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Living Mannequin

Topic Creator's Note:

Christening the start of Claymore Roleplay Forum. This is a new generation roleplay, in which the warriors that slay yoma are past Clare and Clarice's time. Not much has changed, yoma are still around in the same numbers, but different awakened beings have occupied the land.

Character Skeletons:


Name: (No last name is required.)

Nickname: (Ex. Phantom Miria, Teresa Of The Faint Smile, etc.)

Fighting Type: (Offensive or defensive)

Rank: (#)

Abilities/ Skills: (Enhanced speed, etc.)

Appearance: (Feel free to put a picture URL in here)


Former Claymore



Fighting Type:

Former Rank:

Abilities/ Skills:

Appearance: (URLs accepted again.)


Being Hunted?:

Reason For Leaving The Organization: (Optional)

Awakened Being


Former Nickname:


Former Rank:


Abilities/ Skills: (Insane flexibility, etc.)

Human Form: (URLs accepted)

Yoma Form: (URLs accepted)

Bio?: (Optional)

6/28/2010 . Edited 6/28/2010 #1
Living Mannequin


1) No GM or PP

2) No killing off other people's characters without asking them

3) No cybering; it's immature.

4) If you're asked to leave. Leave.

5) Try your best to avoid making Mary-Sue and Gary-Stu characters.

6) No crossovering in this roleplay, please.

6/28/2010 #2
Living Mannequin

Name: Daisy

Nickname: Charming Daisy

Fighting Type: Defensive

Rank: #22

Abilities/ Skills: Daisy is pretty well-rounded, although she lacks a bit of strength. She tends to perform her techniques rather then use them, using a strange amount of grace and calculation.

Appearance: Daisy, as the nickname implicates, is a very attractive woman. With a doll-like face, shown by tieing her blond hair into a simple bun, with her swept bangs resting over her forehead. She has a small mouth with full lips, and silver eyes with long eyelashes. She is average height, with a thin, yet curvaceous figure.

Personality: Daisy is upbeat and a bit flirtatious, not minding to speak up on what she thinks, but not entirely wearing her heart on her sleeve. She is most often calm, adding attractiveness and feminitity to her overall charm.


Name: Renee

Nickname: Animus Renee

Fighting Type: Offensive

Rank: #26

Abilities/ Skills: Renee has impressive strength and combat abilities, however lacks a proper way to read yoki well, resulting in underestimation of her enemy.

Appearance: Renee has a brutish figure, bulky and tall, with short, spiky hair. Her face is androgenous, borderline boyish.

Personality: Renee is a blunt, sometimes cold person who does well to make sure she knows of something before she debates about it. She is a bit bossy and pushy around others, but does well to respect her superior.


Name: Valkyrie

Former Nickname: Hollow Valkyrie

Age: Seventy-eight (Awakened in her thirties)

Former Rank: #3

Personality: Passionate (about one thing or another), with undying will to accomplish what she wants to do. Since she awakened, she is less cold, and more disturbingly distant, as if her awakened form is not all there.

Abilities/ Skills: Able to stretch any part of her body, and has armour-like stones stuck in her body, able to deflect a few attacks.

Human Form: Appears quite youthful, almost the same as the day she awakened, with the slight difference of darker features and unnerving overall appearance. Even without sensing her yoki, it is obvious something is strange about her. She has long, gray (originally platnum blond) hair that reaches her hips in pin-straight locks, along with long bangs just brushing over her black (originally silver) eyes. Her build is tall and lean, with claw-like hands and bulging veins boredering the more demonic parts of her body.

Yoma Form: Elongated limbs and body parts, disproportionate to her body. Her skin and overall pigment darkens, her mouth widening to reach to the width of the outward edges of her gold eyes, filled with yoma power. Her hair spikes and tends to take a life of it's own, moving under her control. Black, stone-like, spikes form out of her body naturally.

Bio: Hollow Valkyrie was one of the most promising, powerful warriors of her time, showing great potential in exceeding all her other fellow warriors. She quickly became impaitent with the weaker warriors, claiming that "the weak are best off dead", ever since then, she had slaughtered her fellow, low-rank comrades that "got in the way" of her job. However, this wasn't figured out until after her awakening. The day of her awakening, she exceeded her limit after being mocked by her opponent on being weak, and slowly became to transform infront of her comrades' eyes. She gave her black card to her closest friend Layna, who hadn't yet arrived to take her head. Valkyrie waits for that day she'll be reunited with her friend, and until then she refuses to die from anyone else's hands.

6/28/2010 #3

Name: Axia

Nickname: Redeemer Axia

Fighting Type: Defensive

Former Rank: #44

Abilities/ Skills: Axia possesses heightened Yoki sensing equal to Clare. Furthermore, she can swing her sword so fast that it looks like a shield, which can deflect any kind of attack. However, her most talented skill is her healing power. She is able to heal wounds in a matter of seconds and to recreate limbs of others within an hour. As long as her brain is undamaged, she can fully regenerate too. In contrasts to her fighting ability, she has no special offensive skills and used to defeat her opponent by reflecting their own attacks. Furthermore, she does not possess the superhuman strength of an ordinary Claymore. She barely managed to handle her sword, but everything above that weight is impossible for her to lift. Her speed is average.

