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Beetle turned a bit more towards her and his smile broadened. "I would exactly say 'crazy-mad'. Would you?"

4/6/2011 #991

Katelin was getting more and more confused, wouldn't a intellagent being be not only insutled by beign called mad btu be trying to save their laught.

"He's trying to trick you!" Sandra choked out winseing at rh grip that was brusing her neck

4/6/2011 #992

Beetle turned to glance at Sandra and shook his head. "Actually, no matter how tempting that is, this is no trick. So would you? Or, if you see my eyes turn red, then will you?"

4/6/2011 #993

Katelin glanced from Sandra to Beetle and Daku confused and slightly intimadated.

"J-just put Down-below Ice-sister Sandra and leave-go your not want-welcomed on Mata-Nui."

4/6/2011 #994

Beetle slowly and carefully released Sandra's neck and let his tail unfurl, setting the matoran on the ground. "Sadly, I can't leave the island. I'm here with some... Associates of mine."

4/6/2011 #995

Sandra sighed in realief and rubbed her neck a faint bruse forming.

"Thank's Katelin." the wind Toa nodded as the matoran moved away from Beetle.

"What do we do with him?" Daku asked eyeing the dark hunter wearily, he had let Sandra go but the Rahkshi didn't trust him as far as he could throw the large lizard. Katelin hummed.

"If you heart-swear nto to hurt-harm the Matoran or go close-near the Koro's and leave-Go the Kiri-Nui, I will let you free-go."

4/6/2011 #996

Beetle sheathed his large blade and moved slightly to look at Katelin again. "Would you happen to have a Makuta on this island?" When he said the word 'Makuta' pure hate swam in his eyes.

4/6/2011 #997

the two human and the Rahkshi stiffened at the mention of the Makuta.

"Yes, we-the Human Toa- think he had something to do with our power's and amnisa-"

"Think nothing he did." Katelin and Sandra's head snapped round to Daku.

"And what make's you speak-say that?"

4/6/2011 #998

Beetle frowned a bit as his tail swished back and forth calmly. "Do you know where he is?"

4/6/2011 #999

"Wiped clean from my memorys before I escaped being ripped apart by my loving siblings, sorry" Daku replied Sandra frowned.

"Waht do you mean he did Have a hand in our powers." Daku gulped.

"All I know is that he experimentaed on you six, I didn't knwo till a few minitues ago you had acctually become human versons of the Toa."

4/6/2011 #1,000

Beetle glanced towards the exit as he muttered quietly, "Well, if you don't know where he is, then I guess I'll find him myself." He pulled out his broadsword, a look of irritation on his face as he began towards the exit. "Good luck with whatever it is you're talking about."

4/6/2011 #1,001

Katelin jumpped off of Beetles back letting him leave. Sandra sighed.

"How do we explane you to dad and the other Toa?" she asked retoricly already walking to where the Toa where Waiting, Daku blinked confused.


4/6/2011 #1,002

Beetle glanced back at the others in the temple and said, "They'll get used to me." He continued his walk, sword clenched tightly in his hand.

Detra, dozing off slightly, jumped when he saw something large and black exit the Kini Nui.

4/6/2011 #1,003

Onua who had also been dozign was startled by Detra's sudden movement.

"Detra? whats wrong." out of th ecorn of his eye he thougth he saw somethign black slink off.

(G2G night night ^.^)

4/6/2011 #1,004

(Night! ^_^)

Detra clung to Onua a bit, still a bit tired. He watched carefully, but soon calmed down when he was out of sight. That was odd... He thought to himself, resting his head against Onua's shoulder.

Beetle walked through the trees, quietly looking around for his two partners with one thought in mind. New assignment: Kill Makuta.

4/6/2011 #1,005

"Saw your little confrontation.' Cyklone said as he hung fro ma tree. "Why didn't you kill them?" he asked as he dropped own, doing a flip and landing on his feet.

4/6/2011 #1,006

Beetle grinned murderously as he stated coldly, "I have a new objective in mind. Kill the Makuta.... With, or without you." With that, the black reptile continued his walked, tail swishing excitedly from the anticipation.

4/7/2011 #1,007

"Sounds fun, I think I'll tag along." Cyklone said as he folowed Beetle.

4/7/2011 #1,008

Beetle smirked slightly, though he didn't turn his head to address Cyklone. "Good. Don't feel as though you need to hold out on the Makuta. Now let's get Inferno and go."

4/7/2011 #1,009

"Why bother? He'll just say not to take the Makuta's mask." Cyklone said.

4/7/2011 #1,010

This time Beetle actually did turn to look at Cyklone. "I'm not interested in his stupid mask. Take it if you want to, but not me. I just want him dead."

4/7/2011 #1,011

"Then I shall.' Cyklone said.

4/7/2011 #1,012

Beetle gave a curt nod and turned, continuing his walk. "Alright. Let's go then."

4/8/2011 #1,013

"Yeah we get to kill things." Cyklone said happily.

4/8/2011 #1,014

Beetle glanced at his overenthusiastic comrade and said, "Only one thing if Makuta doesn't use Rahkshi. Many if he does."

4/8/2011 #1,015

"That's why I hope he does." Cyklone said.

4/8/2011 #1,016

Beetle gave a small nod and said,"We'll only find out when we get there..."

4/8/2011 #1,017

"In the meantime, can I kill things on the way?" Cyklone asked.

4/8/2011 #1,018

Beetle shrugged slightly and said, "If you get in trouble and dragged away, don't ask me for help."

4/8/2011 #1,019

"Don't worry, I won't ask for your help, more kills for me." Cyklone said.

4/8/2011 #1,020
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