A Game of Mafia MarioThemed
Come on in and play a game of Mario-themed Mafia, made by the very one who wrote Mafia: Mario. Remember to follow the rules that are set, and follow the general Fanfiction forum rules.
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Here's the profiles, and evaluation of all the players. Awards will be done sometime later. You guys can do your own in the meantime. I'll let you ask your own questions to each other, and I'll put the actions during the day up when I do the awards.


charz456 is: Mario (Townie) [The Dashing Hero]: You cannot be day lynched.

Evaluation: He didn't really play a critical role. His ability just sat there, not really doing too much for him. He tried playing cautiously, it seemed, and while he contributed to voting out a mafia or two he was kind of just ignored, really. This playstyle is great for the neutral, not really fantastic for a townie, but still fine.

The Smart One 64 is: Luigi (Townie) [In the Shadows]: Once per day, you may select one player. You will learn that player's identity.

Evaluation: He was a power player for the town. If he had not scanned Wimpzilla Day 2 the mafia might have ran away with the game. However, coming out as the cop on Day 1 wasn't a great choice, to be honest; he should have stayed hidden a little longer. But that's just my opinion, and he did nail down two mafia. Good player, overall.

Champ 15 is: Peach (Townie) [My Hero]: You know the identity of Mario [charz456] but may NOT claim mason or reveal his identity.

Evaluation: He had suspicious behavior and generally didn't do more or less anything to indicate that he was town. I could tell he was trying to do something due to his crappy ability, but he didn't have the best moves. Almost being lynched says something, too.

badberry123 is: Yoshi (Townie) [Swallow]: Once per day, you may select one player. That player cannot activate abilities or vote until the start of the next day.

Evaluation: Hardly ever posted and never used her ability. All I can say is this; eh.

luigenius is: Toad (Townie) [Loyal Servant]: If Peach (???) were to be killed, you will die in her place.

Evaluation: He played well for the short time he was in. His ability sucked abhorrently and so that obviously was a disadvantage. He was unlucky from the fact that Champ was targeted Night 1 and so he died instead. He could have helped a lot if he had stuck around longer.

yorkielover123456789 is: Rosalina (Townie) [Watching from Above]: Inform the game mod when you want to activate this ability. You will be informed of all abilities that are activated for the remainder of the day and may redirect them to new targets of your choice. This ability can only be used once in the game.

Evaluation: She played more of a role later in the game, when she was more active. She helped out on voting and all, but picked a bad time to use her ability. Actually, it was a potentially game breaking mistake to use it right then.

DonPianta is: Waluigi (Townie) [Frightening Mustache]: Select one player. That player cannot activate abilities until the start of the next day. This ability can be used twice per day.

Evaluation: He had a great ability, but not being very active and opting not to use it all that much made that fact seem much smaller. Didn't do very much, and was seen as a potential mafia due to the little input that he gave and sporadic appearances. If he had showed up more, he could have been better.

Princess Toady is: Toadsworth (Townie) [Worrywart]: Once per day, you may select one player. That player cannot be day lynched that day or night killed that following night.

Evaluation: Another great power player. He was fairly smart in his protections and knew who to use them on. Smart One was a critical protection, and GrossGirl could have been. Pretty nice player overall, and made decent choices in voting.

TJlovesMidna is: Chuck Quizno (Townie) [Ultimate Quiz]: Every other day, you may take one direct quote from the game thread and ask the game mod if it is true or false. Note that this MUST be a quote that a direct true or false answer can be given to.

Evaluation: It was smart of the mafia to eliminate him on Night 2, he could have been a huge power player if he had been allowed to continue. Had decent plans and tried to think like a mafia, being a total schemer and all. Smart overall, and was cautious in voting.

Child at Heart Forever is: E. Gadd (Townie) [Tinker]: Once per day, you may select one player. That player's abilities will be upgraded in a way unknown to you, and will return to their original forms at the end of the day.

Evaluation: Some good choices, some bad. That defines her votes, the way she used her ability, etc. Had more good overall, though, but that's just what I think.


GrossGirl18 is: Mini Mario (Neutral) [Explode]: Select one player. That player is killed. You cannot activate abilities for three days after using this ability. [Hardware Upgrade]: Once per day, you may select one player. That player's abilities are now yours to use as your own. E. Gadd (???) must be alive for you to use this ability.

Evaluation: She racked up, like, four abilities and was running the game practically. Everybody was scrambling to figure out who she was while she walked along on her merry way, putting the pieces of her plan together. She definitely deserved to win.


