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Somebody just start a story. My forum is dying here.

7/2/2010 #1

((I'm sorry if you don't want anyone to post yet, and you can erase this, its just I can't not post it after going through the effort to write it~))

The crowds roared in excitement as the New Domino City Tournament was finally coming to a close. There was only one match left, and it was a heavyweight Duel - With two extremely Infamous Duelists. The cheers only grew louder as the first contestant exited from the passages of the stadium.

Marcus Newman was a recent professional Duelist, known mainly for how effectively he used his deck. But also for his womanizing habits whenever he saw a beautiful female. He was always extremely arrogant, believing himself to be unstoppable. Even now, he carried himself with his head raised High and waving with a grin to the crowds of fans.

His opponent entered from the other side, yawning in a bored manner as Marcus continued to soak up the cheers. This new person had unnatural white hair down over his forehead, with two calm green eyes staring out at the masses. He simply prepared his Duel Disk silently and placed his Deck inside, allowing the shuffler to do its job. He was extremely well built, having slim muscle along his arms, wearing a simple white T-Shirt. Up his Right arm was a massive tattoo of the outline of a Black Dragon. He also wore ordinary blue jeans with a red belt. But, attached to that belt were Five Deck containers, with one recently emptied.

Marcus finally seemed to notice his opponent, and his grin faltered for only a moment as he turned to face him. Recuk Revajik was the reigning World Champion, and today, his opponent. Marcus wore a Tuxedo with the typical Black and White. Two assistants walked into the arena and each have the two opponents a ear microphone, so whatever they said could be heard by all.

Marcus grinned, "Lets hurry this up, I have a Victory party to attend!"

Recuk snorted and crossed his arms, "Since you're in such a hurry, you can go first."

Marcus LP: 8000

Recuk LP: 8000

Turn 1

"Why thank you... You've only assured my victory! I'm going to take your throne from you!" Marcus drew a card, and grinned at his hand. 'Both Honest's, Judgement Dragon, Lyla, Lumina and Shire... I think I can swarm this Ba$tard now next turn! Woohoo! Lovely ladies here I come!' Finally selecting a card, Marcus grinned. "I Summon Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress! [1700/200]" Then the man scowled for a second. "I Never liked that she doesn't show much skin..."

Once again, Recuk snorted. "You know..." The Champion began, "If you're going to insult your own card, then why bother playing it? You're only making yourself appear even more disgustingly arrogant than before. And I'm sure someone needs to teach you a little something about respect... So Please, continue your move."

Marcus just grinned, happy he had been able to even agitate his opponent. "I'm just gonna end... And my Beautiful Lyla's effect activates. Now the top three cards of my Deck get sent to the graveyard!" The Perverted Duelist almost squealed in joy as he revealed the top 3 cards to be monsters; All Different monsters. Suddenly his graveyard burst into a bright light, and Beastly looking monster appeared. "Oh, and I think I should mention that one of the Cards was Wulf, Lightsworn Beast! [2100/300] He special summons himsel-"

Marcus LP: 8000

Recuk LP: 8000

Turn 2

"I know." Recuk Interrupted, drawing a card. He looked at Marcus and his field for a good few seconds before a smile slowly spread across his features. "Now, how about I dissect your plan here?" He said, the crowd beginning to whisper amongst themselves as Marcus looked confusedly at his Opponent. "Ah... Sorry for the confusion... How About I just say it?" His smile grew another inch, and Marcus began to bite his bottom lip Nervously.

'He can't possibly know what my cards are... Its impossible' Marcus Newman thought.

"Out of a hand of Six cards, you only summonedone. You didn't set any other cards, and even a recently learning duelist knows its smart to leave cards face-down as decoys to make the opponent hesitate. Therefore your hand must be compromised of all monsters. And since this is a Lightsworn deck apparently, there is also the choice that you think I'm going to make some large opening move which you can counter with a simple Honest, no?" He smiled, then uncrossing his arms at last. "Next, since you practically jumped into the sky when two different Lightsworns were sent to the grave through Lyla's effect, I can assume you're holding a Judgement Dragon and waiting for me to send both your creatures to the grave, so next turn you can finish me and make all my effort fruitless."

To say the absolute least, Marcus was shocked his quiet opponent had deduced so much from so little. His mouth opening a little to gape was all Recuk needed to affirm he was correct in his guesses.

