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Bear immediately stopped his spasms and didn't feel a bit of pain. He stod up and grabbed the dollar that was on his stomach. Then he stuffed it in his pocket and looked at Ash, "Thanks." He muttered. Bear looked back at Reese, "Ok. What was the reason you took us out of line?" He asked, forgetting about what just happened.

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"Don't answer that question," Ash said to Reese, giving him a glare. Then he turned back to Jez. "Okay. So we've got Kristy, Vivi, and Bear," he ticked off the points on his fingers. Then turned to the three he just named. "Okay you guys, follow me. Reese has picked you out because you are special, different from everyone else." A smile curved on his lips, a wry, dangerous grin. "And special people get special treatment." He started heading for the door.

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Kristy hesitantly stepped forward and paused. She didn't want Ash to do the pain thing to her, so she followed a little while later. As she followed Ash she felt Reese's eyes on her. She had heard some of what he had said. Kristy didn't believe she could cause pain like Ash, except not pain, but pressure. It just wasn't possible, but then again neither was what Jez, Ash, and Ariel do.

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Bear hesitated.

Special treatment? Doesn't that sound nice coming from Ash.

He thought with sarcasm.

He reluctantly followed, but walking a little bit behind.

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Just before Ash reached the door, he stopped and let his gaze swivel around the room. Some kids ducked away from wherever he was looking, and some cringed, but then Ash stopped when he saw T-Bone, standing in a corner.

"Hey, you wanna earn a buck?" he asked.

T-Bone glanced at Bear a little uneasily, having witnessed what Ash had done to him, and then nodded slowly. Ash grinned, and T-Bone stepped forward.

"What do you need me to do?" he asked in his deep voice.

"Just follow," Ash said, and then pushed out the doors.

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Jez followed Ash, but then stopped at the entrance to the Cafeteria. "No one leaves." She said and crossed her arms.

7/12/2010 #216

It's just the entrance to the Cafeteria, Emily. O_O

Ash exited the Cafeteria and walked down the hallway, leading everyone in the opposite direction from the Security Office. T-Bone had grabbed Vivi's arm and was leading her, ignoring her hissing and claims that 'Monty' was going to hurt him.

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i think she thought ya'll were already at that long word ward place :)

Jezebell watched as kids clustered up in groups and started talking about what had just happened.

7/12/2010 #218

Oops. Ok I deleted that post. :P

Bear followed Ash and T-Bone down a hallway, that led to who knows where. He was starting to get a little uneasy. Where where they taking him? What were they going to do to the group of kids? What was wrong with them? He learned that Ash had the power to cause pain...the hard way. He aslo learned that Kristy had some power that could cause pressure, or something.

Bear was very strong because it seemed that nothing could hurt him. But he was unaware that that was his power.

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Ash glanced at T-Bone and nodded to him, and T-Bone drifted to the back of the line, still holding Vivi's arm firmly. Ash pushed through another set of doors, and the white and bright hallway disappeared behind them and the walls became steel, and it was much darker. Instead of wooden doors for dorms, the doors turned into thick, metal ones with locks on the outside. Somewhere down the hall, a boy screamed.

"Dark. In the dark," Vivi whispered. "We're in the dark..."

Ash stopped at one of the doors and unfastened the lock. He pulled it open, revealing a dark, lightless room with two beds and a toilet. Nothing else. He looked at Jez, then nodded to the three people that had been marked as freaks, keeping his eyes on her.

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Jez nodded and raised her hands. The tingling started again and she slowly lifted Bear, Kristy, and Vivi into the air. From there she moved them into the room and set them in the middle. She smiled and closed the door. From inside she could hear Kristy screaming.

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Bear banged on the door and yelled to be taken out. "Get me out of here!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, "I'm gunna kill you Ash!" His temper was part of the reason he was thrown into the Pit. He blinked in the darkness, breathing heavily, as he looked around. He spotted Kristy, and walked up to her. "Isn't this great! We're stuck here!" He yelled while throwing his hands up in the air. Bear sat down and breathed deeply, trying to calm down.

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Ash locked the door right before Bear started banging on it. Then he closed the little slit that was used for talking to the person on the other side, leaving the three freaks in complete darkness. He turned to the others.

"Well, that's taken care of," he said, then looked at Reese. "Let me know if you see anyone else that might have powers. In return, you can have whatever you want. If you don't, and you decide that you want to be a hero, you'll have to answer to me. Or Jez. You don't want that, do you?" His tone was polite, which made it all the more dangerous. He grinned at Reese, waiting for his answer.


