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irrevocably ives

"Are you sure?" Zaria asked, calming down slightly when she realized that this boy wasn't going to hurt her. "Do you want to talk about it, from the noise you sure as hell didn't sound fine." Zaria said matter of factly, looking into the room, noting the paint splattered everywhere. Pushing her way into the blond boys room, Zaria turned to look at Zane. "Zane, go get me paper towel, rags and all the cleaning supplies you can find. Oh and a vacum if you can find one." Zaria stated as an afterthought, pleading with Zane.


Reed couldn't stay and watch Josh come unraveled and she couldn't help him. She could, but no, he had hurt her, she was still recovering, and no matter what, she couldn't forgive Josh that easily.

8/28/2010 #481

"Zaria, I don't think--," Zane began to say, but he stopped himself. After all the years he's known Josh, Zane had never seen him quite so bad. "Fine," he grumbled as he gave Josh a warning look before walking down to the closet down the hall that held cleaning supplies. He grabbed all the things Zaria told him too, even the vacuum cleaner. He walked back into the room and laid it down on the floor.


"I can talk care of this," Josh said to the small girl. "And, no, I defintely do not want to talk about it," he sighed running his paint covered hand through his hair not caring that streaks of all different colors were painting his curls now.

8/28/2010 #482
irrevocably ives

Zaria ignored Zane's protests as he went to go get the things she asked for. "Okay, so are you high, strung out or drunk?" Zaria asked the boy, ignoring his attempts to stop talking about whatever was going on. "Okay, whatever, I don't want to know." Zaria rolled her eyes, looking around the messy room. Finding a small bag of toiletries she handed it to the blond boy. "Go get cleaned up." She said shoving the toiletries bag at him and handing him some clothes. "Don't forget to shave okay? Your face looks like a woodland creature nested on your face." Zaria smirked as she kicked the boy out of his own room. "By the time you get back your room will be cleaned up. Zane, go with this guy please." Zaria smiled up at Zane, before closing the door on both their faces.

Turning back to the room, she first vaccumed up all the glass, then placed the none broken jars in a garbage bag. Then she cleaned up the none dry paint with paper towling, then began to tackle the mess of dried paint on the floor and everywhere else. Soon, the mess was cleaned up and she began the rest of the room. When the boys came back, the blond boys whole room had been cleaned and tided up.

8/28/2010 #483

"Are you kidding me?" Josh asked Zane once his own door had been shut in his face. He walked obediently down to the showers.

"She's a force of nature," Zane shrugged following dutifully behind Josh.

As Josh went and took a shower and shaved his face, Zane stood outside of the shower room feeling a bit awkward. Once Josh had emerged clean and fresh looking they headed back to Hollis' room. Upon entering, Josh smiled smally at the petite girl.

"Thanks," he said. "But to answer your question from earlier, I'm none of the above." Josh said tossing his shaving bag on his windowsill. "I'm Josh Hollis by the way," he introduced himself with an extended hand.

8/28/2010 #484
irrevocably ives

Zaria smirked as the two boys came back into the now spotless room. "Look what shaving a woodland creature can do to someones appearance." Zaria chuckled a little at the cleanly shaven lines of the boys face.

Seeing the blond boy, whom she now knew as Josh, throw his shaving bag onto the windowsill, Zaria ignored his hand for a second and went to go pick it up and set it on the nightstand. Walking back over she gave him a warm smile. "And to reiterate, I didn't want to know on second thought." Zaria smarted back, figuring the guy could take it.

"It's not a big deal, I have brothers, I'm used to cleaning up their shit." Zaria smiled, wipping her hands on her jeans before taking Josh's hand. "Nice to meet you." Zaria said, keeping her name annonoymous.

8/28/2010 #485

Zane walked over and wrapped his arms around Zaria's petite form and rested his chin ontop of her curl infested head after she'd settled in one spot.

"Well, I feel bad," Josh shrugged. "You really didn't have to do this though. I don't even know you," Josh said calmly.

8/28/2010 #486
irrevocably ives

Zaria felt a little uncomfortable having Zane's head on hers, but she ignored it, pulling her hand away from Josh's as he kept holding it. "I would kind of like my hand back." She joked. "Honestly, it's not a big deal, but lets keep this on the DL, I have to keep my rep as a badass bitch." Zaria smiled, winking at Josh. "Anyway, it was nice meeting you, and please don't throw any paint around unless you cover everything, including the floor. It's a bitch to get out."