"I summon my Magical Exemplar [1700/1400]," A stunningly beautiful woman appeared in a long green robe, smiling kindly. "Thanks to her, I'll defeat you in a single turn."

"But... But... HOW?" Marcus burst out, staring at the card with wondering, baffled eyes. "How is a card that can't even Beat my Lyla going to beat me? In ONE turn no less!"

"I'll Show you" Recuk responded calmly, removing two cards from his hand and activating them. "I activate two copies of Foolish Burial, Allowing me to send a Magicial Exemplar and a Plaguespreader Zombie from my Deck to the graveyard." Four orbs of a blue light appeared in The Magical Exemplar's hands, her smiling and keeping them near. "Each time a Spell card is activated my Magical Exemplar gains 2 Spell Counters, so now she has four." He Gestured to the balls of light. "And now for her ability. Once per turn, I can remove any Number of Spell counters from her. Then, I can Special summon a Spellcaster-type monster from my hand or graveyard with a number of stars equal to the number of Spell counters removed. I Summon my Second Magical Exemplar from the graveyard!" A twin of the Female Spellcaster appeared, giggling a little.

"Lastly, I return a card from my hand to the top of my deck to special summon Plaguespreader Zombie from my graveyard." The single sentence answered Marcus's question.

"You Ba$tard! You're going to Synchro summon! But HA! No Level 6 Synchro can beat me in a single turn!" Marcus shouted, feeling self-assured...

...For only a second.

"A Level 6? No... I was thinking more Level 10." Recuk's grin seemed to turn demonic as his opponent paled. "I Tune My Level 2 Plaugespreader Zombie... to my Two Level 4 Magical Exemplar's... To Synchro summon...

Ally Of Justice Decisive Armor![3300/3300]" A Massive machine appeared, with a gargantuan cannon on top. It turned to face Marcus specifically. "See Marcus, as a Professional Duelist, I have faced Light-Deck's many times... But nothing is more annoying then Lightsworns. So I placed this into my Deck to completely counter any and all Light Decks... After all, that's what the Allies Of Justice are for."

"So now... I'll end it. I activate my Decisive Armor's third effect... I send my entire hand to the graveyard..." Placing his hand into the graveyard, Recuk walked across the field to Marcus, taking a look at his hand. "And then I can look at yours, and send every Light-Attribute monster in it to the graveyard. Then You take Damage equal to their combined attack points... I Hope you're good at math."

Marcus's entire hand went into the graveyard.

(3000 + 1000 +1100 + 1100 + 400 = 6600 Damage)

The massive machine drew the power from Marcus's graveyard, and the recently lost Light Monsters, and Blasted him for all their Attack.

Marcus LP: 1400

"Now, Ally Of Justice Decisive Armor Attacks your Lyla..."

(3300 - 1700 = 1600 Damage)

Marcus LP: 0

"And once again folks, our Champion has won Spectacularly!" Shouted the announcer at last, followed by a loud cheer from the Audience...

((This is on TV. So your character(s) can be/ have watched it if you wish, and no one knows of Recuk being a Dark Signer. So some OC's can even look up to him XD

However, as he is still unapproved -- This post will most likely be deleted.))

8/7/2010 #2

(Nah, I'm not going to delete it. You put too much work into this.)

"And the champion wins again!" Jamie Izayoi shrieked from the couch, while his younger sister, Alyssa, looked extremely annoyed at his third outburst throughout the entire tournament.

"Jamie, will you ever keep it down? I was trying to watch this."

"Shhh! Wait! I've got to get one last glimpse of him..." Jamie whispered turning his attention back to the TV, one to see Recuk Revajik place his deck back in his compartment. Jamie then turned off the TV and slid backward on the couch to face his sister. "As you were saying...?"

A frustrated Alyssa threw her hands into the air. "Goodness Jamie, do you ever listen to me?! Just because you want to be the next Dueling- excuse me, Turbo Dueling- champion doesn't mean you should block out the rest of the little family you have left!"

Jamie nodded solemnly. "Sorry about that."

"It's okay. Now Onii-chan, would you please-" "Jamie!"