Vivi broke out in manaical laughter, and she was answered by two or three screams from kids in other cells. She slumped back against the wall and slid down until she was cross-legged on the floor, her head tilted back up at the ceiling.

"Burn burn burn...." she murmured over and over again.

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"What did we do to get stuck in here?" Kristy asked confused staring into the darkness. Luckily she wasn't afraid of the dark.


"Of course I'll help you." Reese said his face going white as he looked at Ash and Jez who smirked and raised her hands before setting them back down.

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Bear calmed down and looked at Kristy. He could barely see her outline in the almost pitch dark room, "I don't know." He said while shaking his head. Then suddenly he heard a blood wrenching laughter, coming from the room that could only belong to one person-Vivi. Bear jumped up and his eyes wildly scanned he room, but he saw nothing. "Oh no. Where going to die!" He yelled to Kristy, while still looking for the psychotic creature.

7/13/2010 #225

"Good boy," Ash said, his grin widening. He turned to Jez. "Now, with the freaks taken care of, we need to figure out what we're going to do when we get to town. Should we just take the food we need, or just play it cool and trick them into giving it to us?"

7/13/2010 #226

"I think we need to go with the tricking. We need to make it look like we got put in the Pit because our parents didn't want us or something. If we show them we're dangerous or they figure out we have powers then we can't use that to our adavantage someday." Jez said thinking about it.

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Bear walked over to the door, and sat down infront of it. They where stuck, and they where probably going to rot in the cell. Bear sighed and looked around. He was hoping that Vivi was on the opposite side of the room, but he wasn't sure. What if she attacked him, and killed him? Would she eat him? Was she really that crazy? Ya, probably. Bear shifted, and looked around the darkness nervously at the thought of being eaten by Vivian Thompson.


Zeke drove, but faster now. He had gotten better at driving when he was about halfway down the mountain. He looked at Toad, who was sitting in the passanger seat, then looked back at the road.

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"True, but it would probably be easier to take it by force, although they might want to retaliate," Ash mused.


"Are we there yet?" Toad questioned.

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Jez shrugged and said, "Whatever sounds more resemble is what we should probably do."


"Stop screaming, you're giving me a headache." Kristy said holding her hands over her head.

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Bear smiled, "We should get use to it, Kristy. Were probably going to be in here with Vivi for a long time." He said, while finally finding the faint outline of Vivi. Bear relaxed and stood up. He walked over to Kristy and stood infront of her, "What was that that Reese said about you um...causing pressure?" Bear said, his smile widening.


"No, Toad. Were not there yet." Zeke said firmly while trying to concentrate on the road.

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"We should probably go someplace quieter to talk about this," Ash said as someone screamed from down the hallway. "How about the Security Office?"

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Jez nodded and said, "That sounds fine."


"I was talking about you screaming, not Vivi. And I don't know what Reese was talking about." Kristy murmered rolling her eyes.

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brb dinner

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lol i just finished fixing dinner for my dad lol :)

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lol wow :)

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"Oh. Sorry." Bear said with a smile. He thought for a second then looked at Kristy, "We have to think of a plan. We need to get out of here." He said with a serious look.

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Ash nodded and looked at Ariel. "You come too," he said, then headed down the hall.


Erin sat in the chair, bored out of her mind.

She had stopped yelling for help an hour ago. She sat there, alone, in the lobby with her wrist chained to the armrest by handcuffs. It was where the police officer had left her. He had been signing her in as a juvenile delinquent; getting her dorm number and her schedule for her year long stay here at the Pit. Then he had just disappeared, along with everyone else in the room. The older kid she'd come here with was gone, too.

So she just sat there, with nothing to look at but the starched white walls and the linoleum tiled floor. For the past ten minutes she had been watching an ant's slow progress along the floor to the other side of the room where it disappeared into the wall. Now she had nothing to do.

I'm going to be stuck here forever.

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Jez followed Ash back into the Security Office. She was already hungry again, since the sandwhich was little and didn't fill her up.


Ben was sitting at a table in the Cafeteria. Around him kids were talking in hushed whispers about Ash and Jez. Ash had been scary enough before he had that freaky mind thing and now he was terrifying. And Jez was bad too, she wouldn't hesitate to throw someone off a cliff probably with that weird telekinisis thing of hers. He sighed and wished he could leave the Cafeteria. People here were giving him headaches.


"No really? I thought we needed to stay in here forever." Kristy said sarcastically crossing her legs underneath her.

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