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Duchess Delanie

Right now I'm trying to decide exactly where--time wise-- to end my "Disasters in Childrearing" story.

So... how do you decide that the story is finished and kaput?

9/22/2010 #1

I guess the easy answer is when you don't have anything else to say ;)

Depends mostly on the type of story, really. If it's really plot driven, then it ends when the plot has been satisfactorily resolved. But your story is more of an anthology of smaller stories, so I'd say you could easily keep writing right up to the start of the movie if you felt inspired. Heck, he's technically still a kid at the end, so there could still be plenty of post-movie disasters too :)

9/22/2010 #2

There's definitely a time for a story to end... my friend and I are pondering story plots that should be sequels on their own credit... not an extension of other stories no matter how related they are. That's the purpose of sequels!

I think it's important as a writer to have an ending goal in mind. What will it look like when what you want to say is said?

9/22/2010 #3
Hell's Fiery Belle

The rule of thumb I've heard is end before you bring in a new plot. With "piece" stuff like you're doing, decide what you want to accomplish with the series--or just where you think would be more appropriate.

9/23/2010 #4
Gumdrop Boo - Ch4rms

Duchess, I think the perfect place to end your child-rearing is right before the start of the movie or on one last note that strikes as an 'ah, so THAT is why that is' factor, but the factor is up to you and I'm sure you can imagine what it would be :)

I like ending stories on a reflective note with hopes for the future. Kind of just a comfort thing for all who read.

9/24/2010 #5
Duchess Delanie

Thank-you all!

9/27/2010 #6
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