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Role Play. One year after Assassin's Creed 2. After Ezio uncovers a secret list belonging to his father, he sets out to find the scattered remains of the assassin families and to recruit them to his cause.
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Please read the rules before submitting a character. Wait until I approve your character to begin posting in the RP topic.

I would prefer that everyone RP as an OC (original character), and leave the canon characters to be NPCs (non-playable characters) whom every and any one could use for a short time. If you do wish to RP as a canon character, however, PM me. Please make no more than one character for now. If you wish to create a second, PM me.

Here's a guideline for submitting a character:

Name: (Keep in mind that this is set in the time period of the second game, in Italy)



Affliation: (Characters can be either an Assassin or a Templar.)





6/17/2010 . Edited 6/17/2010 #1
Victor Weiss

(Hope he's good, the BG is a little short though)

Name: Erik Li Fonti

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Affliation: Assassin

Appearance: A young handsome face with dark brown eyes and medium length unkept dark hair. tan skin. his clothing consists of a loose sleeved black shirt with simple leather bracers that bear the Assassins symbol, white vest with the Li Fonti family crest (A Eagles talons), over that is a white cloak with the pointed hood of the assassins that is held around his neck by a buckle with his family crest. his pants are loose black with white armored leather boots and a pair of red belts at his waist, each of the buckles sporting the Creed's symbol.

Weapons: Curved longsword with the family crest.

Personality: Polite, charming, thoughtful and patient, often quiet when thinking and more serious, but carefree when nothing important is at hand.

Background: Marik spent most of his childhood in a wealthy family being schooled on various aspects of the healthy world, such as politics and chivalry, his mother works as a clothing designer, meaning all his clothes are custom made by his mother, his father is a lawyer, meaning their family has a steady flow of income and the large villa they live in serves as Li Fonti family's main home, Marik himself has little to do with fighting and has no friends due to his many hours of studying, His father also made him learned some basic sword handling and basics so he could protect himself. though he wishes for a life outside the walls of the city and of adventure.

His father however has not told him of his Assassin blood and with the death of the Auditore, he is hesitant to give his son that future of killing, despite being a former assassin himself.

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He's fine. Approved.

6/18/2010 #3

Here's my Assassin character.

Name: Adelia Iadanza

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: With black hair and gray eyes, Adelia is tall and slim, and possesses a well-developed physique, having been very active and enjoying the outdoors for most of her life. Standing at 5' 10", she wears the Assassin's standard hooded completely white robes in the traditional, AC 1 style, as no one in her family has updated them or worn them in a long time when on a mission, but has added the modification of a matching red scarf to hide her nose and mouth and protect her identity and family. When out of her assassin clothes, she wears a lady's dress. Her hair is cut to shoulder length to keep it out of her way but not draw too much attention to the shortness of it. She found the assassin's equipment hidden at the old family home in Venice, which her father kept simply as an heirloom. He himself was not an assassin.

Weapons: Adelia is outfitted with the same equipment as any Assassin, but she refuses to carry a projectile weapon. Being female, and therefore of less stature than her male counterparts, Adelia relies on stealth to complete her missions. She prefers to fight with her hidden knife or throwing knives instead of using either of her swords, though she is perfectly capable of wielding both weapons. If she has to use a sword, she prefers to use the shorter one.

Personality: Adelia is a fast thinker and problem solver. With keen eyesight and extraordinary attention to detail, she is a good observer and information collector. Determined, she refuses to give up until her mission is complete, and is infinitely patient. However, she devotedly follows the Creed. Her stealth and spying skills are infamous among the Assassins. Confident, she is not afraid to speak her mind.

Background: Adelia was born in Venice, but her family moved to Rome for her father's business when she was ten. Three years ago, he was assassinated for a reason she still does not know. Adelia was the second to three children. Her younger brother died before they moved to Venice, and her older sister married and moved away nearly four years ago. Her mother has always been frail, and has rarely ventured outside, living off her husband's diminishing wealth. She has begun rationing the money to make it last, and their finances are strained, though this is not visibly seen, as they still live in luxury.

