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(and so it begins XD)

a Ko-Matoran watched from the shadows as a Ta-Matoran trader threw a little Ga-Matoran out of his shop for not being able to buy a wear not a hour ago he sold one for a fraction of the cost to a fellow Ta-Matoran. then again these day's that wasn't so uncommen, that wasn't to say it didn't make her blood boil.

She smirked, it had been a few day's since she'd last had....Fun. and the fact the trader had some rare Rock Worm Venom she wanted was only a plus. Two birds one stone you could say. she walked up to him ignoring the other limping away, she'd make him pay. she smiled at him a hollow thing that didn't reach her eyes.

"I heard you have some Rock Worm venom." Unseen under her cloak she slipped her hands into her Battle-Claws.

10/13/2011 #1
Athena's Assassin

Coincidentally, Afanasi, Matoran vigilante of Po-Metru had been tracking down this biased trader too. He watched from the building he was on, adrenaline building up inside him, mainly because her was three stories off the ground. That was a lot for the common Po-Matoran fear of heights.

10/13/2011 #2
Dan the Wireman

However another Matoran seemed to walk up in a black cloak. He was a little bit taller than normal. He had a friendly grin on his mask, a dark green Matatu.

"Hello. I just had a question about your wares. I was wondering why your prices are so high for Le-Matoran? Cause I've been hearing a lot of complaints from my friends." He asked, innocently.

(Mind if I steal this kill? Cause I got a good villain to pit us up against, consider it a fair trade. I got a plan as well. Imagine the two's rage at someone stealing their kill.

10/13/2011 #3

The Ta-Matoran seered at her.

"Unless you've got a few thousand wegits, I'd suggest you go back to the cold slush head." Iicanu's smile and eye's took on a predatory gleam one taloned hand wrapping around his neck points in the perfect position to either poisen him or rip our his throught.

"You miss understand me." Iicanu purred trailing one claw down his mask in the mockery of a lovers touch. "Your going to One, Give me all the Rock Worm Venoim you have, and Two start treating other Matoran with respect."

10/13/2011 #4
Dan the Wireman

"Hey Ice Queen, before you kill him I need to talk to him." Tarrik growled, pointing one of his crossbows to her head and one to the other matoran's face. "Who's your supplier? Rock worm venom is hard to come by, especially the ones I've seen you have. Tell me!"

(You totally missed my question!)

10/13/2011 #5
Athena's Assassin

((XD No prob.))

Seeing that the other two had the same idea, Afasani leapt down and quietly kept his hammer by his side. "Yes... respesct." He looked uncertainly at Iicanu's claw. He really, really, really, hoped that they were on his side.

At this, the Ta-Matoran jumped back a little. "You! A Po-Matoran!" he cried out, looking at Afasani's armor. He glared. "You dare? In Ta-Metru... a Po-Matoran disgrace!"

10/13/2011 #6

(Sorry Dan!)

Iicanu snarled angered her hunt had been disturbed.

"I've been after him and his Toxins for weeks, he's MINE!" she tightened her grip on his neck the tips just shy of tearing threw it.

The Ta-Matoran held his hands up in a surrender. "T-t-there's a guy sellling it, I didn't see what he looks like!" Iicanu hummed at the possiblity of more Venom even if she had to...share the kill.

"What did I just saw about respect?" Iicanu asked him smilign sadisticly and scratching a cheek with a talon.

10/13/2011 #7
Dan the Wireman

"He...he'll kill me." The Ta-Matoran whimpered.

"You know what. I'll let the lady kill you slowly if don't give into her demands, I hate racists. And I mean I hate them." He growled, pulling his crossbow that originally had a bead on the Ko-Matoran.

" I don't know!" He whimpered.

"His name!" He growled, shooting the Ta-Matoran in the foot.

"Ahh, you shot me you a*****e." The Ta-Matoran yelled in pain.

"I'm going to aim higher if you don't tell me who." Tarrik said pressing the crossbow just below the Ta Matoran's stomach.

"Berik, an Onu-Matoran" He stuttered.