Wimpzilla is: Bowser (Mafia) [Fire Breath]: Select one player. That player cannot vote until the start of the next day. This ability can be used twice per day. [Malicious Leader]: You are the godfather, and are, essentially, the leader of the mafia. You, for the most part, choose who the mafia night kill, though you should take input from the other mafia members.

Evaluation: A great player. He had plenty of plans to walk all over or around the town, fooled you all into believing he was a townie on Day 1, and led you onto the wrong path after he died. He was a fantastic godfather, for sure.

PrincessPeachandDaisy is: Goomba (Mafia) [Stumbling About]: Inform the game mod when you wish to activate this ability. Two random townies will be unable to vote or activate abilities until the start of the next day. This ability can only be used twice in the game, and you cannot activate abilities for two days after using this ability.

Evaluation: She picked a good time to use her ability, and did good as the godfather for the short time she was in the position. Ultimately, she just decided to give herself up at the end, though she was formulating a plan. Good, with a bad choice there towards the end.

krisetchers is: Koopa (Mafia) [Shell + Enclosed Area = OW!]: If you are day lynched, no townie can activate abilities for eight hours upon the start of the next day.

Evaluation: He gave himself up to help out his alliance. Certainly noble, that's what I say. Plus, what could he really do? Smart One was adamant on him being mafia due to his scan, and there wasn't much he could do to defend himself.

Laguzgirl13 is: Bowser Jr. (Mafia) [Tiny Fireball]: Once per day, you may select one player. That player cannot activate abilities until the start of the next day. [Shadow Mario]: Inform the game mod when you want to activate this ability. For the next two days, you will obtain a new role and new abilities. After these two days are up, you will return to this role, with this ability no longer here.

Evaluation: She wasn't really on much, but she did play an essential role nontheless; she copied Toady, thus allowing Wimpzilla to use her abilities to keep himself around for one more day. She also ended up as the godfather at the very end, but didn't have the opportunity to do much in that position, either. Well, she played well for being in school most of the time, I suppose.

Will put profiles and evaluations for the mafia up tomorrow, I'm tired now. See ya tomorrow.

6/17/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #1

Thanks for the nice analysis. I wish I'd gotten the chance to prove you right on being helpful later in the game. Maybe I'll get that shot in the sequel. I'll ask the players some questions tomorrow. Good job Megaman! Can't wait to see the last 4 reviews!!

6/17/2010 #2
Princess Toady

It was so obvious she was Mini-Mario ! I knew it at day two ! ^^

Oh, and for the last Mafia players I thought they were PPAD & Don. ^^"

Time to give awards !

Most Valuable Player for the Town : The Smart One Most Valuable Player for the Mafia : Wimpzilla. I'm sorry PPAD, Kris & Laguz, but you did not do much things... ^^ Most Dumbest Move for the Town : People asking each others on day one who was Toadsworth. Most Dumbest Move for the Mafia : The fact they did not eliminate TSO on day 2.

Best Player overall : 1.Grossgirl ; 2.Wimpzilla ; 3.I don't know, really.

- - - - -

Did I forget something ? Yes, the best/worst strategy. But it's alright, I'm coming to it.

Anyway... I hope everybody will clearly reveal his strategy here. I'll do it too but I'm waiting for some people to do it before ^^.

PS : I hope no one is offended by the "Most Dumbest & Worst Strategy" thing (I'm thinking of TSO for the second one, loool !).

Virtual cake ! :D

6/18/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #3

well, I was correct. mini-mario was in fact grossgirl. and the neutral. so my ability did work on her.

but I was surprised that laguzgirl was the last mafia. She must of been online a lot more then she let on, or else charz or Don Pianta would have of been the last mafia.

I think the townies would've won had myself and TSO lasted longer than we did. TSO was super smart with his ability, and my ability has similar features. Regardless, Wimpzilla and Krisetchers did put up a good fight when we accused them. I was almost half-way convinced.

GJ to Grossgirl, you have to of been the sneakiest player in this game. You deserve the win. :D

6/18/2010 #4
Champ 15

I'm going to give out awards too:

Most Valuble Player Townie: Smart One. TJ did good too but didn't last as long.

