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Lolly Dream

This thread is for Stark_Black to run and regulate anyway they may see fit. The next post goes to them to set up the rules and info of this thread and any other post after this one that is not belonging to them before they set up such will be deleted.

Thread gained by Stark_Black for winning Supernova Author of the Month of August 2010!


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8/31/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #1


We all love One Piece, of course we all love One Piece, otherwise we wouldn't be writing One Piece fics, and we wouldn't be here. This is a forum to post your favorite One Piece fics, the best of the best—in your opinion.

ALSO, because good fanfiction is sometimes hard to find, and I know from experience that sometimes the best fics you ever read are fics recommended by friends, I challenge all you wonderful people of this forum. Since we're all friends here (at least I hope so anyway) I want to give everyone a chance to post their favorite fics from OTHER forums as well. Let's fill this thread with good fics from EVERYWHERE! If you respect and love the people and stories from the authors here, try out some of the fics they like!!


Here's what you do:

1) Start out with your top five to ten favorite One Piece fics. Put the name of the fic, the author, a link if you can, and a rating and paring. A quick reason why you like it would be cool too.

2) List your next favorite forum, and post three or more of your favorite fics from there in the same fashion.

3) Repeat as many times as you like.



Now, I have about a MILLION favorite fics, so just be aware that you DO NOT have to post ten fics for every fandom you're in. And if you only read One Piece, that's cool! Just put down your favorite One Piece fics. Don't be intimidated by my massive post. I just wanted to share what I love with you guys. :) I'm actually interested in what you read, so try it out! And you can always come back and post another, or add onto your list!!

Ahem, I also noticed that all my faves are M or NC-17… So if you're not cool with the sex, and sometimes explicit sex… *coughs* Sorry.

9/11/2010 #2

~~*AND GO!!*~~



One Piece Favorite Fics:


"In Dreams" by Sinisterbug. (Zoro/Sanji, M)

The reason I love this story, is for the plot. It reads like a Jane Austen novel. Bug's prose is fantastic.


"Persistent Resistance" by Sinisterbug. (Zoro/Sanji, M)

Again, the reason I love this story, is the plot. The storyline is captivating.


"Rules of Love" by Sabershadowkat. (Sanji/Zoro/Sanji, M)

I see a pattern here. I love plot. The hot sex is definitely a bonus, but the story is so good I just die every time I read it.


"Hamon" by maldoror_gw. (Sanji/Zoro, M)

Um, the build up to the sex would probably be the reason I like this. Oh yeah, and the story is good. Lol.


"A Little Bit More" by The Shadow Omega. (Zoro/Sanji/Zoro, NC-17)

Best. Sex. Ever.


"Favorite Disease" by Scuttlebutt Inc. (Zoro/Sanji, M) No sex.

Set in a mental institution. Love it. Sanji's real cool, and Zoro's really sweet in this one.


"Ghost of a Chance" by Sabershadowkat. (Sanji/Zoro, M)

I like it when characters get a chance to see other characters in a different setting. Sanji gets to see another side of Zoro in this, and I think it's sweet.


Naruto Favorite Fics:


"Break to Breathe" by Okami Rayne. (Shikamaru/Neji, M)

This is probably my favorite fanfiction story of all time. It's written so well, and the story is so in depth. The sex is hot, and the romance is just agonizingly beautiful.


"Tolerant Intolerance" by Hatochan. (Kakashi/Iruka, Raidou/Genma, NC-17)


It's actually a series. It's written really well, with just the right amount of angst, love, friendship, sex, and action.


"Heart of a Ninja" by Checkerbloom. (Kakashi/Iruka, M)

I like this for the same reason I like SinisterBug's "In Dreams". The plot sucked me in so hard I almost died. It's so sweet, and it moves nice and slow. It's quite a beautiful love story.


"Blackmail and Betrayal" by Zrina. (Naruto/Sasuke, NC-17)

AU with FBI, drug dealers, action, sex, and Naruto is a sexy stripper.