Other: She is a descendant of Niari Ahaban.

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Bootches B

Name: Elazar Mirende (A accent over the last e)

Gender: Male


Affliation: Templar

Appearence: Wears only white robes with leather padding on his shoulders, forearms, knees and shins, all under his robes. Wearing only chainmill armour between his robes and leather, allowing fast and quick movements. Tan skinned, defined cheekbones, and a two-inch scar along his jaw-line. Brown messy hair and dark brown eyes. With a below average 5' 8".

Weapons: A long sword on his back that is curved in the middle and a two inch wide and six inch long dagger that thins as it gets to its point.

Personality: Nice to most people, but whe he sees an Assassin he will try to kill them as long as it doesn't hurt any innocents. Basic calmness to everyone else. An awesome attention to detail and a curious eye to the human reaction, he knows a lie when he sees them. Although a skilled liar can get past his eyes. A sharp tounge that can defuse a situation and talk his way out of most situations.

Background: Being raised in a family that focused on the destruction of any remaining Assassins and the flurishment of the Templars he had become a nice and caring man. After seeing the way an Assassin operates by killing his father he vowed to never be caught off guard and killed by them. Getting the training from the top ranked swordsman teacher in the city he had trained for most of his life. After he finsihed his training in Swordsmanship, knife throwing, dagger fighting and hand-to-hand combat he had his first run in with an Assassin. The Assassin had barely gotten away from his sword, but had given him the scar on his face.

After the fight with the Assassin he knew that he was prepared to act as the guard for the important Templars and himself, since he was the head of his family now.

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Approved. Yay, we have a Templar!

6/25/2010 #6
Bootches B

I always liked the Templars :D Able to take on Altiar one-on-one while giving him trouble. They are beast :D And thanks you

6/25/2010 #7
Bootches B

(Helllooooooo!!!!!! *echos in distance*)

7/11/2010 #8

hi if anyone is interested then i have created a website dedicated to roleplaying Assassins creed and it needs members :) guaranteed to be active (i want to roleply too XD)

7/12/2010 #9
Lobo Argost

Name: Dante de Stefano

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Initially the robes of a monk, later white Assassin robes.

Weapons: an armored bracer with a hidden blade and poison blade, throwing knife belts, a sword, and a short blade. The same ones wielded by his ancestor, Dante Pendragon(from your now dead AC1 RP). He also wields twin rotating hands saws that are hand spun via preasure triggers, and a gas propelled repeater crossbow that has single fire and rapid fire settings. Both courtesy of Leonardo da Vinci.

Personality: Until he learned of his heritage, he was a devout Catholic, always reaching out to those in need. After joining the Assassins, he became more serious and atheistic, discarding the church and devoting himself to destroying the Templars. Though he places his mission above most things, he still aids those in need, and hopes to eventually start a family so that if he and his brothers fail to stop the Templars, future generations might do it.

Background: He grew up in the Catholic church, spending his early life in Roma, never knowing that his father was spying on Rodrigo Borgia for the Assassins. One day, his father was hung for treason, ignorance to his father's work saved Dante from the same fate. And he continued his work as a monk, believing his father had been a traitor.

7/12/2010 . Edited 7/12/2010 #10

Sorry for the wait. Character approved.

7/14/2010 #11

Name: Brenton Hellstrom

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Affliation: Templar

Appearance: This guy is HUGE. Stands at just under 7 feet. He has long blond hair, a rough bear, and a rather soft face ironically. Broad shoulders, bulging muscles, a walking tank of a human being. His size enough is something to intimidate others, his hands the size of a dinner plate, capable of engulfing a human's face with his massive palm. Even his voice reflects his size, being deep and booming, a terrifying enough factor despite his strength and size. Normally he wears rather heavy clothes, thin chainmail armor under his vest and cloak with leather boots and thick pants. He often times wears dark colored capes that are wrapped around his massive body, a futile attempt to conceal his size at times he wishes to not be noticed.