Young eleven year old Gabrielle Izayoi came pounding into the room. She stopped at her brother's feet and handed him a card. "I went to the card shop today, and found this super cool pack of Water monsters!" She smiled broadly. "Anyway, there was one card I couldn't use, so I thought you should have it."

Jamie flipped over the card in his hand. It was Dark Resonator. Jamie looked confused. "How did you find this in a Water deck?"

Gabrielle shrugged and began to walk to her room, whispering to the Duel Spirits in her deck.

Alyssa shook her head. "Gabrielle freaks me out sometimes. First of all, she's a psychic duelist, second, she talks to her cards, and third-"

"I'm going to bed." Jamie interrupted. He excused himself from the room, leaving Alyssa alone to herself, the TV, and her thoughts.

8/8/2010 #3
Closet Brony

After a short day of dueling, because the tournement, jamie sat down on his couch, he looked at his arm where that mark had been when he bumped into that man in the street, even after being pushed to his limit of dueling it still haddent come back.

8/8/2010 #4

Meanwhile, in the slums of Satellite...

On the porch of a raggedy ol' house, in the underground and sitting on a last centuary rocking chair, there sat a teenage boy. Next to him was a riggedy old coffee table, perfect for setting his tea supplies. He yawned, lazily and shook his head to clear the grodginess that clouded his mind. He grabbed a cup of warm tea that was sitting on an obviously run down table made from scrap that stood next to him and took a kind sip, "Today is...going to be another eventful day." the teen sighed to himself once more and took another sip of his green tea.

He looked at a slightly cracked surface of an old clock that was visable through a hole in the wall...that was his door, "Hmmm..." he said, "If I"m correct there was suppose to be some big duel on. Let's see." he said taking up his cup of tea and walking over to a small laptop, connected to the wall by several wires, "Let's see." he siad putting the slightly cracked cup down and started to type quickly across the keyboard...

After about ten minutes of rapid typing a screen finally came up, it was staticy and slightly broken, was there. And there he stood, the Champion before his challenger, the slander ending but the duel about to begin..."This is...Gonna be good!" the boy said excitedly standing back to get a better view of what was about to unfold.


He found himself clapping to himself, at the one turn overkill of the Champion, "Dang." he said starting to go back to the computer, to see if he can tinker with it to get a stronger signal, "Now that was a good duel." he nodded in appreciation and stretched, but sweat dropped as he realised he'd dropped his tea very close to the computer, "Oh darn it..." he grumbled and ran to quickly get some old towels...And so was the amazing of Dorogan's life.

(Meh I'm bored and half an hour to do nothing....So I made this rather insight post into Dorogan's life, isn't it grand?^^;)

8/8/2010 . Edited 8/9/2010 #5

Recuk approached the announcer and requested politely if he could have the microphone, and the man gave it to him curiously. After removing his own microphone from his ear he scowled and tossed it onto the floor, waving to the fans for a moment. "I take it you all enjoyed the duel?" A Loud roar came from the crowds and he smiled, taking it as a 'Yes'. He slowly across the stage, putting himself into a position where everyone could see him. "Now, on a more serious note... Does anyone know why exactly Mr. Newman lost? And no, it wasn't a lack of skill or a bad hand... On the contrary, that hand would normally be enough to completely decimate an opponent of any level. Including myself...."

Recuk sighed, his beaten opponent staring at him in confusion. "You lost because you lack the thing every king of games has had since the beginning of the game itself." The crowd quieted, listening more intently. "Yugi Mutou, the original king Of Games believed in something called 'The Heart Of The Cards'. He thought by respecting, trusting, and placing his heart and soul into his deck, it would return the favor... And apparently it did. His successor was Jaden Yuki, yet another duelist whom believed with his heart and soul in is cards... And he ascended to become the next king of games." Recuk paused, letting it sink in. "You lack both apparently. You disrespected your own cards, and I cannot deny that you do know how to use them -- But I see no Soul in this Deck. You simply picked a powerful Archtype and thought you could use it to defeat me..."

"How Idiotic..." At that, the Professional Duelist looked back at the crowds for a single moment. "All of you, remember that... Your deck must have your Soul placed into it..." He handed the Microphone back to the announcer, his last few words barely a whisper. "Otherwise, you'll never defeat me..."

He slowly walked off the stage and exited the stadium...