"A Virgin Kiss" by Hestia. (Neji/Gaara, NC-17)

Um… it's just the sex. I can admit that. The sex it hot. And I love Gaara so…


"Answers" by imlikat. (Raidou/Genma, M)

It's written so well, and probably the best switch from straight to gay I've ever seen. I hate the fics where they're straight, and the BAM! Suddenly they're okay with doing other dudes.


"Water Runs Red" by scribblesitm. (Iruka/Kakashi/Iruka, NC-17)

It's just awesome. That's all I can say.


"Stripped Bare" by J-Pop Princess. (Kakashi/Sakura, NC-17) OMG not yaoi!!

It's such an awesome story. Sakura is actually really cool, and Kakashi is SEXY AS HELL! I love a Kakashi that bones favorite characters of mine, (such as Shikamaru, Genma, Sasuke, etc) but a straight Kakashi worshipping the female body and being all sweet and protective really REALLY makes me weak in the knees.


Bleach Favorite Fics:


"Dreaming of Skies Elsewhere" by sublimeparadigm. (Ichigo/Ishida, NC-17)

Again, the plot thing. So goooood. And the sex is hot. Really.


"The Prince and the Rebel" by ArtemisMS. (Renji/Byakuya, M)

I'm not the biggest Renji/Byakuya fan, but in an AU setting, I think it works. Love this story so much.


"For a Good Time Call" by DrabbleandFluff. (Renji/Byakyua, M)

Renji is a phone sex operator. The funny just doesn't stop in this story. :D Plus, you get a little Shuuhei/Ichigo and that always makes a story awesome.


"Flood" by Darkprism. (Chad/Ishida, M)

So, if you haven't guessed by now, I love angst. This fic is filled with it, but it's not overdone, and actually, it's kind of sweet. Chad is win.


"Filthy Mouths, Filthy Minds" and "Filthy Minds, Filthy Deeds" both by figaro_figaro. (Shuuhei/Renj, and Shuuhei/Renji/Ichigo, NC-17)

One of my OTPs of Bleach is Shuuhei/Renji, and my OT3 is Shuuhei/Renji/Ichigo, so this was like finding gold. Figaro_figaro writes some incredible sex, and her Shuuhei is so very bossy and HAWT.


Hitman Reborn! Favorite Fics:


"Vivi Memor Leti" by sunnycalendargirl. (R27, X27, ALL27, and some others, NC-17)

So far, it's pretty good. The mafia plot is really in depth, and her Hibari is totally cool.


"Gear Jammer" by amcw177. (185980 or 10 years later Hibari/Gokudera/Yamamoto, NC-17)

Sexy cars and sexy boys. What else need I say??


XXXHOLiC Favorite Fics:


"Lesson" by Sakurazukamori6. (Doumeki/Watanuki, M)

She writes Doumeki really well. (And really, my loving Doumeki has NOTHING to do with him having the same voice as Zoro. Nothing.


"Kitsune Bi" by Ookami Kasumi. (Doumeki/Watanuki, M)

This is… um… well… I love this fic, even though I shouldn't. There's some non-con, and I think it's completely OOC for Doumeki, but… the story is so good… I guess just read at your own risk, and DON'T JUDGE ME!


"Cold" by Piecrust17. (Doumeki/Watanuki, M)

Short and sweet. :)


"Saving a Moment" by Tsubasa-fan. (Doumeki/Watanuki, M)

Plot again. It's a vicious monster that pulls me in with sharp claws and biting teeth. I can't resist it.




I'll stop there. Lol. I have more faves in more fandoms, but I think I've gone a bit overboard.

So that's all you do. Have fun! And don't forget that even if you only read One Piece fics, post your faves! Share the lurve~!!


9/11/2010 #3

Gahhhh! I love the idea Stark! Can we repeat fics though? That have been previosuly said??

But ooh, i love this, i just want to shamelessly pimp out those fics which are just. flat. out. awesome. :D

9/12/2010 #4

One Piece Favorite Fics!

1. In Dreams- SinisterBug. (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Best OP Yaoi Fic Ever. Ever, No questions asked. It's so poetic! So romantic! I can see this sung by bards somewhere in France. And the sex is good stuff.

