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Hell's Fiery Belle

I was just thinking about it. Are there any little quirks in the movie that should be the subject of stories?

4/7/2011 #1
Duchess Delanie

Hmm... quite a bit.

I've been always a little curious about Gobber.

There's a deleted scene where Astrid says her axe was her mother's... sounds like a story to me.

4/7/2011 #2

Ooh, yes, the axe!

I've always wanted to play around with the rest of Astrid's dialogue ending with "it's like a giant beehive!"

4/7/2011 #3

Um, How about "A Wet Dragon head can't light its fire?" As far as I know, it hasn't been used in the movie...

7/17/2011 #4
Duchess Delanie

... I like that one...

7/18/2011 #5
Gumdrop Boo - Ch4rms

I think a lot can of tidbits/details can be used for stories, some I have seen put to use is:

-The scar on Hiccup's chin

-Stoick taking Hiccup fishing and the kid hunts for trolls

Other random things that can be used:

Why dragons don't like eels

What Hiccup was doing at that mysterious house before the raid in the beginning scene [as we've noticed, it isn't his house]

The twins necklaces

the pendant shapes and their meaning [did you notice that Sptick and Snotlout have the same engravings in their pendants; Snotlout's belt - Stoick's cape clasps, and I think it could be Grimbeard the Ghastly which is the clan symbol?]

I liked the 'a wet dragon head can't light it's fire' idea for expounding.

I don't know, there are a lot of little details anyone can stretch into a story if they were inspired enough :)

7/18/2011 #6

@Gum Drop

Just for kicks, why don't you try to explain why the so called "Matching Pair" of hats are unequally sized? The results would be hilarious.

7/19/2011 #7
Gumdrop Boo - Ch4rms

Hiccup: "So Why our are breast-hats so different in size, Dad?"

Stoick: "They're hats and it's due to uneven assets"

7/23/2011 #8

Maybe Hiccup's mom is well endowed, or the hats have undergone heavy modification... XD

7/23/2011 #9

I laugh most heartfully at Gumdrop's concept (tis witty), but I think I may be one of the few people that didn't think anything of the comment. I automatically figured matching material was taken and modified. Yeah, I'm boring.

7/26/2011 #10
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