Recuk Revajik sighed as he sat down in his Limousine, his driver taking off the moment his door closed. He stared out the tinted windows with thoughtful eyes, watching as people walked up and down the street as though nothing in the world could touch them... What Arrogant fools they were. His assistant sat beside him in the back of the Limousine, watching him with her worried eyes. Her name was Lilith kione, a young woman who acted as his organizer and planner. She respected him a great deal, but he was one hell of a confusing man.

"What is the progress on Locating the Dark Signers?" He asked abruptly, not moving his head from the window. Lilith gulped for a second and could instantly tell his duel has put him in a bad mood.

"N-no progress yet sir... We've been unable to l-l-locate unnatural p-p-p-phenomena..." She responded nervously.

He just sighed, closing his eyes on the window. "Its alright..." He Mumbled, falling asleep. "Wake me when we reach the Mansion..."

8/8/2010 #6

Alyssa had exited the family room and was standing on the deck. It had a beautiful view of the full moon, the beach, and in the far off distance, the Satellite. She sighed. She wondered how the Satellites did it- living in their own filth. Alyssa had only been a resident of Satellite when she was younger and she remembered none of it. She was glad she didn't.

Alyssa gently pushed the right sleeve up on her long sleeve cardigan. She traced the red mark that reached from the back of her hand to her elbow. The dragon on her arm had always caught her attention, yet she knew not why it was there.

I wonder, she thought, if I have a greater purpose in life than just being a amateur duelist?

8/8/2010 . Edited 8/8/2010 #7
Closet Brony

jamie was still staring at his arm, wondering if there was anyone else with these wierd mars on there arm

8/8/2010 #8

The Limousine stopped abruptly and the professional duelist awoke the moment it did; sitting at at the same time his assistant had begun to lean over to shake him awake. Her chin hit his head. His hand shot up, covering where he'd been hit as he fell back from the surprise, his head bashing on the window. Lilith had already sat up surprised and afraid that she could possibly harm her employer any further as she rubbed her chin gently to help the pain go away.

"Oww..." Recuk moaned gently, his eyes shut tight as he started sitting up and rubbing the back of his head.

"I'm so sorry!" Lilith quickly responded, getting up and opening the door of the Limousine, hoping he wasn't going to fire her for something like this. She gently helped him to the door, helping him to regain his balance. "Are you alright Mr. Revajik?" She questioned quietly.

"I'm fine." He shook his head once to clear any remaining stars in his vision before smiling to his assistant, stepping out of the vehicle and offering her a hand. "Are you alright?"

She smiled, taking his hand and allowing him to help her from the limousine. Her Employer Mr. Revajik was a highly chivalrous man who always used his manners. Although sometimes he could be about as childish as a Four year old on a Sugar high. Apparently he felt like being a gentleman tonight. "I'm perfectly fine, Mr. Revajik" She nodded curtly before letting go of his hand. "But I have some work to do... So I'll come check on you in an hour, Alright?" Her employer only nodded and stared up at the sky. Lilith quickly disappeared into the Mansion.

"Its a full moon..." Recuk mumbled to himself, his green eyes watching the massive white orb in the sky, with maybe a half-dozen stars sprinkled around it glittering beautifully. He continued to stare at them in wonder for a moment before frowning and closing his eyes. "A few points of light in a sea of darkness... I wonder how it feels to be one..." He sighed, entering his mansion and turning away from the sky.

8/8/2010 #9

Roughly a half an hour later, Recuk was sitting outside in an expansive garden. He has roses growing all around the edges of his property instead of a fence. He rather enjoyed nature as opposed to the city. He sighed, laying in a hammock set down between two large trees, who's branches and leaves covered the night sky from him. He may have owned a mansion with many fancy bedrooms, but this was always where he slept. It was far more peaceful...

"So, I guess its time to enact the plan at last..." He sighed, gently removing one of his five decks from their containers and removing a single card from it, and holding it up to the sky. The card was strange... It had 10 stars, and was Dark Attribute with 0 Attack and defense. And a strange picture of a massive purple glowing dragon in the artwork with matching purple markings along its body... "Roar, Amaru... Tell them it is time."

The card had a black-ish glow around it, and that glow fired up into the sky as a solid black beam of energy that hit the full moon... And made it appear to ripple with purple markings. However, only two types of people could see this... Signers and Dark Signers. It would cause all their markings to activate simultaneously... But only his fellow Dark Signer's would know his location.