2. The Things you Say: SinisterBug (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Just so well written, the emotions just swirl around in a soup of feeling that leaves you blinded.

3. Memories StarkBlack (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Just this huge massive piece of work which is written amazingly well start to finish and has great scope, breadth, and length. Just Wow! I love all the charcters in here!

4. The Nature of Things: StarkBlack and SinisterBug (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Hot sex. hilarious language, original plot! Greatness personified!

5. The Dark Knight of GLU: Tshapo-chi (Zoro/Sanji) M

-This is hilarious stuff, which also happens to be hot. But I really liked the originality of the work and the epicness of it too.

6. This is Your Life: BregoArodShadowFax: (Zoro/Sanji) M

-This is written well, the sex is hot, the plot is good. It's long and easy to get into the mindset of, amazing!

7. Water Sector: Aznillusion183 (Zoro/Sanji) M

-This is another of those long AUs which I adore becuase the plot is thick, the romance is great, and the story is VERY well written,

8. Courtship Rituals: peroxidepest17 (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Pure hilarity!

9. I'ts Lonely at the Top: Zo One (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Maybe not the best written piece of work, it's very rough at times; but the romance is so achinngly slow and heart-wrenching that I adore it.

10. You're Mine: Lolly Dream (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Powerfully written. There's some scenes in there that just border on the taboo, and situations in which Lolly deals with that are usually politely bypassed by others.

11. Heat: Synvamp (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Wow. Original. Hot. Funny. Hot. Hot. Did i say hot? The name says it all. Literally.

12. Blood and Smokes: melisandre013 (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Interesting to say the least. Good sex.

13. Persistant Resistance: SinisterBug (Zoro/Sanji) M


(I have more, but I'm running late to work!)

9/12/2010 #5

:D:D Awesome Geko!!! And YAY! There's a couple in here I haven't read! I gotta go bookmark them!!

*blushes* Yay, there's a couple of mine up there. *dances*

9/12/2010 #6

(OP Fics Continued)

1. One Week: ProfessorHoJotheGen-I-US (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Hot, great job of switching the two from bottom to top. Best damn bottom Zoro, I've EVAH seen

2. Of Seminars and Men: Tshapo Chi (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Interesting, Hot. Nice wording.

3. Grab Me: YaoiFanLady 2 (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Hot, IC, the most teasing thing I've read!!

4.All the Truth is on the table: Anime gher (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Very original/awesome. The only ONLY fanfic where Chopper is involved in the action kind of, and it works. Bravo.

5. A Little Bit More: The Shadow Omega (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Hot sex. Good story overall though.

6. Leek Soup for the Swordsman's Soul Amended Version: SinisterBug (Zoro/Sanji) M

-Wow, it's SInisterBug, what can I say? So very good.

7. The Itch: SinisterBug (Zoro/Sanji) M

8. Magic Panties: Allbluechaser (Zoro/Sanji) M

-It's crack. But crack of a special kind! Too hot.

Haha, I still have loads more, but I can't think of any off the top of my head! And of course your fics are up there Stark, do you want me to blasphemy???! :D :D

9/12/2010 #7

I'm writing mostly from my memory so forgive me if something is off, my Internet connection is killing me, I'll be fixed maybe tomorrow.;

(Zoro x Sanji NC17/rating M)

maldoror-gw Hamon and Like Steel for Chocolate.

I seriously have weakness for anything she writes. In Hamon there's few scenes after reading which I really am a panting mess, the amazingly showed fight with Baratie audience and (duh!) a bedroom scene with Zeff on the other side of the wall*sniggers*.

The second is also kept in similar style, though the plot is build up in such a way that at the dinner you realize what's really going on and have a major SQUEE—reaction(at least I had;). Sanji is …well read to find out.

tonko-ni Strange Bedfellows and Pissed-Off Islanders Make Them Do It

"Zoro the Demon hunts vampires. Thus, Sanji's nightly routine is interrupted." The first umm, amazing? Can't find the words, but it's an interesting look on the whole vampire-thing, original.