"Thanks." He turned to the others. "Do what you feel, I got bigger fish to fry."

10/13/2011 . Edited 10/13/2011 #8
Athena's Assassin

Afasani raised his long, deadly hammer over his shoulder, light gleaming on the massive spikes at either end of the head.

((Sorry, gotta go. See ya!))

10/13/2011 #9

Nyx watched the scene from a nearby alleyway. She decided that they were of interest, as they had kept her attention so she approached the Matoran.

10/13/2011 #10

Iicanu hummed weighing her options before dropping the injured Matoran.

"Get me the venom, Now." he glared at her but limping on his injured foot got the three small containers for her, Iicanu smirked stowing them away.

"An don't think I won't know if you go back to your old ways becaue may not be around, My pet will be watching you and the moment he tells me you've stepped over the line. I'll be back" She grinned "and you'll join my other test subjects, I can allways use more I do run threw them quickly..." she trailed off delighting in the fear on his mask. then she turned impassive once more no emotion what so ever.

"I don't care what you do to the fish it's what they probaly have I want." she said to Tarrik.

10/13/2011 #11

Nyx aproached Iicanu, believing her to be the leader of the group. "Excuse me."

10/13/2011 #12

Iicanu narrowed her eye'swith sispison at Nyx. "Who are you and why are you talking to me?" he aked with cood distain.

10/13/2011 #13

Nyx cocked her head. "I am Nyx, and I overheard you speaking with that Ta-matoran, so I want to help you."

10/13/2011 #14

((Hey, first post for Vigil! I want to work solo with Rika for a while, at least until I finish up her introductory story and contrive some sort of reason to get her out of Ga-Metru. Also, I want to establish her in my head first, so if you guys could not have your characters interfere please? I'll write it up in small chunks so it doesn't get too chunky.))

"Junk... junk... junk... ooh, shiny!" The Ga-Matoran paused in her scavenging to hold up an object to the dim light. "Hmm... still junk." She tossed it over her shoulder and went back to digging through the pile. "Let's see... junk... eww, bad junk... junk again... mouldy junk... melted junk... what the heck? Eh, still junk. Hey, what's this?"

Rika tugged a net out from underneath a rotted cabinet. It was heavily tangled and frayed in some places, but otherwise looked pretty good. "Oh, I could use this… might be able to get some fish tomorrow!"

The thought buoyed her spirits and she set about untangling the knots with a cheerful smile. It took a while – it was almost dark by the time she was done – but once it was all untangled and prepped for use, she bundled it up tightly under her arm and walked jauntily down the alley.

It was a short trip back to what she called home, only a few blocks away. She stuck to the backstreets, staying far away from the public walkways and navigating by what little light was left of the day. A scraggly hapaka growled at her warningly as she walked past, and retreated back into its den of trash once she'd gone several bios further down the alley. After several more turns, she ducked into a small alcove hidden behind a dumpster and pulled the trash bags back into place in front of the entrance, hiding it from view again.

"Honey, I'm home," she muttered to herself, tucking the net up against the back wall and undid the buckles that held her scabbard against her back. She put her weapon down carefully and sat down with a sigh.

Her 'home' was barely big enough for her to stand up, and she had to stoop slightly. She had to curl up sleeping, and there wasn't enough room to light a small fire, but it was better than nothing and it was more secure than some of the other places she'd hidden out in back in her childhood. She flipped open her satchel and pulled out the small loaf of bread she'd pilfered earlier in the day. She ate half of it in silence before stowing the remainder back in her bag.

Rika curled up tiredly, more than ready to rest up for another busy day of scavenging, stealing and fishing. She dropped off to sleep within minutes despite the cramped space and the discomfort of her steel black armour, which she didn't dare remove.

Ga-Metru might project a public image of safety and serenity, but Rika knew better.

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Iicanu stared coldly at her. "help me?" she chuckled "I hunt alone, only reason I'm talking to them is they tried to steal MY kill. And he can get me something I want."
10/13/2011 #16

Nyx gave Iicanu a strange look. "if you were going to kill him then why not get it yourself?"

