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This thread's sole purpose is to be a place to talk about the romance that you can see. No matter what couple but no bashing of people's beliefs. Yes a couple is a belief too. :P So go forth and talk.

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/21/2010 #1

No bashing? Gleeps! DOn't you know wars have started over whether or not Trixie belongs with Dan or Jim? ;)

Sorry couldn't resist.

6/21/2010 #2

Hahaha, I thought that some people would have strong opinions but I didn't know it was that bad! :P

6/21/2010 #3
Unfinished Perfection

Lol well the romance I not so much see but would like to see is definitely Trixie/Regan. Jim's much too honorable for Trixie and Dan? Just no. I think our darling Beatrix Belden belongs with a red-head by the name of Bill Regan :D

1/31/2011 #4

I have a story comming called seven fiancees for seven friends......I guess the only couple I ever saw in the books as a kid was Trixie and Jim. The others.......well....can never make my mind up. Even as an adult, I could never 'get' any hot romance between the major characters. What a pity the bracelett didn't make another apperence!

2/2/2011 #5

I've always seen the Trixie/Jim, Honey/Brian and Mart/Diana but I've never really thought that Mart and Diana suited each other very well.

I don't think there was much romance though simply because of their ages and the fact that the books were about the crimes. Also the continually changing authors had to have differing opinions so while one person may set up a romantic situation (like the bracelet) others may not carry through with it.

4/6/2012 #6

Trixie is Jim's. Di is Dan's!!! that is my opinion. and Honey is Brian's! for me sorry Mart you have no one!!!

6/29/2012 #7

How can u say that?!?! that is not true!!! Sorry i just can't except that!!!

6/29/2012 #8

that is so true!!!

6/29/2012 #9

I'm a traditionalist, I've always been Jim/Trixie, Brian/Honey, Mart/Di. I used to think Dan and Hallie were a good match, but now I'm not such a fan of that. I like Dan with new fanfic characters. I've also read a series of fics where Dan and Trixie were together, I can actually see that at times, and I thought they were good together. Still and all, my main ship is Jim/Trixie.

Also, Ms Trask and Mr Lytell, I don't think so!

I guess my view of everything has been rather changed since first reading the books, because I've read SO many fanfics it's hard to keep straight different author voices and stories.

8/22/2012 #10
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