Weapons: Usually he simply beats his enemies to death, being a very good hand to hand combatant due to some rather surprising speed he can move his massive fists. Also, he carries a medium sized battle axe at his hip for use in a serious fight.

Personality: Brutish, intimidating, and aggressive. He knows his size and uses it to his advantage. A good body guard due to his loyalty to those he trusts and relentlessness against his foes.

Background: Born in Sweden, his father swedish and his mother french (her last name was Lassard *evil laugh*) and raised as a Templar. He knew nothing but servitude his entire life. He quickly grew, being the size he is now by the time he was 19. On top of the large amount of hand to hand training his father gave him and the self molding he put himself through to become the mound of muscle he is now, he was picked to become a Templar guard. He spent years working under his father in search of a Piece of Eden that was rumored to be in the Swiss mountains. Unfortunately there was no such luck. However, his father was contacted by an unknown source years later about the Piece of Eden recovered by Ezio upon his killing of the Pope at the time. Brenton and his father immediately headed for Italy, intent on recovering said piece from the hands of the Assassins.

Sadly, Brenton's father grew ill during their trip to Florence, dying only a few miles from the border. He was told to recover the piece at all costs and to protect the Templar who were already active in the city. Obeying his father's dying wishes, Brenton continued into Italy and began searching out the Templar and the Piece of Eden that was rumored to be in the country. He is currently living in Florence, working odd jobs to keep himself afloat until he can find a Templar to follow.

7/14/2010 #12

His mother's last name was Lassard, hm? Interesting. Character approved.

7/15/2010 #13

Name: Ali Askari

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Affiliation: Assassins

Appearance: Standing at 6'3, Ali stands out in a crowd. However he makes up for this by dressing in simple clothing, such as a pale white top, and black trousers. He has a large, but covered, scar on his cheek running from his cheekbone to his jaw. This was a result of an accident that happened when he was 17 as he was training at that time to be a soldier but got rejected after being slashed across the face by the general. He has jet black hair which always surprises someone when they see it for the first time. Part of his right ring finger was amputated because of the same incident in he was scarred. He is left handed but is ambidextrous, but is slightly limited because of his right ring finger. He also saw Ezio once when he first became an assassin, when Ali was 8 and was inspired to sometimes dress up as an assassin but has now grown out of this habit. His voice is surprisingly soft, despite his size. He is also quite handsome and has a slender face, contrasting with his scar.

Weapons: Hidden Blade, Short Blade and 15 throwing knives.

Personality: Ali was sensitive, but now is ruthless in combat but still retains a fraction of his old personality, joking at the most inconvenient of times. His is also quite cold when it comes to people he doesn't trust. His change in personality was forced upon him in a way because of the trauma inflicted on him by the general who scarred him. He has a relentless loyalty to people he trusts.

Background: Born in England in 1468, he and his parents moved to Italy when he was 3 more specifically Florence, prompting him to start speaking in Italian, but he still retains his quite light British accent. His parents were associated with the Assassins, occasionally doing jobs for them, such as providing information on their targets. As a result of this, his parents were killed by the Templars when he was 15 years old. He survived on the streets until he was 18, finding a job as an informant to the Assassins like his parents. He gathered enough florins to buy himself a house near the Villa Auditore, in Monteriggioni. When Ezio sought him out, he eagerly accepted his offer to become an assassin, seeking to exact revenge on the Templars for the death of his parents.

Hope you accept this character!

9/3/2010 #14


9/4/2010 #15
Weary Vagabond

Name: Maryam "Maria" Allegri

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Around 5"1, Maria has large hazel eyes and long brown hair that's always pulled back in a ponytail. She has medium-brown skin and Mediterranean looks she inherited from her mothers side. She's small and lithe which makes her a great climber and fast runner. She usually wears a long-sleeved tunic and a short hooded cloak over that when on missions with the Assassins symbol and colors of white and red.

Weapons: Hidden Blade, small blade, daggers hidden in each boot, throwing knives and a crossbow on her back.

