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We can just chat here...and I only started this because A) I was bored and B) I just wanted to annoy Justin.Russo.XD

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE START AND RP NOW THAT WE HAVE CHARACTERS?!?!?!?!? *looks pleadingly at Justin and Manic (purely because I know that both of you are good at RPing XD*

7/3/2010 #1

I'm not annoyed (by this anyway)...

I don't mind starting...but I haven't picked a character yet...

I'll probably pick Nico, cuz he's cool :-D

((Does Jake want to play Grady?))

7/3/2010 #2

Yes, Nico is cool!

7/3/2010 #3

Lol, you should be Nico!!!

It says 'Nico tries to impress girls in weird ways but he hardly ever seems to succeed' on wikipedia...Perfect for you =)

7/3/2010 #4

Angel - You're an annoying little brat...but I love you really...deep, deep down...

Sorry if I'm playing a rather harsh version of Nico...I just like playing more dramatic characters...XD

7/11/2010 #5

lol, tis fine. I'm crap at being Chad anyway XD

7/11/2010 #6

You're not!!!!!!!! Don't diss yourself!!!!!

7/11/2010 #7

Yeah, Manic, Angel may be insane and annoying but this time she has a point!

You're AWESOME at being Chad!!!!

7/11/2010 #8

awwww, thanks youz! You are amazing at playing Nico, Justin

And Angel....considering you were worried that you were gonna be rubbish at playing're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

7/11/2010 #9

Thanks Manic!!!!!!! You're the best!!!! XD

(And awesome at playing Chad XD)

7/11/2010 #10

Thanks Manic XD!!!!!! :-D

(What she put in brackets XD)

7/11/2010 #11

Helloooo...does anyone still use this?

5/27/2011 #12
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