanks so much for joining! The forums been kind of lonely...:D


11/4/2010 #4

Um... are you still RP-ing? :D I know it's been awhile but if you still are, I'd like to join.

5/12/2011 #5

Hey, i'm new to this rp thing, but may i join?

6/20/2011 #6
Shabby Abby

I'm not sure if this RP is still happening but if it is, I'm interested. I hope you don't mind that my character is purposefully uninteresting, but the world can't be filled with enchanters.

First Name: Merissa

Middle Name: (N/A)

Last Name: Black

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light brown, reaching shortly below shoulders

Height: 5 ft 6

General Appearance: Pale skin, dresses in Victorian-era clothes

Personality: Calm, prickly at first but friendly and loyal if you get to know her

Powers: Hedge witch

World and Series: (umm…it's been a while since I read these books, somewhere old fashioned?)

Other: She can be annoyingly proper and boring without energetic/exciting friends

11/20/2012 #7
impossible hazelnut

First Name:Lily

Last Name: Tessier

Eyes: blue

Hair: chocolate brown ringlets

Height: Small

General Appearance: Pale, generally small

Personality: shy, but willing to adventure

Powers: enchantress

World and Series: 1c

2/6/2013 #8

Do you mind if I join in? I'm so glad to find fellow Chrestomanci readers, and this would be wonderful fun!

First Name: Celeste

Middle Name: Simone

Last Name: Delareux

Eyes: dark brown

Hair: Short, dark brown, straight

Height: quite short

General Appearance: small, thin, high sticky-out cheek bones, dresses in green.

Personality: Kind and sweet when she wants to be but with a hot temper and sharp, satirical wit.

Powers: enchantress (quite powerful, specialises in plants and dwimmer magic)

World and Series: 12A

Other: Celeste lived in France as a child, but was taken to England to live with her father after her mother died. Her father is a diplomat heavily involved in magics regulation.


1/18/2014 #9
Chihori Anigma
First Name:Maya Middle Name:Kraina Last Name:Elster Eyes:dark brown Hair:dark brown,almost black Height:2.7 feet General Apperance:dark skin,sallow cheeks,flat feet, skinny frame Personality:shy and drawn-in, stays away from people, underneath wanting to join in conversations but scared to be bullied Powers:Scorcress World and Series:8d Other:Hers is a jungle world with a lot of small villages and almost no cities, no big ones. In the villages families live together(cousins,grandmother,nephews). People are short and dark-skinned. Most people are at least Witch/Wizards. There are almost no hedge-wizards. Maya lives in one of the villages, a big one with 75 families. She has a relatively small family;mother,father,younger brother,older sister and 7 necies/nephews, all younger then her. She is hurt easly by teasing, and considers herself a cry-baby. It is true she cries almost every day, because there seems to be a surprising amount of children willing to tease her. She is one of those rare people able to read and write, and prefers writing stories then making art, which she was never good at. At 10 years old she often feels lonely, and is thankful for the days when her neices stsy inside. They never tease her.
3/6/2014 #10

so-o....anyone for starting the actual RP?

3/18/2014 #11
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