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Yola my fellow Othersiders! Ok here is basically what you do to make your character:



Race and/or Ethnicity:






Where they live in the Otherside:


Easy, right? I know it seems like a pain, but trust me it will be worth it! The more detail you put into your character the better! Include pics of what your character looks like and such, but be careful that someone else doesnt already have it [just to avoid confusion]. If you are wondering about the last detail check out my topic about the Otherside. Certain races prefer to live in specific areas just like humans. But worry not! You can live anywhere you choose =]

Please wait for confirmation from me on your character before you start posting, it really helps! If you have any Q's feel free to PM me!



6/21/2010 . Edited 7/24/2010 #1

Name: Aria [A-Rye-ah] de Lupellis [dee Lupe-Ellis]

Gender: Female

Race and/or Ethnicity: Tame Demon

Power(s): its not really a power, but she is super quick and very good at fighting

Age: 17

Personality: She is a sassy demon who is a master at fighting. She has a secret obsession: rabbits from the human world. Her biggest dream is to travel the Otherside with her lover and find the perfect home AWAY from Arcánús with a dozen rabbits!

Appearance: She is 5'2 and naturally tan. She has straight dark brown hair. heres a pic =]

Bio: Born into one of the most wealthy and highly respected families in Arcánús is Aria de Lupellis. Since she was almost kidnapped by a feral demon at the age of 10, her family has kept her sheltered from the world. She of course hates it, and every chance she gets she escapes he guards. Shortly after he almost kidnapping, her father put her into many self defense classes. She quickly mastered everything that her teachers threw at her. When she was 16 she snuck out of her house and went through a portal with a bracelet one of her friends gave her. She didnt stay long in the human world but on her journey she spotted a rabbit: hence the beginning of an obsession. Upon her return she was banned from leaving the house without 10 guards. When she grows up she vows to leave her overbearing parents and the city of Arcánús behind.

Where they live in the Otherside: Arcánús


ok thats basically all you have to do ^,^


7/21/2010 . Edited 7/24/2010 #2

Okay let me see...

Name: Luna (Loo-nah) Lu Raven (Loo-Ray-Ven)

Gender: Female

Race and/or ethnicity: Tame Demon

Power(s): super flexable, super quick, good at sword fighting

Age: 18

Personality: She is a very hyper but tough demon. She loves sword fighting. She met her lover through fighting. He is her teacher. She wants to find a home by water. Her and her love wish to have 6 kids(yes i said 6) that way they can have a huge family. She wants to raise them away from badness but teach them to defend themselves. She also wants to have A LOT of peanut butter. Thats her secret obsession. Peanut butter and dancing the Tango.

Appearance: 5"2", ears like an elf, ice blue eyes, light tan skin, long black hair with one blond strand on each side of her face

Bio: Late one night at midnight, the witching hour, Luna Lu Raven is born into the world. She was passed off at birth to become a champion sword fighter. When she was 16 she fell in love with her teacher. His name is Rayn De Varlo. He is two years older than her. She then gets a job as a guardian. She loves it. She guards prominant memebers of this world from harm and catches bad guys. She grew up sheltered from fun and life. So when she met Rayn he changed that. Now she is fun but tough. One day she finds a jar of peanut butter when she accidently stumbled through a portal into the human world. She decided to explore a little bit and ran into a dance studio where they were practicing the Tango. Thus begining the obsession. She now lives in a very cool tree house with Rayn awaiting calls for people who need guarding and bad guys who need catching.

Where they live in the Other Side: in the forest in a tree house just outside of Arcánús.

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7/22/2010 . Edited by summerscholar, 8/15/2010 #3

Name: Diamon Jetis Almadaus

Gender: Female

Race: Half Demon

Power(s) : Diamon can generate black energy that can act a spells, a surrounding glow to control things, or when she charges up her power. For example she can also make black fire, with making a spark out of her dark energy power, then she is able to hold and use it. When she levitates earth or any other object a beam comes from her hand to the object and covers it in darkness. When she uses her dark powers to move air and water, it outlines in black instead of completely being black, since they are liquid and gases. Her dark power mostly comes from consentrating from the mind,(Which is very easy for her since she's had tons of free time when in the underealm) so that kind of makes her telepathic, so she can also readminds. She can make potions, and do big spells if she reallly works hard and consentrates, which she doesn't do much because it tires her out so much.

Age: 15

Personality: Diamon talks in monatone and likes being alone. although she is anti - social she is mostly nice. When her mind is set to something it is almost impossible to budge. she wears a silver moon locket that she protects with her life. She wear mostly black and purple, though she wears a black cloak so you don't see her clothes often. But she wears black loose pants under it, along with a sleaveless top that has two strings that start from the top in the middle and tie in the back that comes in different colors. Her hood almost alway is back so you can see her face.

Apperance: Dark brown hair that is naturely long, but Diamon cuts it off in a V style just below her neck. Purple eyes that have usual pupils but is cat shape gained from her mother. Olive skinthat turns pale the minute she return to her birthplace.

Bio Diamon father is Apollyon, king of demons. He despises the living and any other beast not consistent of demon blood. she lives with him and her older brother Apollyon, who tell her of the Overealm.

9/10/2011 #4

Accepted! She sounds very cool! Cant wait to see her in the rp. Feel free to start a new "story" and/or invite people to the forum!


9/11/2011 #5
Seraph Darkfire

Name: Seraph Darkfire

Gender: Male

Race and/or Ethnicity: His race has been called many names. Yamihikari by the Japanese. Nephalem by the Spartans. No matter what they were called, they all meant the same thing "Half-breed" a union of Angel and Demon.

Power(s): Depending on the situation, he can release his Dark or Light side, becoming fully Demonic or Angelic. In either form, he has the same abilities as Demons or Angels. In his natural form as a hybrid, he can be a mediator for any one or thing. One touch from him and he can bring peace to a rampaging Werewolf during the full moon.

Age: He looks 18 but is actually 2, 145 years old.

Personality: Without changing, he is calm and collected and never wants to fight. He would much rather find a peaceful solution. As a Demon though, he is Bloodthirsty, ready to fight at the drop of a hat. As an Angel, he is a vengeance angel, ready to fight against those who are evil.

Appearance: No matter what form he takes, he has red eyes and black hair. Angel: Hybrid: Demon:

Bio: When he was born, his parents were killed for even conceiving him. But he wasn't even threatened. He was such a creature of Peace, no species wanted to kill something that was peaceful. You could say that it was a superstition among the two species. He just wasn't allowed on either side. Too pure for Demons and too tainted for Angels. He was left on the mortal plane to fend for himself.

Where they live in the Otherside: He is a traveler, going around Otherside, staying outside, living on the land.

His True Name is Tenebrae Lucem (Darkness for Light)

12/1/2011 #6
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