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Got a relationship from a classic literary tale that seems to mirror Lit? POST IT HERE!

6/12/2010 #1

To start us off:

Pip and Estella from Charles Dickens' masterpiece, Great Expectations. Though Estella is slightly more screwed up than Rory (okay, a lot more screwed up. But still). But Pip's home life seems to mirror Jess' childhood a bit... And the unsuitable (yet wealthy) Drummle could be considered a stand-in for Logan.

Howard and Dominique from Ayn Rand's amazing breakthrough novel, The Fountainhead. Yes, Jess, I went there. But if you've ever actually READ The Fountainhead, you totally get why. Separated for years, while Howard dedicates himself to perfecting his craft despite a world that just doesn't care... well, there are several very valid points for comparison.

6/12/2010 #2
Iscah McKrae

Heathcliff and Catherine from Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Both characters are unimaginably cruel to one another (and everyone else), and not at all how I would prefer to think of Jess and Rory...but I have a feeling that Jess would equate their relationship to this literary couple, particularly in his darker moods. Heathcliff is obsessed with Catherine, while completely loathing himself, at least partially because of his abused childhood and lower social standing. Catherine privately admits that she loves Heathcliff, but marries the richer Edgar, still hoping to help Heathcliff better himself. Although, they are forever separated because of her marriage, Catherine ends up being driven to sickness, madness, and then death because of her love for Heathcliff. Heathcliff spends the rest of his life in bizarre revenge, and ends up dying, driven mad by his love, his grief, and his thirst for revenge.

It's not Jess and Rory, but I think he would draw the parallel...particularly after Rory's visit to Truncheon.

1/14/2011 #3
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