The second is flat out angsty, rape in a way but both Sanji and Zoro, ending is so fucking sweet I cried(I think, it was so long since I've read it;), but nonetheless how it's written is pure gold. Edits: I re-read, and yes I cried, I wept like a baby ok? Lol and I prised the author for that all the more!*swoons*

sans-pertinence 'Til it's Gone, Of Fungi & Green Tigers, Heady, Nice Things.

2nd-person POV. Flawless. I seriously wept when reading(or maybe I had a bad day, lol), there's sex, but in a way it's one sided and sad, only taking not giving and...gah, you have to read to know. Freaking amazing!

Warnings for the second fic: language like whoa, mild violence, suggested m/m, variation on tiger!Zoro and fox!Sanji, utter crack. Interested? *smirks* Others are more or less continuations or just kept in OP world.(to lazy to check)

synvamp Zoro learns some manners

Zoro starts to be aware of his attraction to cook and with influence of alcohol decides to take a chance. Sanji of course knows, wants, but doesn't make this any easier for Zoro. Loooong read and even there's bunch of sequels to it, but oh so worth reading.

bunnymaccool The Placing of Blame

Summary(because I barely remember what was it about but I have it in my memories so I must found something good in it, lol): The placing of blame in a bad situation, wherein two men who barely consider themselves friends will have to learn to depend completely on each other.

There are memoried in order fics from bunnymaccol:

crystalbluefox – Telling a story

Long and awesome oneshot; drama, Sanji and Zoro stranded on the island, emotional build up, exhaustion, wounds, nightmares, one amazing kitty(xD), and one of the best sex scenes near the end. *loves* *x*

Other amazing authors I adore though mostly from livejournal:

sabershadowkat, tchapo chi, StarkBlack, SinisterBug, GeckoMoriaShadowLord, Lolly Dream, salmon_pink(I wouldn't start writing if not for her influence), clarify/clara(for ex. Modern Day Pirate, Goings On), figaro_figaro, scuttlebutt_inc, chibi_trillian, ecphrastic, plotbunny_tiff, ptps, moe81, cuethe_pulse, lys_cookie, melisandre013, Lufanji(Of Gods and Humans), silverwolfcc(because I gave her 2 prompts and she made it breathtaking), mr_redrum(In Heaven Before We Died), dreamingfate, Devlinn Reiko, Aleia15, THE Shadow Omega, X-parrot, mishagirl, and many more…sighs, lol.

Ok, I edited and put links, I'll write also few more of my few specific recommendations later!

9/14/2010 . Edited 9/14/2012 #8

Ah yes, salmon_pink. I remember her stuffs. Good times. :D

And I don't think I've ever read "Like Steel for Chocolate"! I'll have to try it out! And tonko-ni is an author I haven't heard of.

So excited for new fics!! Thanks, Ringo!! :D:D:D:D

9/14/2010 #9

GUUHHH!! OMG! I know tonko-ni!! She does those AMAZING Naruto/Neji fics!!

Now I can read One Piece stuffs by her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9/14/2010 #10
The Wandering Swordsman

One Piece Favorite Fics:


Memories by StarkBlack (ZoroxSanji, M)

Zoro was really cute in this story. The first story that made me addicted to fanfiction. The angst was very good and I like how it wasn't just the 'helping the other to bring back their memories' but it had the Usopp and Kaya's side of the story.


Exclusive by cuethe_pulse (SanjixZoro and tiny bit of BuggyxZoro, M)

((Below are two chapters Part A and B))

It was a creative story and the part where Zoro gets a little heartbroken was a major squealer. Jealous Sanji makes me a happy camper too♥

...I love heartbroken Zoro...*gasps at her realization* Learn new stuff everyday.


Sex, Strawberries, Durian, and Star Fruit by Saber Shadowkitten (SanjixZoro, M...NC-17?)

Reading how Zoro's feelings toward Sanji slowly but subtly progressing was well written. The many sex scenes in the story was nose bleeding sexy.


Ghost of a Chance by Saber Shadowkitten (SanjixZoro OtherxZoro, M)

Best one-shot I read. I can read it over and over again and still have the same reaction I had when I first read it.