Personality: Distrusting of almost anyone. Is loyal to and respects the Order and the Brotherhood. Quiet but observant, she is patient and very levelheaded when things get frantic. She is anti-social and prefers to sit quietly alone, reading a book, than go out in a group.

Background: Maria's mother is originally from Egypt but she and her brother moved to Venice to get away from some troubles. Their family is from a long line of Assassin descendant since the first Crusades. She married Maria's father, a successful Venetian merchant who, unbeknownst to her, was a secret supporter of the Templars. But after refusing to aid them in one of their plans, the Templars set their villa on fire. Maria, only nine years old, survived the fire with burns on her left arm and hand but her father perished in the flames. Maria's mother, who was not in the villa at the time, took Maria to her brothers so that he would teach her the way of the Assassin. Eleven year later, Maria is a skilled assassin who works as an assistant in her uncles blacksmith shop. She speaks Italian, English and Arabic and harbors a deep hate for the Templars.

9/5/2010 #16
A Hallucination

Name:Luka Li Gikarez




Appearance:Light brown hair down to the tip of his ears,and icy blue eyes.

Weapons:A venetian falchion, two hidden blades, a knife, poison, and smoke bombs.He also has throwing knives, and bloodred robes, along with steel bracers, boots, pauldrons, and breastplate.

Personality:Quiet, intelligent.

Background:Was living in a relatively poor family, and so had to learn to pickpocket, until one day,the templars found his parents, and killed both of them.He found a chest full of his father's things, and a note explaining about assassins.

9/8/2010 #17

Name: Gemma il l'uccello nero (the black bird)

Gender: female

Age: 19

Affliation: Assassin

Appearance: tall and thin, tan skin, black eyes, scar going from her nose to her chin, long black hair, her clothes are like Ezio's but have a cape like the hunter in multiplayer and the tail of Ezio's clothes are shorter on hers the coloring is Florentine Crimson

Weapons: hidden blade, cross bow, two daggers (they are curved to look like talons)

Personality: nice, can be secretive, isn't afraid to say her opinion, sometimes hard-headed, can be tomboyish, when on a mission is more obeying

Background: Gemma was an orphan for most of her life not knowing anything about her family except for a necklace (it had the creed symbol on it) but no one knew anything about it so she just forgot about it but when she was caught by a noble(Amauri) he told her about the symbol and taught her how to fight and kill he soon told her a name of the person reasonable for the death of her birth parents and being young and stupid she went to kill him there was a fight and the noble(Amauri) came and saved her but got stabbed by Gemma and died.

11/3/2010 #18
Yamamoto Ameko

Name: Alessia de Trieste

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Affliation: Assassin

Appearance: Long, gently rippling hair in such a dark brown that it appears black and large, dark almond-shaped eyes. She is rather small and delicate for an assassin, but beautiful women can be great gatherers of information. Besides, she is stronger than she appears. She prefers to wear dark clothing when not working as an assassin, as it makes her face more obvious when it is framed between clothing and hair.

Weapons: She prefers to kill swiftly and silently, often dropping onto her target from above, as she is not as strong as some and so not the best in hand-to-hand combat. As a result, she favors two long, sharp daggers, smoke powder, and poison. Her agility and climbing skills are remarkable.

Personality: She is an intelligent, compassionate, and very loyal young woman. She will fight to the death for almost anyone, for almost any cause that she determines is just. She is highly protective of those close to her, and of any innocent, and grieves fiercely when she fails to save a life. She would never betray the Brotherhood, for any reason.

Background: Born in Florence to a minor noble family, she never quite settled into the highborn, arranged-marriage way of life. She disliked parties and often proved an embarrassment to her parents when she fought pick-pockets and other such criminals in the streets. As soon as she could, she left to join the Brotherhood.

1/15/2011 #19

Name: Nascosto




Appearance:Meduim size with short black hair and a scar right above his right brow. Two dark brown eyes and a somewhat tan skin.

Weapons:hiddne blade(attached with a hidden gun), Short sword, and a collection of throwing knives.