8/28/2010 #487

"Yes ma'am," Josh blushed furiously. "But, like I said before, you shouldn't have bothered. It wasn't your mess to clean," he said still feeling bad.

Zane picked his chin up from Zaria's head and gave Josh a warning glance trying to tell him that he wouldn't be able to win with Zaria.

8/28/2010 #488
irrevocably ives

Zaria let out a musical laugh, the mental image of this Josh character who had obviously been out of his mind cleaning up paint and glass made her laugh. "Yes, because you would have cleaned it up." She rolled her eyes, smiling at his blushing form.

8/28/2010 #489

"You're right, I wouldn't have," Josh shrugged trying not to grin.

8/28/2010 #490
irrevocably ives

Zaria shrugged her shoulders, smiling happily, "I know." She said flipping pieces of hair that had came out of her messy bun out of her face.

8/28/2010 #491

"Is there anything I can do for you? To, you know, thank you?" Josh asked awkwardly.

8/28/2010 #492
irrevocably ives

Realizing that standing in a strange guys room could get a little awkward, Zaria just shook her head no, smiling at him as she left Josh's room.

8/28/2010 #493

Zane stood in Josh's room for a second, "You alright now?" he asked him.

"Yeah," Josh sighed. "Don't worry about me," he added.

"Just take your meds tomorrow, alright?" Zane said softly.

Josh just nodded his head.

Zane exited Josh's room shutting the door softly behind him. "That was really nice of you," he complimented Zaria as he wrapped his arms around her.

8/28/2010 #494
irrevocably ives

Zaria could hear their conversation as she slowly walked towards the front staircase. "No it wasn't, just someone helping out someone else." Zaria shrugged, as she cuddled into Zane's side. Although she couldn't help but wonder what medication Josh was on, or what it was for.

8/28/2010 #495

"So, I told you I'd explain Josh's condition to you if we left," Zane began, "But seeing as we didn't leave, all promises are off," he teased her. "But, it was a nice thing, Zaria; you can admit it," he winked.

8/28/2010 #496
irrevocably ives

Zaria touched her heart in mock hurt, "That's not fair." Zaria smiled, "On second thought, that's okay. I don't want to know." She said making up her mind, if Josh had wanted her to know what was going on with him, he would have said something. "I'm more comfortable with denile." Zaria smirked, winking up at Zane. "So ready to get that hair of yours straightened?"

8/28/2010 #497

"Dammit," Zane cursed. "I thought you'd forgetten," he groaned.

8/28/2010 #498
irrevocably ives

Zaria gasped, putting her hand over her mouth, "How could I forget something that made me so excited?" She asked, raising her eyebrows.

8/28/2010 #499

"A guy can hope," Zane shrugged smiling sheepishly.

8/28/2010 #500
irrevocably ives

"You know you are excited, just admit it already!" Zaria exclaimed loudly as they walked through Ketlar's common room. "Besides, lots of guys straighten their hair." She said nodding her head, thinking of the two guys she knew that used to straighten their hair. "It was a big thing to do back on 2007!"

8/28/2010 #501

"Yeah, for gay guys," Zane mumbled under his breath. "Don't say it so loud," he said pressing a finger against her lips.

8/28/2010 #502
irrevocably ives

"No, my friends back home used to, and only one of them was gay!" Zaria exclaimed, quiet loudly just to spit Zane. "Besides, you make being gay sound like a bad thing. Why do you think I liked you so much?" Zaria questioned jokingly.

8/28/2010 . Edited 8/28/2010 #503

"Because I'm not gay?" Zane said dumbly.

8/28/2010 #504
irrevocably ives

Zaria shook her head, no, smiling so her dimples showed. "Silly, it's because I thought you were gay." She air kissed both of his cheeks before walking through Ketlar's common room and out the door.

8/28/2010 #505

"You're lying," Zane said rolling his green eyes. "I'm obviously not gay and you know it," he laughed.

8/28/2010 #506
irrevocably ives

"Ahh, I don't know. Your pants were a little to tight last night, if you get my drift." Zaria winked.

8/28/2010 #507

"Was that before or after I attacked you in the woods?" Zane questioned with a raised eyebrow.

8/28/2010 #508
irrevocably ives

"Definatley before." Zaria stated, "You are one perverted kid if you thought I was going to say after."

8/28/2010 #509

"I can't deny that," Zane smiled broadly at Zaria.

8/28/2010 #510
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