10/14/2011 #17

Iicanu stared at her half confused and half amused, no one had acctualy questioned her killing before not even Daku though it didn't stop him whining when she got blood everywhere.

"I was only going to kill him if he didn't do what I want...but I don't think we'll have a problem with that now. Right?" The Ta-Matoran nodded cowering slightly from the three of them. "Besides now I can get more toxins from his sorce, can never have enought with how much I use in experiments..."

10/14/2011 #18

"Do your experiemtns involve hurting people?"

10/14/2011 #19

"Only people who deserve to be hurt, like attempted rapeists and murders for example." Iicanu said examioning her claws in a bored way.

10/14/2011 #20

It was early morning when she woke up. The biting chill of the pre-dawn air made it easy to discern despite the pitch black darkness of her alcove. Rika sat up slowly, wide awake and fully alert from years of conditioning. She strained her ears, trying to figure out what exactly had awoken her.

There was a faint scuffling sound outside, muffled by the trash bags. She frowned and moved closer to the opening. Faint murmurs eventually filtered through to her ears, and she carefully shifted aside a bag, her curiousity piqued.

"Please… y-you said I wouldn't have to do anymore."

"I lied. It's in my job description."

Now slightly alarmed, Rika edged closer to the small opening she'd made and put her ear up against it. The two voices were speaking softly, but they were right in front of the dumpster that blocked her alcove from view.

"Please, I don't want –" the high, frightened voice was cut off.

"I don't care for your wants, wench!" The deeper but still feminine voice dropped back down in volume, and Rika pressed her ear right up against the opening to hear her next words. "What I want is for you to take this and put it into Amyna's drink."

"Senator Amyna?" the frightened Matoran's voice went up an octave. "Y-you want me to – to… to poison Senator Amyna?"

"Quiet!" There was a beat of silence, in which Rika didn't dare breathe, her heart pounding loudly in her chest. "If you do exactly as I say, you won't have anything to worry about. Now, two suns from now, Amyna will be returning from the Coliseum. The night before, you will go into the back alley behind her house with a crate of fish and wait for someone to come up to you. They will ask you about the fish in the protodermis sea, and you are to say 'they leap, they fall, they make a stink'. Got that?"

"T-they leap, they fall, they make a-a stink," the Matoran whispered.

"Remember that. The guard will then let you in through the back and take you to the kitchen. There will be cooks inside, but a disturbance will attract them and draw them outside. When you are alone with the guard, pour every last drop in this bottle into the jar of soaking bula roots. It'll be right next to the pantry, next to the jars of pickled bula berries. Understood?"

"Y-yes, but you can't ask me to k-k-kill –"

"I can and I will!" There was a soft slam as a body was pushed up against the dumpster. Rika jumped slightly and couldn't withhold a gasp of surprise. There was pregnant pause, during which she was dreadfully certain that she'd been heard. Then the cold voice spoke up again, soft and threatening.

"Listen to me, wench. I pulled you out of your wretched hovel two years ago. I gave you food, water, shelter and a job. Without me, your precious child would have died a long and drawn out death. I saved your miserable, ungrateful little hides and gave you a life. If you do this right, you won't be caught and you can go back to your sorry existence. But if you're refusing me, I can just as easily take it all away. I wonder how your child will fare then?"

"No… no, please, don't bring her into this! I-I'll do it, just don't… please, just don't hurt her."

Rika felt loathing and anger rise up inside her when she heard the fear and desperation in the mother's voice. She clenched her fists to stop herself from leaping out to the woman's defence.

"I won't have to if Amyna is dead in three suns. Remember what I told you, Deline. It's Amyna or your child."

"I'll do it," the mother whispered brokenly. "I'll do it."

Deline, Rika thought. She repeated the name several more times inside her head, committing it to memory. She'd search the woman out later at the docks, to see if she could help her out. The utter corruption behind the saccharine falsity of their so-called leaders' smiles and empty words served as a constant reminder of why she'd left the Academy a year ago. Well, aside from the punishing and often cruel lifestyle, stupid orders and the rigidity of the chain of command.

