Hi everyone! Join me in a fun roleplaying experience baised off the fabulous books series written by the talented Kate Brian! If you enjoy the books, come and join! You can snag a canon or make an original character!
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irrevocably ives

Below is a list of all canon characters that I can think of at this point in time. If there is a name by it, that's the person already controlling said character. Only one person can control a character at a time, so, it might be beneficial to check this out before proposing for a character. If any names are misspelled, don't hound me for it. Just tell me the right spelling and I'll change it, okay?

Reed Brennan - irrevocably ives

Noelle Lange - Zaidee Lou

Ariana Osgood -

Kiran Hayes - Meg Nik

Taylor Bell - Miss-Reed-Brennan

Josh Hollis - Zaidee Lou

Constance Talbot -

Sabine DuLac -

Natasha Crensaw -

Dash McCaffery -irrevocably ives

Walt Wittaker -

Gage Coolidge -

Melissa "Missy" Thurber -

Lorna Gross -

Astrid Chou - ILuvReadingBooks

Kiki Rosen/Thorpe -

Rose Sakowitz -golddolphin1998

Portia Ahronian -

Tiffany Goulbourne -HappyKitty95

Blake Pearson -

Ivy Slade -Glyndewar

Trey Prescott -

Amerberly Carmichael -Glyndewar

Marc Alberro -

Upton Giles -

Paige Ryan -

Poppy Simons -

Sawyer Hathaway -ILuvReadingBooks

Graham Hathaway -This Rhythm


NOTE: You can post here if you want.

6/24/2010 . Edited 8/29/2011 #1
irrevocably ives

Alright, so we seriously need to get more canons rping! So I'll take Dash, anybody else want anyone, let me know! :)

8/5/2010 #2

Alright, I agree. I'll grab Hollis.

8/5/2010 #3
irrevocably ives

Okay. Oh and do you want me to change 'Zaidee Storm' or whatever to 'Zaidee Lou'? Thought I would ask.

8/5/2010 #4

Sure, you can if you want; it doesn't matter to me.

8/5/2010 #5


9/12/2010 #6
irrevocably ives

Of course! I'm glad someone picked up Sawyer! (:

9/13/2010 #7

Astrid also?and another oc?

9/18/2010 #8
irrevocably ives

Sure! You don't have to ask to make another OC, just go right ahead!

9/18/2010 #9

Hey :D

I'll take Tiffany ??

9/24/2010 #10
irrevocably ives

Sure, of course! :)

9/24/2010 #11

yay! :p

9/25/2010 #12

yay! :p

9/25/2010 #13
Meg Nik

I think I'll take Kiran...if that's cool?

9/25/2010 #14
irrevocably ives

Ha, of course it's cool! You can have her :)

9/26/2010 #15

I'll take Amberly.

11/24/2010 #16
irrevocably ives

Okay, the little blond freshman is yours!

11/24/2010 #17
Fic Me Up

Since Sawyer is taken, is it possible if I take Graham?

12/30/2010 #18
irrevocably ives

Of course you can take Graham. Although, the people who have asked to take Ivy and Sawyer haven't been RPing lately, so if you want, you can RP with them too, if you would like!

1/1/2011 #19
Fic Me Up

I prefer Sawyer, so I think I'll take him... If the person comes back and wants to reclaim him, then I'll take Graham. I don't care which Hathaway boy I get.

1/2/2011 #20
irrevocably ives

Haha alright :)

1/2/2011 #21
Fic Me Up

Actually, Ivy is calling my name... Can I take her since no one else is? Ivy and Elinor need to gossip, and Elinor is sad that she's not able to. :(

OK, I didn't mean to make it third person.

1/4/2011 #22
irrevocably ives

S'okay, and she is yours! I was wondering when anyone was going to pick her up, now Josh and Ivy can get into a little disagreement and break things off! :P

1/9/2011 #23

Can I be Araina and Taylor?

3/13/2011 #24



3/13/2011 #25
Fic Me Up

I have too many characters on my plate, so I'm giving Ivy up. If anybody wants her, please remember I made her friends with Elinor. If you don't like that, it's cool; just let me know about the change. Thanks!

3/14/2011 #26

I'll take Ivy if This Rhythm doesn't want her.

3/18/2011 #27
irrevocably ives

Taylor is yours :) (if you still want her!)

Okay, you can have Ivy then!

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #28

Umm I also would like some people to participate in my private roleplay, so if you want, check it out its also called Private roleplay!

xoxo- Miss-Reed-Brennan

3/20/2011 #29
spinning round in teacups

I cant remember if Rose is free ,so if she is can I be Rose Sakowitz. If she isnt can I be Natasha Crenshaw.

8/6/2011 #30
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