Playing Mermaid by Saber Shadowkitten (SanjixZoro, M)

When I imagined the scene in my head, it was really mind blowing hot.


A Cook's Recipe for Anger Management by TextlessNovel (ZoroxSanji I think, T)

The constant angst. It's still 'in progress' though...


Shifting Ties by DreamingFate (ZoroxSanji SanjixZoro, M)

I like the sequel to this but I mainly love how their relationship started.


Lie to Me by lulunekolucy (eventually ZoroxSanji, M)

It's not finished yet (grumbles) but I love the setting of this story. The idea that Zoro gets the 'special treatment' made me grin.


Those are my favorite so far...

Thank you vivaciousRingo for introducing the 'pissed-off islanders' story! I read it before and loved it so much I wanted to read it again but I forgot the title! TT^TT You saved my life! xD

9/15/2010 #11

hee~ I'm so happy I helped, Stark and Wander yay! I feel accomplished somewhat, xD. *coughs* that's why I decided to put some more of the sexy-smexy things I liked, maybe not all will be ...(lol *coughs*) umm, *shifty eyes* to the tastes of our guild members, but hey there's always a first time to read something new, *snickers*

Just so you know, I haven't pointed all amazing fics from those authors, do the searching yourself, I'm damn tired already, lol.

Moving on~ mostly they're Zoro x Sanji, romance, rating M, that's why I'll point out where they're different.


Cairnsy Swordsmen According to Sanji (rating T) and Captured

I have never ever probably laughed more when reading something as this, master-fucking-piece! Hilarious.


I don't think I need to pint out X-parrot works? Though they're mostly Zoro x Sanji nakamaship, but she made few drabbles that cracked me up, it's totally ZoSan-ish or spiced with others too (R rating, like whoa) and hilarious:


enhancedbycolor Politically Correct

You would never, ever believe it's her first fic. It's full of win and made from awesome.


SlowSunrise To Be That Someone That You're With (Zoro x Sanji, M)

Summary: One day Zoro gets some terrible news; his father raped a young man. He moves in with his uncle and gets a surprise the next morning. The young man, Sanji, is his new neighbour. ZoSan, SmoAce, mentions of non con.


Lilliana1981 Angel

Summary: A little treasure chest is able to turn the whole life of our favorite Cook and Marimo upside- down! Will change into M in later chapters... Will lead into SanZo.


SybLaTortue (Parasite, A Visitor from the Future, rating T, Zoro x Sanji)

Tyigra (Trainwreck on Kamabakka, RelationShipwreck(Rating K+ and T)

Aleia15 The Sixth Sense (humor) and few others.

Pamplemoose Cosa Nostra Luffy x Zoro, M, drama

Inumaru12 Infractus Mens, Convulsus Monumentum (Luffy x Zoro, M, angst/adventure)

Sentimentalreality Sugar Cubes and Bittersweet (rating K+, drama)

ShaolinQueen Priorities (rating T, drama/angst)

Splatter Fall Libitina (rating T, drama/adventure)

Endsoftime Stay a While


Kara-Kuro Quantum Collisions

Summary: The seemingly random collision of two people can lead to interesting results. What exactly the results are, depends on the parties involved. Modern AU, Zoro x Sanji.

I fund it when I read probably all there was worth and interesting to read (lamo, everything what gecko-hime mentioned and few more^^;) But I was indeed, pleasantly surprised, collab work, long one, the whole plot is packed in 24 hours or two days, I can't remember well, but it was amazingly well written fic, I enjoyed it, much, xD.


alita_b_angel Squeaky clean Zoro x Tentacles x Sanji, SxZ Rating: NC-17 LIKE WHOA.

Because tentacle prOn is lo~ve and ultimate devil fruit would be water. Just read! Lol.


ptps and chibi_trillian Conspicuous Consumption

Rating: NC-DEAD for lots of wankery and stuff you should not fuck with. In other words, mind-raping, non-work-safe crack. Srsly.