"And now..." He mumbled, beginning to fall into a deep sleep. "... The end begins..."

8/8/2010 #10

Dorogan had missed the first part of the lecture, as he wandered inside of another hole-doored room, that would be a kitchen, looking around for a more usable rag. At returning he listened to the rest, the speech of the heart of the cards and so forth, wiping the tea and smirking, "What a strong will that man must have. Not many of those around." Dorogan stated as he continued to clean. He put the rag, by simply putting it in a droor of other wet rags, "Whoooey, there you go grandma." he said smiling, looking a picture of an elderly woman resting over on the otherside of the computer.

"Hehe..." he said smiling, almost bitterly, "You would have smacked me in the back of the head if you'd seen me spill that tea eh? WEll, I cleaned it up for ya, nothing to worry about." The lonesome teen let out a soft sigh as he wandered into a seperate room.


Meanwhile a ways away from the more peaceful teen...

A silver haired boy, wearing a white tuxedo...Looking as if he'd just come from sort of ball, smirked as he held his shadow black Duel Disk, and stood towering above an ex-opponent, who also appeared to be an Satellite officer. "Really." he said bending over and poking the older man with the tip of his Duel Disk, "If you're going to dirty someones nice clothes." He said reffering to a small black scruff mark at the side of his top coat, "You'd better be prepared for the consequences." He stood up and walked over the knocked out figure, kicking him in the ribs as his second leg passed him. He sighed, running a hand through his silver hair, at least that's how it appeared in the moonlight that creaked through the crack in the floor above.

"Really, I just wanted a nice stroll, nothing to bother me...And some idiot cop tries to ruffle me up, leaving a dirty smuge onf my nice white clothes...Oh well, I'll just have to wear one of my spares." he said simply, getting atop of the cops rider and getting ready to take off...That was until a sudden tingle pulled at his arm, a long since born mark burning into his skin as something called for him: Roar Amaru...

"What is this?" The boy asked himself looking up into the night sky, at the moon covered in smong. He blinked as he caught sight of the strange event that occurd with the bright sphere in the sky, "Things...Are about to get interesting." He said, his eyes brightening with joy and he reved his rider, then taking off into the night, his burning sensation and call from the strange beast telling him where to head.


A half hour later back on the other side of Satellite...

Dorogon was sleeping peacefully on his slightly ripped up matress located on the floor...then Suddenly he felt a burning sensation on his arm. Still weary with sleep, he rubbed his eye, batting at his arm thinking it to be a bug bite...But the longer he th tingle remained the stronger it became, the burning becominga almost unbearable. Slowly he came to conciousness, his eyes widening in pure shock at the glowing mark that appeared on his arm, "Eh?" he said jumping out of bed and looked at a claw shaped mark upon his arm, the burning reaching a pikeing point, "What's...What's going on?!" he exclaimed holding on tightly to the arm, trying to get this twitching pain to quit, but no matter how hard he tried, still the burning would remain.

8/8/2010 . Edited 8/11/2010 #11
Closet Brony

jamie was lying in bed, when suddenly his mark began to glow "what the heck? after hours of dueling, now my mark glowes? what is this thing?" he said


richard was staring at the moon, when his arm started glowing, "amarus roar shall be heard by all signers, so it is time the time for the immortals" richard got into his car and drove to where it was telling him.

sorry only post for now g2g

8/9/2010 #12

Alyssa had been staring at the moon for several more hours. She was sure it was well into the early morning hours and she was about to head inside to sleep when she noticed something different about the moon. Something weird.

"Gah!" Alyssa grabbed her right arm tightly, wondering why it was burning and glowing intensely. She had never felt this before. The dragon that coiled around her lower arm was shining a bright red. What the hell is going on here? she thought.

Roar, Amaru... tell them it's time...

The voice in Alyssa's head- obviously not her own- absolutely scared her to death. The pai in her arm was growing, and she raced inside the house to Jamie's room. "Jamie! Onii-san, wake up!" she shrieked, shaking him awake.

"Eh... huh... what do you want, Alyssa..."

Alyssa held up her arm for Jamie to see. His eyes widened. He rapidly put on some shoes and started shooting directions to Alyssa. "Get Gabrielle up. We're leaving. Now."