She shifted closer and accidentally brushed her foot against her sword. There was a metallic scrape and she froze, her heart jumping into her throat. When neither of the two Matoran outside seemed to have noticed anything, she relaxed.

"Remember, Deline. I can cut you loose with a word. Now get out of here."

The mother mumbled something inaudible and scurried away. Rika remained motionless in her little alcove for a few more minutes, and when it sounded like the other Matoran had left as well, she exhaled softly and grabbed her scabbard.

"I do detest street rats. Such interfering pests."

Rika's head whipped around, shock flaring at the cold voice of the blackmailer right outside her alcove. The bags that were stacked against the entrance to her alcove tipped aside, and there was a sudden flare of light that blinded her.

She didn't see the foot that slammed down on her face seconds later.

((... I tried to make it short, I really did! I just don't understand how it got so long! Anyway, hope no-one dies of boredom slogging through this. I'll put up the next section soon... maybe tomorrow morning...))

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Dan the Wireman

"Let me be clear with you. The White Mask is my kill, you want his poison? I don't give a s**t. I could ask you why you don't care about the biggest crime lord of all of Metru Nui, but I assume you're small time. I'm going to Berik to find out more about the White Mask's operations, I don't need you jumping to neck snapping and poison stabbing." He growled, he turned to Nyx.

"Listen kid, I could use an extra pair of eyes, preferably not the ax crazy kind like her." He smiled at Nyx.

(Iicanu you're small time. XD)

10/14/2011 #22

Iicanu narrowed ehr eyes internally seething how dare he insult her!

"You do know the White mask isn't the ONLY crime lord, and most of them report to him." Iicanu said a snarl behind her words.

"I just so happen to know where one of them tends to hang out, I was planning on going after him with Daku tomorrow." she said with a cold malice.

(She doesn't like that XD)

10/14/2011 #23
Dan the Wireman

"I'm going after Berik, but if you go after him and try to get to him before me. So help me god you'll be my next warning totem." He growled. "I want to cut the snake off at its head, that's why I'm going after the White Mask. I don't let the idea of you messing up all my work. Work that I spent years piecing together."

10/14/2011 #24

"You can do what you want with him." Iicanu said waving her claws in a dissmisive way. "I'm just intressted in the posion Berik has, and maybe having a little fun with him when your done, as the the White mask" she shrugged "you've apparntly already marked him for death so I'm not going to kill him to spite you don't worry."

10/14/2011 #25
Dan the Wireman

"Thank you, you can have all the poison you want." He replied, "You can test Berik's venom on himself and do whatever else you find fun." He didn't want to think about what else the female ice matoran was "into".

"I'm sorry, that we all got off on the wrong foot, but coincidence can be a real pain sometime. If I got here first you probably would have tried to talk to the matoran would have already swallowed much of his own teeth, thanks to me. Still I guess this short teaming up was a little bit effective." He started walking away.

"Hey kid, you still up for teaming up?"

10/14/2011 #26

Iicanu hummed "You promise not to whine and b*tch like my pet then I'm in." Iicanu said stowing away her claws for the time being. "and it's no problem if you hadn't stopped me I might have gotten...carried away."

(be back in a bit when I get home)

10/14/2011 #27
Dan the Wireman

"I was talking to the Onu-Matoran, but doesn't mean I would enjoy the company of two lovely ladies, if they would have me." He smirked, holstering his remaining crossbow. "No problem, if anything I got carried away, I shot him in the foot."

(Yep he's a little off the walls, keeps people guessing. Though actually now that he knows she's somewhat of a good person, he'll warm up slightly.)

10/14/2011 #28

Nyx stared at Tarrik for a few moments. SHe held her grapple claw to his throat. "Make a move, and the only move you'll have left is your head moving from your shoulders."

10/14/2011 #29
Athena's Assassin

Afanasi watched all of this silently, shrugged his shoulders every few seconds to move his cloak back into position. He replaced the hammer inside its buckle, his hands drumming against the pommel spike.

10/14/2011 #30
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