Most Valuble Player Mafia: Wimpzilla or PrincessPeachandDaisy

The two people I think would of done well if they had a different ability/strategy: Luigenius and TJmidna

Best Player: Grossgirl

6/18/2010 #5
Well, I don't have any awards to give out, (at least not right now) except for one.My MVP award go's to Grossgirl. I've gotta admit, though it cost me and the rest of the mafia the game, she did well. Although, if I relized Grossgirl was Mini-Mario, I would've goten her out instead of Smart One, used small fire ball on Smart One for that day so he couldn't scan me, then kill him the next night. But oh well.Grossgirl, you played really well.I hope I'm not stuck against you again during Paper Mario Mafia.
6/18/2010 #6
Champ 15


You did a good job being the last Mafia. I was sure that you were a Mafia... but I couldn't say anything since I was dead.

6/18/2010 #7
Thanks Champ!But how'd you know I was the last mafia? I thought I did a good job hiding it until day 6, when Grossgirl used her weird mind powers to let everyone know.
6/18/2010 #8
Champ 15

I had a list of reasons why on Day 3 (I think...) it was on the first page.... I'll go copy it and paste it.

Here it is:

I suspect Laguzgirl:

She is only on in the evenings, the evenings are usually when the day ends. Possibly, she only goes on in the evenings just to talk with the Mafia. She also voted for me. She might KNOW that I'm a townie and she just voted for me since she is a Mafia. Just a thought.

6/18/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #9
I was only on in the evenings cause the torture chamber most people call school, not just to talk to the rest of the mafia.
6/18/2010 #10
Champ 15

Oh, sorry about that.

6/18/2010 #11
It's ok, I forgive you. But at least today is my last day of school! I'm both happy I'm finally almost out of school, and still a bit confused about how Grossgirl figuered me out without scanning.....oh well, I'll ask her when everyone's on.
6/18/2010 #12
Champ 15

Oh yeah, the reunion is today! I have to ask Grossgirl about TAR reviews.

6/18/2010 #13
I kinda wish the reunion was tomorow, though. But only cause I'm not gonna be home all day.
6/18/2010 #14
Champ 15

I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow. And Sunday and Monday! All the way to next Saturday. That kinda sucks. D: But camping is fun also. :D

6/18/2010 #15
Meh, I don't like camping unless I get to sleep in a cabin. I don't know why, but I just can't sleep on the ground at all. Also, as a random side note; If you died, but are alive again, does that mean you're a zombie too?I know TSO is a zombie zombie, and since SOMEONE blew me up, I'm now a zombie, too.
6/18/2010 #16
Champ 15

funny.... you are "Zombie Bowser Jr."

I am "Zombie Peach"

and Smart One is "The Zombie ZOMBIE Luigi"

6/18/2010 #17

My award goes to everyone because I honestly believe that everyone did something epic in their own way. That's just my theory :D

Well players like Grossgirl, Wimp, Champ, TSO. They did really good ^_^

6/18/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #18
Champ 15

Thanks PPAD :D

6/18/2010 #19
Oh crap.That means Wimpzilla is zombie Bowser. I at least sort of turned away from my evil ways when I became a zombie, but I think Wimpzilla still isn't that happy that us mafia lost, and a mad zombie Bowser is never a good thing. EVERYONE!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!
6/18/2010 #20

No problem. I hope we can play Paper Mario soon though. And I won't be on for Saturday because of the wedding D:

Oh and Laguz because she not being around seemed like she wasn't a mafia (In my opinion)

6/18/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #21
Champ 15

You spelled Laguz wrong PPAD! I can't wait for PM Mafia. I can't wait for the reunion since I have a ton of questions to ask.

Laguz: I don't think wimpzilla is that mad.

6/18/2010 #22

I corrected it lol Sorry Laguz D:

6/18/2010 #23
Champ 15

That's better (:

6/18/2010 #24

Well, considering that the mafias failed...Especially in my part. Ugh. D:

6/18/2010 #25
I wouldn't be to sure Champ...Also, during the reunion, I'm gonna keep calling Wimp 'dad', just to how long it takes before he gets anoyed and trys to kill me.
6/18/2010 #26
Champ 15

Why Dad????

I kinda wished I was a Mafia...

6/18/2010 #27
@Champ: Cause he's Bowser and I'm Bowser Jr.
6/18/2010 #28
Champ 15

Too funny Laguzgirl!!!

6/18/2010 #29
Thanks Champ, I know I'm funny. I've been told a lot. But I hope Wimp doesn't really kill me, cause I don't want to be a zombie zombie.
6/18/2010 #30
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