Pairing: Nakamaship Sanji x everyone (except Chopper, whom we graciously decided to spare. ) Mix 2 parts het and 3 parts yaoi.

Warning: Please do not read before/after breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, and definitely not while drinking anything in front of the computer it has a tendency to go up noses/sprayed over the keyboard. You have been thoroughly warned.

Yess, read warnings, because IF you read it… you'll never EVER look at Sanji cooking the same way, you're seriously reading on your own accord. I warned ya, *laughs*


Ecphrastic Chores

Summary: Nami despises the section of the fandom that can't get enough of Sanji being bothered in various ways.

In a way influenced by the one above.



MishaGirl She's got the look. Rating R/M/NC 17.

"Sanji turned into a girl? This is a total excuse for everyone to sex him up." I adore plots where Sanji is turned into a girl, adore, adore, adore!!! I'd so freaking love to see it being continued, Misha~swan!!*whimpers* It's so awesome…

and another fabulous one fic from her~ Sanji and Zoro: Sisters in Love

"An incident sends a female Sanji & Zoro in search of their male bodies or someone to fix it. Confusion and attraction ensues." *whimpers* why it's not-finished, why?!

Revan's Soul Once Upon a Time, there was a swordsman named Zoro

This one I read so long ago.. but the action is swift and there's interesting devil fruit put to good use, *laughs* hilarious! (rating K, adventure/humor)


The Chichi Slaughter House Flipped Vision

Because there's always a place for random and fucking amazingly written prOn where characters don't loose an edge at all. *love~* (Zoro x Sanji rating: Rrrr!)


chibi_trillian Testosterone

*nosebleed* Not graphic per say, pretty short, Nami has her's share there, but dammit one of the most picturesque blow-jobs that I remembered, "It was epic. It was vicious. It was the scariest damn blowjob Nami had ever seen." *dies*


maldoror_gw Do Over SanZo, ZoSan NC17

Summary: Zoro and Sanji's second time. The less said about the first...

I forgot about it, an edited to put it too~*swoons* I laughed so heard, man~ she really knows how to mix seriousness with crack! *loves*


salmon-pink Initiation (Luffy/Zoro/Sanji) Rating: NC-17 (manwich!!just gahhh manwich!!)

Words: 825 But it's the best threesome I've ever read, and whatever she writes is such a perfection in my eyes that I don't know what to do with myself after reading something from her. She is my muse. She is the one who made me want to write something myself. I could shower her in praise and never get bored of it. I could read many times her works and never actually get sick of re-reading them. I love it just… a little bit too much~.


another one from her Subliminal Rating: NC-17 drabble Pairing: Zoro/Sanji

Zoro talking dirty. Gahh*nosebleed*


and another(xD) Offence Mechanism Rating: NC-17 Words: 4122 Pairing: Zoro/Sanji

Summary: The fight's just warming up when they're interrupted. By a plant. Which can't bode well.

Unff~. *speechless*


ok, last one: Tart And Berries Luffy/SanjiNC-17 Words: 1210

Summary: It should have been simple, and Sanji should have been fighting it.

sdknfweklbufilqwerf– *keyboard smash*

Oh god, oh god, oh god, I just re-read those unff!~, I need to get down from a high I was put in~ *dies* Excuse me I'm gonna pick up my limbs and pieces of my brain, they're here…somewhere …scattered around, lol. Oh, and shower. Yess, cold fucking shower sounds good.(lmao)

9/17/2010 . Edited 9/17/2010 #12
Lolly Dream

Ok many things Lolly could be doing buuut Lolly thinks this looks like fun and is a procrastinator! ^.^


OP FanFic Picks from Lolly!


To Control - By: melisandre013

*wiggles* Very good story set in the 1920's its a SanjixZoro fic but has SanjixGin in it and is just mind blowingly good. I'm picky about my time travel but she really put a lot of work into it this story and it really makes you feel the time era come alive.


Keeping Good Company - By: ColourPearl

xD One of the best crackfics I have ever read. Sanji talking to this fish had me in tears I was laughing so hard.


Hospital Beds - By: Pamplemoose

I just love how this story is set up, and there is so much drama for just sitting around its amazing. Another SanjixZoro fic.