8/9/2010 . Edited 8/9/2010 #13

Kengen wasn't too far away from Satellite's exit, the one that had connceted the two cities for quite some time now. He revved the policeman's bike, having gone back only moments before to take his helmet and badge as well, no one dared to stop him as he rode quickly down the path, making quick turns and avoiding anyone or anything that came in his path, quickly passing over everyone in sight. He rode on, losing track of time, it having been not so long ago since he'd been riding his own D-Wheel(Is that it's name?).

He continued riding into the night, after what felt like hours, but could have been only minutes, he could never tell, he'd arrived in Neo Domino. He smirked, the bright lights and the busteling about deffinetly an approvement to his dark and dank sentence, "Now...Where would he with the power to summon me be?" he thought to himself, now heading directly for the Mansion of...The Champion.

(If I need to add more or make it make sense, tell me^^)

8/10/2010 #14

The ride had been a long one, grueling even for the white cladded boy with the burning sensation on his arm, the purple glow helping him none what so over in remaining inconspicuous. So in turn he avoided the bright busteling streets and tried to stick to the shadows...As much as was possible in the brightly lit Neo-Domino City. But, without too much trouble and rude remarks from others and a couple of: "get outta my way" from Kengen himself, he'd finally made it to his destination, with time to spare seeing as there was some time before the sun would yet rise.

He stopped the bike in an adrupt halt, staring up at the mansion, the burning comeing to a peaking point as he realised this was the place he was meant to be. He took off the former-beloning helmet of the cops and set it on the bike, "Well, well, not too shabby...Sorta over done though." he said nodding and crossing his arms, and then looked at his coat and pushed it down, not wanting the white suit to wrinkle of course.

8/11/2010 . Edited 8/11/2010 #15

Peeking out from one of the windows on the first floor, Lilith wondered who it was who just pulled up in front of the mansion. She knew Recuk was asleep in the backyard -- He Always was. Judging from the way the man was dressed he was perhaps from high Society and here to meet with Mr. Revajik?

She checked her digital watch and decided it was extremely unlikely. It was almost 1 in the morning! Who on Earth would come to meet him Now? She took a flashlight and quickly pulled on a robe. She may have been wearing her Pajamas, but it was sure to be chilly outside. So she opened the front door and shone the flashlight in the Stranger's direction.

Lilith took a second or so to think of something to say.

"Excuse me, but who are you? Mr. Revajik doesn't have any appointments or meetings set for right now that I know of..." Was all she could say.

8/11/2010 #16

Kengen looked up at the woman who'd walked out of the rather empressive mansion and raised a brow. "Ah, my lady." he said giving a curious bow, "I am Mashin, Kengen Mashin at your service. My deepest apologies for intruding upon your home at such a late hour." he said to her and walked forward, moving elegently and smoothly towards the woman, "But to be honest I don't think I'm here for a direct appointment...It appears I have been summoned here of my free will and I was wondering, if you would happen to know anything about that?"

8/11/2010 #17

"I'm sorry Mr. Mashin, but I wouldn't know..." Lilith frowned a little, happy this guy wasn't some sort of Psychopath who had come with the intention of breaking into the mansion or something. "Mr. Revajik, my Employer, may know... But he is currently asleep. Do you know him personally perhaps?" She asked curiously. She knew Recuk wouldn't enjoy being awoken at such an ungodly hour especially after his day... But maybe if this guy knew him he wouldn't mind as much.

(LIE!!!! XD)

8/11/2010 #18

"Know...Mr. Revajik?" he asked raising an eyebrow and took a second to think about it, "Why, yes...Yes I do know him, matter of fact he and I used to be together and hang out before he'd become so successful. Ah but an incident here and an Inciden there and I just haven't had time to get together with my ol' pal. It'd be a darn shame too, I had such a strong...Signal." he said improvising, "To come this way too, I have a feeling I'd need to be here you know? Well...Too bad. Guess if he's asleep nothing I can do." he said shrugging.

8/11/2010 #19

"Wait here for a moment..." Lilith quickly said, closing the door behind her and quickly sprinting though the maze-like Mansion into the backyard. She carefully poked Recuk as he slept peacefully on the hammock, hoping to wake him up without too much Fuss. However, as she expected and had learned over the years... He was a heavy sleeper. She sighed, and very, very calmly grabbed the hose... And Sprayed her employer with cold water.

