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Fair Sword Maiden

Is Chivalry a Code of Conduct or a Feudal System? This is an question that has caused historians to argue ever since the fall of chivalry. People say that it is merely a feudal system because only men who were born into noble families became knights. Consequently, knights were the only men who practiced chivalry. In order to get things straight, let me give you a few basic definitions; Chivalry is generally defined as the conduct or qualities that a knight practices. These qualities include especially courage, honor, loyalty, and consideration for others, especially women. A Feudal System is generally defined as the legal and social system that existed in medieval Europe, in which vassals held land from lords in exchange for military service. I think that most medieval fans have a solid understanding of what the feudal system was. In order to be protected from barbarians, European peasants (commonly referred to as "serfs") sought the protection of knights. Consequently, the knights offered their protection to the serfs, and worked as laborers for the knights. The knights or barons were under the service of overlords, and the overlords served the king. In a feudal system, each lower class pledged loyalty to the higher class. That being said, it is hard to believe that chivalry is considered a feudal system. Chivalry was the conduct of knights. If we are to examine the human person, each person chooses his form of behavior. If you really study medieval history, we can see that there were many corrupt knights who did not practice chivalry. If you don't read the actual history, just skim through a medieval story such as "Le Morte d'Arthur." Some of the knights of the Round Table became very corrupt. For example, Lancelot has adulterous affairs, as well as other knights. Wow, those guys were quite the charmers, weren't they? This is why is was so refreshing when a knight actually practiced chivalry. Modern historians have twisted chivalry for what it truly was, giving it a shameful appearance. You see, knights made vows before an exposed Tabernacle, and were then blessed by a bishop to serve under the command of God. In regards to women, a knight made vows to the Blessed Virgin, promising to protect and respect every maiden's inborn purity. That way, when a knight protected a woman, he was treating her as if she was the Blessed Mother herself. Now do you still believe that chivalry is a feudal system? Even though the feudal system died out ages ago, chivalry still lives on. What? Did you just say that I was crazy? I'm not! Chivalry can be practiced today, even though people say that it's just a feudal system. If it was such a feudal system, it would have died out. But today some men still aspire to be noble like a knight, and mildly practice chivalry. So, what is your opinion? Even if you think that chivalry is a feudal system, you can say so. I won't kill you for it. ~Fair

8/5/2010 #1
Leaf Ranger

I agree. You can't call chivalry a feudal system, because it isn't. Feudal system's aren't something you act out, they're a type of government, in a way.

Chivalry defines a way some people act. Being honorable, courteous, nice, it definies a person's personality and actions. So, whoever said it was a feudal system was crazy.

8/6/2010 #2
Fair Sword Maiden

Leaf, thank you so much! I love you for saying that! *hugs Leaf*

Yeah, this really annoying guy at my college said that chivalry was a feudal system. I think he was just trying to annoy me.

Speaking of college, I'm writing this from my dorm room. The university I am attending is absolutely amazing, and I'm having a great time! I'm sorry I told light years to respond, but I was getting ready for college

8/22/2010 #3
Leaf Ranger

It's perfectly all right. YOur life comes first.

8/23/2010 #4
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