Appearance: Axia appears to be a very frail, slim and weak girl which attracts many people's attention. She has long silver hair and eyes. Her eyelashes are long and her skin is very pale, even for a Claymore. After she had left the organization, she wears a short dress with very long sleeves. When she goes outside, she usually also wears a long white cloth, which she use as an overcoat. Regardless where she is walking, she walked bare-footed.

Personality: Axia is extremely shy and very polite. She tends to hide and isolates herself from the public, which is the reason why she lives in snowy mountains and only leaves her hideout during snowstorms. Furthermore, she is very kind-hearted, unable to look away and leave people who are wounded/ill or need help on their own, regardless if they are human or not. Usually, she takes them inside her little hut and tends them until they have recovered before she disappears and moves into another snowy place to hide in. In addition to that, she hates battles and prefers to avoid them, not wanting to hurt anyone. During her missions, she tended to abandon her mission to protect the inhabitants of the village instead of slaying the Youmas.

Being Hunted?: no

Reason For Leaving The Organization: Because of her personality and her lack in power, she is the very first and only Claymore who was kicked out from the organization. As she was seen as no threat to them, she was left on her own accords.

7/3/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #4
Living Mannequin

Yaay! A joiner! :D I actually didn't expect anyone to find this forum, since all the other Claymore OC forums are dead. ^^

7/3/2010 #5

Well, I have become a Claymore fan only recently. Therefore, I was quite interested in a roleplay.

However, does it mean that you accept my character? When can we start playing?

7/3/2010 . Edited 7/3/2010 #6

Name: Cheryl "Cher."

Nickname: Cher of love

Fighting Type: Defensive

Rank: 4

Abilities/ Skills: Cher is known for extreme speed, and her various sword techiques. She's not known for being that good at attacking but has almost never been seen with injuries from a battle. Her most used ability is to look one seacond into the future and then read the opponents next attack. She has never used more of her Yoma powers than that her eyes changed color.

Appearance: Cher has a tall and normal slender claymore body. She has vey long blonde curly hair with a fringe that is pushed a little to the side. She usually has her hair set up, so few has seen how long her hair actually is. Cher is a beautiful woman and often fights with elegance.

Personality: Cher is a very nice, warm and usually calm claymore, though she knows when to be serious. She doesn't really like fighting and often dreams of finding peace in town and live a life as a normal human. Cher always finds it too hard to kill awakened beings and has never killed a former claymore. Cher loves cats and often turns into a little child as she sees one.


Name: Lynne

Nickname: Hawk eyes Lynne

Fighting Type: Offensive

Rank: 13

Abilities/ Skills: Lynne has extreamly good eyes, that are able to see things several miles away. She can see through things like a forrest and zoom in places she wants to see. Beside that she is a pretty good fighter that is good at controlling her yoma powers. She is not very fast though and often gets injured in battles.

Appearance: She is a very tall claymore, with a thin and normal body. Her hair is short, and cut in a bob so that she has very short hair on the backside of her haid and long hair in front. She also has white hair with two gray stripes on each side of her face where her hair is longest.

Personality: Lynne is a cold claymore that doesn't like getting close to anyone, she gets easily irritated but it takes a lot to make her truly angry. She secretly loves flowers and is a pretty feminine claymore, but feels that it ruins her cold attitude to show it. She also blushes a lot and get easily embarrassed.

7/3/2010 . Edited 12/26/2011 #7
Living Mannequin

(Both profiles are accepted! We can start now, if you guys want. Also, once the roleplay's started, anyone is still allowed to join in or make another character.)

7/4/2010 #8
Sure! That would be great ^^
7/4/2010 #9

Are we going to play in this topic or are you going to create a new topic, in which we are going to play in?

7/4/2010 #10
Maybe we should make another for Rping?
7/4/2010 #11
Living Mannequin

(I had planned to roleplay in this topic. That's usually how I do it. :3)

Stepping down the dirt path to her new mission, Daisy lightly stretched and checked her bun.

"Mm, I slept well last night." She said with a vocal release of comfort, looking over to Renee with a faint, sly, smile on her face.

"You didn't need to sleep." Renee remarked harshly, her husky, alto voice ringing with irritation, "You could've easily walked a few more days."

"Now, now, Renee." Daisy said with a tiny giggle, "Haven't you ever heard of beauty sleep. You could've gone ahead, you know."

"What the hell does that mean?" Renee spat bitterly, Daisy shook her head, letting out a tiny, flirtatious sigh.