Personality:Often srcastic and jokes more than most Assassin's do. But would give up his Own life for another one of the brotherhood's. Never Takes unnessacery risks and always has a clever idea to use when one is needed.

Background: Born into the Assassin's guild by Dante Thomas in England, Later was kidnapped by the templars in a scheme in order to trick Dante in to charging a heavily guarded Templar Hideout, But lost by the templars for an unknown reason later to be for in an Assassin marked cradle by another Assassin's guild in Italy which took him in and call him Nascosto becuase of the reason that the child would always hide in plain sight but be almost impossible to find. In later year, Trained to be an Assassin, The now man has completed his training and is ready to move on to his first mission.

9/10/2011 . Edited 9/10/2011 #20

All of those characters are accepted.

10/2/2011 #21

Name: Eden Ahna Borgia

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Affliation: Templar

Appearance: Long, straight, strawberry blonde hair, black eyes. On the shorter side, and extremely thin due to the constant stress of being outwardly attractive. Wears formal dresses mostly, even when on missions, as she is not athletic in the least.

Weapons: Poisoned Dagger

Personality: Cruel and bloodthirstly, though she is actually just frustrated by being treated like an object. Horribly lonely, but doesn't know how to keep a friend.

Background: Married into the Borgia family many times over, eventually killed a husband that was cheating on her. The Borgias offered to keep her crime a secret and not punish her if she became an assassin for the family. Currently unmarried, though it is likely another wedding will be arranged for her.


10/4/2011 #22

She's approved too. Welcome!

10/4/2011 #23

Name: Rita De Luca

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Affliation: Assassin

Appearance: Lively mid-night blue eyes, jet black hair, and slightly tanned skin. Never wore a dress or skirt and never WILL. Always wears any pair of pants and a simple shirt. Mostly always has a cloak that has a hood to hide her head from the enemy. Has enough muscle to make her look good. Is at average height for a 17 year old. Is an average weight too.

Weapons: Hidden knives in her boots, a dagger in her bag, keeps a few other blades just in case.

Personality: Rita is a happy and upbeat kind of person. Rita is also the prankster of the family, but she can get really violent and scary. She smiles a lot. Although she is a prankster, she is really smart. Her big mouth also allows her to talk a lot. Cannot keep secrets. That is one of her many flaws. Another one is starting and getting into fights a lot. Short tempered and can beat your a** if she wanted to. Can be ruthless in fights.

Background: She is from a family that kills for a living. They get the person the clients want dead and the clients pay them. Once in a while, they get a client that won't pay and they have to hunt him down. Rita is the best assassin of the family. That's why they give her the hardest missions to do on her own. Her true appearance was never seen by anyone. All they know is that she has a cloak on her head.

1/3/2012 #24
The Lord's Jester

Name: Antonio De Lupo

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (if too young i can change)

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: 5'12 Black short hair, blue eyes, tan skin and medium build. A long sleeved black shirt with metal bracers painted black on each arm with the Creed's symbol on each. Black Assassin's cloak with a blue cape and his Family's Crest on back (a wolf head with two swords under it). Black pants and boots with metal bracers also painted black.

Weapons: Dual hidden blades, dual hidden guns, crossbow and a sword he modeled after Altair's thought instead of an eagle head it's a wolf head.

Personality: Cold and distant unless your a good friend. Has a hattred for all templars, and he follows orders to the letter. Prefers to work alone though he dosn't mind people tagging along with him.

Backround: Born in Roma, and Spent some of his childhood with his wealthy family studying. Some of it on the streets with his friends causing trouble. His mother was a painter and made many great pieces which fetched a hefty priceon the market, which is where they got their money from. His father was a diplomat which ALSO increased their wealth. His father trained him the basics of the Creed's ways, but didn't tell him why he was being trained. Being an assassin himself His father used his diplomatic power to aid the Creed such as funding and giving information, but the templars found out and ordered his family to be killed. Antonio and his father managed to escape the first attempt on their lives, though his mother wasn't so lucky.

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