Mistmantle Roleply: In the Future
Long after King Crispin and Urchin of the Riding Stars, the island of Mistmantle is being threatened again- by Redwater Isle, where the tyrant king Bloodwrath the hedgehog rules with his queen, Thea. Will you protect your home and be honored as a hero?
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Have as many characters as you like! Read the existing profiles,though.We don't want 2 kings or queens.




Where does the animal live?-




6/18/2010 #1
Allistor Miguel Richards
Delan, male, Prince for rank please, or king since no one has taken either, in the tower preferrably the royal chambers, squirrel, happy ost of the time while also serious but when he gets restless he kinda starts to get moody, He has golden fur and carries a white cloak full of daggers at all time to protect himself, thats the only one I can post at the moment cuz my phone wont let me post too many characters
7/19/2010 #2

Name - Rowan (or Ro for short)

Gender - Female

Rank - Commander

Lives - Comes from an Island by Ashfire, now lives in Anemone Wood and has a small room in the Tower but doesn't like to stay in one place and travels around the island

Description - A flame coloured squirrel with bright brown eyes.

Personality - She is a good friend of birds and is esspecialy good friends with a Bald Eagle called Yarnell, she can be quiet at times and often keeps her fellings to herself, she is a healer. Rowan is tough but also has a gentle side and enjoys traveling and has flown over the Mists on several occassions.

Weapons - Rowan is an expert archer and uses a sword, one of her favorite weapons is a quarterstaff

1/18/2011 #3

Can any of us be the villains?

1/21/2011 #4
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