Dirty Dishes - By: Scuttlebutt Inc.

This so far has been my fav AcexSanji fic and I cried like a baby around the ending. Really though all their works is amazing!


Favorite Disease ( ) - By: Scuttlebutt Inc.

My fav SanjixZoro fic by them. *drools* This story is so amazing! I really wish they would do a sequel to it.


Irkalla Island - By: Ellipsis the Great

This story took it to a whole new Sanji torture level for me. Really great stuff! ZoroxSanji


Cock-a-doodle-effin-doo - By: psycho chibbi

*swoons due to the epicness of this story* My all time fav by far OP world setting story. Nobody! Can write Sanji like her and the way she does just leaves you drooling due to the epic win. I had always wanted to see what would happen if Sanji one day just snapped and locked himself away in his kitchen. Psh my mind was blown away again and again in this story. ZoroxSanji


Of course there also is Memories for Lolly but you all have said that now a few times xD Still Lolly mentions it cause its EPIC! And Lolly's most fav story of all times. *so can't wait for sequel*


That's all for now. Lolly will list more at another time. ^.^ *Skips away Sanji style.*

9/17/2010 #13

Hello there! I'm glad to discover that I share the same tastes as everyone here! ^_^ I can't add anything new (I think) but well, here I go.

Instead of liking stories; I have a tendency to prefer some authors. If I like the story, usually I finish reading more from the autor. All of this authors write ZoSan (I can't help it *shrugs*). The autor's that I like are:

Sinisterbug. She was the first autor that make me go all obsessed about ZoSan (for that, she has a special spot in my heart). All of you posted links to stories from her, but I'm surprised that no one talked about her "Sanji, prince of Kiot". This fic is fuck*ng truly amazing! Usually, I don't like anything where Zoro or Sanji have another relationships (yeah, I'm THAT ZoSanZo obsessed; I don't mind their past, but for the present, I want them together) and in this one Zoro has a harem...and Iwouldn't have it in another way! All the OCs from the harem in this one are truly astounding! The pity about this is that the fic is on hold, and is very unlikely that she ever retake this one *cry of my soul*

Starkblack. What can I say? Memories is a piece of art, but her short stories make me go all crazy. I love her "Grind" one but the one I like the most is "Wrong number". Is an oneshot and damnit, how I wish she will write more from this one (in my perverted mind I'm dying to know how Sanji will "corrupt" Zoro XD) I have a question for you Stark-san; if I make a fanart about this one will you write a chapter 2? (I'm willing to try with my shitty drawings, anything for a sequel of this one XD. Yeah, I'm crazy, I know. Don't mind me)

Dreamingfate. The most amazing and glorious smut that is out there. I especially love her "Shifting ties" and "Certain Laws and Rules of Engagement". She has a special talent to write the words that I want to read. How can I explain this? Well, you never encountered one writer (or band or film) that made you think that their work is like discovering something that is already in you and they only are taking it out? (man, this is so confusing with my shitty English). Well, dreamingfate is like that for me (also Sinisterbug is like that).

Pamplemoose. I love her "Split" but I'm enamored with her "Hospital beds". Is a pity that nowadays she isn't updating too fast.

Endsoftime. Her "Stay a while" is amazing, 17 chapters and there isn't any smut yet, but the slow building of the relationship is marvelous. Another fic that is on hold *cries*

Phycho chibbi. I love her Sanji. More than that, I LOVELOVELOVELOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her Sanji, it makes me drool and babble and go OMFG YES! (man, I'm a pervert XD) I utterly loved her Cockadoodle effin doo (specially the last chapters but GAH! she doesn't write smut *cry of my pervert soul*) XD

VivaciousRingo. She will always have a special spot in my heart for mixing OP and Ancient Rome (gladiator!Zoro *drools*) I'm a sucker for ancient cultures, and if you mix it with my obsession with OP... (smack herself in the head to block the pervert images about gladiator!Zoro and ephebe!Sanji) I also love her "Perfect Warrior" ^_^

Lolly Dream. I love her "Sanji's Prank Calls", if someone can write a good crack he/she will have me forever. Lolly-san achieved that with this one (but I must say that I pitied the poor Sengoku, he doesn't deserved that one XD)

All of the above can be read here in Another authors that I like and are in the LJ: 2 words: A-MAZING. Can't say more.