"AH!" He yelped basically the moment the water contacted his skin. Lilith had aimed at his face only, so his playing cards would be perfectly dry. He looked up at Lilith confused, shocked, and most definitely surprised. "What was that for? I was sleeping!!" He complained, getting up and shaking his head. His white hair was soaked and stuck to his forehead. He scowled and marched into the mansion quickly, taking a towel and beginning to dry his head.

"You have a guest." Lilith said gently, not wanting to disturb him any further. "he claims to know you... That's why I woke you up..."

Recuk's scowl vanished, replaced by a look of confusion and thought. 'I don't have any friends left alive... One of them must have arrived already'

"Lilith," He said calmly, "You may go back to your room and rest now... I'll go meet my friend."

She nodded and obeyed, leaving the room immediately.

Recuk walked up to the door, and opened it wide, his Marking along his right arm beginning to glow a Bright purple.

"Welcome" He said nonchatently. "I see you got the message."

8/11/2010 #20

Kengen grasped his arm slightly, but making no other notion to the glow that came with being near this man, "Yes, I had it good and clear. Good thing too, otherwise I would have had no other reason to leave that smelly pit of a city." he said to him and looked around, "Nice place you have by the way...Now, to get straight to the point, why have you called me here?" Kengen asked him, clearly wanting answers, "And how?"

8/11/2010 #21

Recuk sighed and opened the door a little more, waving a hand as an invitation for Kengen to enter the mansion. "Please, come in... I'm more than willing to answer any questions you have. But first you may need to relax... Tension never helps anyone."

8/11/2010 #22

He nodded, "Hmmm...Alright..." he said after only a moments thought, "I don't see why not, it couldn't hurt. ANd you're right about tension, such a killer on everything isn't it?" he askd starting to step forward and then stopped, "By the way, do I know you from before here? I get the feelin' I've seen your face somewhere before...Can't put my finger on it though." he said the idea bugging him.

8/11/2010 #23

"Everyone has seen my face before," Recuk yawned tiredly, stepping inside the mansion. "I'm a World Champion Duelist..." He said calmly before sitting down in his living room. It was rather plain for such an expansive mansion, with two black leather couches with a single glass table in-between. Recuk sat at one of the couches. "Make sure to close the door."

8/11/2010 #24

"Yes...And oh that's right, you're that guy with the lectures to your opponents and respect and what not." Kengen said waving a hand in the air slightly before closing the door behind him. He walked over and sat on the couch across from Recuk, "Heh, you sure get long winded during those speeches don't ya?"

8/11/2010 #25

"I suppose..." Recuk mused idly, watching Kengen carefully. "But what I speak is the truth... Now, what are your questions?"

8/11/2010 #26

"How the Hell...Did you manage to make this." he said lifting up his sleeve to reveal a mark that slightly resembled the ancient beast of a Chimera, "How'd ya make it pull me here? And why?" he asked, now pulling down his sleeve.

8/11/2010 #27

"I didn't." Recuk said rather plainly, looking absolutely bored. "You are a Dark Signer... By dying once a God decided to take up residence in you in a Symbiotic relationship. They give you life once more, and you help them fulfill their revenge. I am sure you have already met your Earthbound Immortal..." He yawned, closing his eyes for a second before shaking his head. "I didn't call you... My God simply called all the others. I've decided its time to enact their revenge... And unless there's a problem with it, I'm the one in charge." He yawned tiredly again, looking absolutely harmless.

8/11/2010 #28

He raised and eyebrow, "The first part I sorta put together on my own...Just not that in detail but I have met my Immortal. So was it your God who's voice appeared in my head? Also...In charge, why he Hell would you be in charge?" he asked crossing his arms.

8/11/2010 . Edited 8/11/2010 #29

"I'm in charge because I actually know what I'm doing," Recuk responded ever-so-calmly, almost annoyingly so. He cracked his neck once, staring at Kengen through green eyes. "I have been waiting dozens of years for the opportunity to defeat the SIgners. I have waited patiently..." He narrowed his eyes, "But you think you're better than me, apparently."

8/11/2010 #30
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