"Really Renee... What are the chances we'd run into each other again? If you ask me-"

"I'm not."

Daisy paused, a tiny scowl of irritation on her doll face, she then regained her soft, worldly composure yet again, and continued.

"If you ask me, I'd say this is fate."

Renee let out a small 'tch' noise, her intense silver eyes glaring over to her.

"Yeah right."

"You know, Renee..." Daisy twirled the curlicues that shaped the side of her face, "Regardless of how you treat me, you're still my charming prince."

"Who's calling who 'charming'. You're 'Charming Daisy'." Renee glanced away, her short, spiky hair being pickled up by the increasing wind. Daisy giggled, getting onto her tippy toes to ruffle Renee's hair.

"Aw, did I hit a sweet spot with my compliment?"

"Screw off."

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #12

(I see. Thank you for the information.)

Axia was sitting in the little hut she had created. A new snowstorm had risen. Standing up, she looked through her small window, seeing only plain white.

"I can feel them," she thought. "I can feel those presences... Coming this way..."

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #13
"oh, hi there," Cher said as she saw the two coming.
7/4/2010 #14
Living Mannequin

Daisy smiled as she greeted the other warrior with a wave, still pacing herself at a normal walking speed.

"Oh, a new comrad." Her eyes beemed as she realized that this was a new face to her. As she stepped closer and closer, she felt more and more energy from the other warrior.

'She must be in the single didgits. In otherwords, our leader.'

"I haven't seen your face before; I'm Daisy, rank 22."

Renee stared awkwardly over to Daisy.

'She doesn't know who this is?' Renee thought, 'I knew she didn't do well to research the others, but I didn't know she was that oblivious.'

"Renee, rank 26." Renee introduced herself respectably with a solomn nod.

(Be right back.)

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #15
The woman chuckled a little as she watched the two. "it's a pleasure to meet you both," Cher smiled. "I am Cher, rank 4."
7/4/2010 #16
Living Mannequin


"Ah, yes, I remember. 'Lovely Cher' was it?" Daisy giggled, "You and I are similar."

"Daisy, the mission." Renee remarked; if she hadn't reminded her, she would've spent her entire time talking. Daisy glanced over to Renee.

"I remember." Daisy insisted, "It's called being friendly. Perhaps you should try it some-" Daisy stopped herself, glancing around.

"Do any of you sense something?" Daisy asked, "I think someone's supressing their yoki around here."

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #17
"ara... Is that so," Cher said, even though she already knew it. "let's see what it is, hm?"
7/4/2010 #18
Living Mannequin

Renee watched as Daisy glanced around.

"Over there?" She asked, pointing to a hut that was almost barely noticable through the snow.

Renee unsheathed her sword in preparation.

'Who is it? A traitor?' Renee asked herself, not able to sense the yoki that both Cher and Daisy could effortlessly feel.

Daisy took a couple of steps towards the small hut, but stopped.

"What's wrong?" Renee asked. Daisy shook his head.

'That's strange...' Daisy thought, continuing to walk.

7/4/2010 #19

Axia felt that those presence moved closer to her hut and were standing in front of the door. However, she remained seated, not moving and remaining silent. Her eyes did not leave the door.

7/4/2010 #20
Cher followed after Daisy.
7/4/2010 #21
Living Mannequin

Daisy hesitated, but eventually knocked.

Renee rolled her eyes, "You're knocking?"

"I don't get my fun out of destroying huts. I get my fun slaying yoma." Daisy responded simply, waiting for someone to open the door.

"Besides, there's no need to use force if they're willing to come out."

Renee sighed, placing her sword back in it's sheath.

7/4/2010 #22

The knock surprised her and she remained silent for a while. After she had regained her composure, she stood up to answer them.

"Yes?" she said, opening the door slightly, standing like she was hiding behind the door and only peeked outside.

7/4/2010 #23
"ah, I know you." Cher walked to the door with a sad expression on her face.
7/4/2010 #24

Axia saw Cher and her eyes widened slightly. Then she took a step more behind the door, so that the people outside could only see the left part of her face, hiding even more from them.

7/4/2010 #25
Living Mannequin

"You do?" Daisy asked.

Renee said nothing, looking as if she was trying to recall something locked in her memory.

"Axia?" Renee asked.

7/4/2010 #26

Axia was even more surprised when she heard Renee calling her name. Her eyes widened again before they regained their normal size. That time she stepped completely away from their sigh, but kept the door opened.

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #27
"Axia, don't be scared I promise, we won't hurt you." Cher smiled a little.
7/4/2010 #28
Living Mannequin

"Axia?" Daisy echoed, confused. She took intervals of looks between Renee and Axia.

"Esther told me of her. The organization isn't after her, they basically left her to her own devices." Renee explained. She looked behind her, pondering whether or not to mention the mission again.

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #29

Axia came closer to the small opening from the door.

"Really?" she asked.

7/4/2010 #30
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