Cuethe_pulse. Her "Going Express" is totally sweet. It's an AU where Zoro is a cop, you must read this one. Also she is the responsible for the amazing ZoSan kinkmeme XD. Her oneshots are also very good.

Synfull. I love her "Zoro learns some manners" and also her "Heat".

Sabershadowkat. All of her stories are amazing. Try them, you will like it! :)

Tshapo-chi. I love her "Appropiate Agression" and also her "Of Seminars and Men".

And that's it (I think) about all my preferences about ZoSan fics. Sometimes I read another stories from another fandoms but is very rare. I usually like the short ones, because the characters from another fandoms don't do it for me. But, I have to mention an exception: stark_black. I love her "Secret admirer" and "Sabotage" but "No substitute" has my undying admiration. Is a Kiba x Sai one and it's totally believable (and hot). I love it.

And that's it.


9/24/2010 . Edited 9/24/2010 #14

Hi, this is my first post here on this forum! Many of the stories here are amazing so I wanted to share some of my favorites.

1. Memories by StarkBlack (ZoroxSanji)

- I know lots of people have mentioned this story, but this was absolutely amazing and is one of my favorite stories. The relationship between Zoro and Sanji was described beautifully and the plot was well thought up and creative.

2. Dirty Dancing by LollyDream (ZoroxSanji)

- Even though it only has three chapters so far, this story is great, and the plot leaves you wondering how everything is going to end up. The characters are also described well and it totally has that 1960's feel.

3. Frozen by Shadows of Our Shadows (SanjixZoro)

- This is hilarious, well described, and the sex is really hot!

4. Rapt by VanillaKokain (ZoroxSanji)

- This story had a really good plot and at times made we want to laugh and cry. LOL

5. Prince of the Beach by psychochibi (SanjixZoro)

-OMG this story is freaking hilarious and you can't help but smile at Sanji's antics and Zoro's annoyance.

6. Betting by GeckoMoriaShadowLord (ZoroxSanji)

- Another one of my favorites, the plot is well written, the characters are funny, and the sex is intense.

7. A Long Promise by psychochibi (ZoroxSanji)

- Beautiful and at the same time, heart breaking.

8. The Roronoa Fruit by StarkBlack (ZoroxSanji)

- Great plot and really well written.

9. The Nature of Things by StarkBlack and SinisterBug (ZoroxSanji)

- The sex is insane, the story is hilarious and I can't wait to see where this story is going.

10. The Dark Knight of GLU by tshapo-chi (Zoro x Sanji)

- This story was funny and the plot was both suspenseful and exciting.

11. In Dreams by SinisterBug (ZoroxSanji)

- Wow, this story was fantastic and made me feel like I was really living in France.

12. My Little Uke by VanillaKokain (ZoroxSanji)

- Cute! Heart-warming. Too bad its only a one-shot.

13. Sex, Secrecry by GeckoMoriaShadowLord (ZoroxSanji)

- Intense, suspenseful and the sex is great.

14. Certain Laws and Rules of Engagement by dreamingfate (ZoroxSanji;SanjixZoro)

- Alot, alot of hot smut. But theres a few plot bits squeezed inside. LOL

15. Wrong Number by StarkBlack (ZoroxSanji)

- A great and amusing one-shot. Would be great if there was a sequel! Pretty please StarkBlack!

There are alot more but I can't remember them all. Oh yeah and the ratings for almost all of these is M but some are T.

12/19/2010 #15

Oh Stark!!! I was looking at my favorite stories and you need only 9 reviews to push you to 1000 for Memories!!! I never reviewed your story!!!! xDDDDDDD I have evil plot in mind. xD Tell you know that I love your shit. xDDDDDDDDDDD And I have excess of time as finals have finished to write something good.

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Lolly Dream

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