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Are you having trouble with life? With getting your story right? With school work?

Well here is the place to ask for help. Just post your problem and wait for an answer from another member.

If you don't have a problem but feel qualified to answer a question please do.

6/19/2010 #1

Yay a 'holp' section!:) I'm in a bit of a dilemma in a story I'm planning. See, I just finished posting the story Daddy and Me, and now after tomorrow I'll finally have time to write the sequel. The sequel actually takes place on Mother's Day, and it'll be the first Mother's Day celebrated for Jim and his wife and two month old daughter.

Now here's the problem. I need to think up different traditions people have for celebrating Mother's Day. Breakfast in bed, for example. Does anyone have any special traditions for Mother's Day they'd care to share? Expecially that very first Mother's Day in a baby's life? I'm at a loss.

Thank you!:)

6/21/2010 #2

Hi! Does anyone know if Diana's parents were ever named in any of the books?

6/27/2010 #3

I think Di's father's name was Edward Lynch. I don't remember if her mother had a name.

6/27/2010 #4

Are you still looking for ways that families celebrate "Mother's Day"? If so, our extended family has always treated "Mother's Day" as a birthday with presents, flowers, a cake and a party for all the moms in the family. The gifts are not elaborate--usually something the kids make on their own. Some of this year's gifts included a finger-painted portrait, a scrapbook page, a handwoven potholder and a crocheted blanket.

We also make sure to get good candid shots of each mom with each one of her children. This tradition started after my grandmom died and my mom realized that there were no photos of her and her mom together.

Good luck with the writing! I can't wait to read your next story!

P.S. Thanks for the answer to my question. I glanced through several of the books that referred to the Lynches and couldn't find an answer! If no one comes up with a name for Mrs. Lynch, I'm going to go with Sara. It was Elizabeth Taylor's mother's name and she's the only other person I've ever heard described as having violet eyes.

6/27/2010 #5

Thanks for replying! This will help me tremendously with my story! Thank you so much!:)

6/27/2010 #6

Okay, back to the darned Lynches...

I know that Di's brothers were named Terry and Larry. Does anyone know what the female twins' names were?

6/30/2010 #7

I don't believe that the Lynch girls had any names. Considering most every fanfic I've read gives them different names, I'm assuming this is the case:)

6/30/2010 #8

Thanks! That's what I thought but I wanted to check with someone else to be sure.

Here's another question:

Are you receiving alerts from I'm not any alerts at all.

7/1/2010 #9

You're welcome:)

Hmmm that's weird. I've been recieving alerts normally. Although every once in a while I'll get alerts a couple hours to a day late, and very often I don't get alerted when someone reviews me. Have you talked to Tech Support?

7/1/2010 #10

Mine are slow at the moment as well.

The no emails at all happened to me once, my e-mail account had some how blocked FanFiction from sending me messages. So they were instantly deleted rather than put into spam or my inbox. I only know how to check if it has happened on Hotmail...

7/1/2010 #11

I'd love to know how! I have a hotmail account!

7/2/2010 #12

Alright I may confuse you and for that I am sorry but here goes:

1. On the top right side of the screen there is an 'options' button. Click on that and a menu will pop down, click on 'more options'.

2. There should be a larger heading saying 'Junk e-mail'. Underneath that there are two options, you have to click on the 'Safe and blocked senders'.

3. Now there are three headings. The one that you want is the bottom one that is 'blocked senders'.

4. On the right there is a list of e-mail addresses. Look for one that says Fan Fiction in it, if there is one click on it.

5. Press the 'Remove from list' button in around the middle of the screen.

You wont get the lost e-mails back but you will start to recieve them again. If you want to know if your favourite story has been updated you can go to the sign in area of FanFiction and go to the reviews that you have given. If part of it is red then the story has been updated since you last reviewed.

I hope I holped...

7/2/2010 #13

Thanks! I'm going to try it!

7/4/2010 #14

Did it help Melissa?

7/9/2010 #15

The weird thing didn't for a couple days but on Thursday I started getting story alerts and today...I got an alert that you had replied to my message! So, yes! Thank you!

7/10/2010 #16

It might not have been that then... I dunno. There are often glitches with FanFiction...

7/10/2010 #17

Anyone have an idea what would Trixie aspire to be if not a detective (no law enforcement of any kind)?

1/27/2012 #18

I think she would be something to do with outdoors, fitness or trail guide or something. Maybe even an instructor at Jim's camp.

4/6/2012 #19
Artemis's Liege

Okay, so there were a few inconsistencies in the later books, such as Jim and Honey's eyes becoming blue rather than their respective green and hazel, Honey's hair going blonde instead of brown, Regan becoming the chauffeur, ect. Dan's eyes were always said to be black, but I seem to recall his eyes randomly changing to blue during one of the books. Can anyone confirm this?

4/26/2012 #20

Sooo, I really want to be a teacher and an author... I want to do both really bad... what should I do? and I really want to publish a book before i go to collage... please tell me how should I handle this. I love to write, but I'm not very good... I have to use the dictionary for almost every word for spelling, and I am no good with grammar. even here i had to use the dictionary for the longer words... I have a creative mind that isn't the problem. it is the spelling and grammar.

6/29/2012 #21

in my family we go and get her something for her garden, a statue.

6/29/2012 #22

look on this site.

6/29/2012 #23

never said.

6/29/2012 #24

something anything to do with Jim... :)

6/29/2012 #25

no... what books? have any idea? i have most of the books and not all of them so i can't confirm that, cause, well i haven't seen than.

6/29/2012 #26

I've read a story where Trixie becomes a psychologist, and I thought that worked well for her :)

I really do think any form of law enforcement suits her much better though!

8/22/2012 #27

So, please inform me. Why are people idiots?!?! (Not handicap don't count.) (Example) I mean, if an idiot knew if they kept walking down a dark ally they would kept kidnapped or worse, they would keep doing it! I mean I just don't get it! I ask this question a lot when i listen to talk show radio things. The Q is: Why are you an idiot?

Politics are idiots! They ruin the world that the youth will have to inherit! It's stupid! The older people that understand they can't ruin the world are...

A) ignored

B) killed


C) can't do a thing about it!

Why is it that most stupid people are high up in politics? (take not all politics are stupid idiots)

8/23/2012 #28
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