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Lolly Dream

This thread is for Psycho Chibbi to run and regulate anyway they may see fit. The next post goes to them to set up the rules and info of this thread and any other post after this one that is not belonging to them before they set up such will be deleted.

Thread gained by Psycho Chibbi for winning Supernova Author of the Month of February, 2011!


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3/1/2011 #1
psycho chibbi

Ooo.. Shiny.. *pokes new thread*

Erm.. *coughs* yeah.



Got a question?

Have a moral dilemma?

Wanna know how the universe works?

Wanna see me make an ass out of myself for the sake of amusing you~?!

Then ask me~! Your friendly neighborhood psychotic chibi.

I will answer any and all questions dealing with whatever you wish to know. If I don't know the answer, I'll make up crap until you feel intellectually satisfied...

Or make you feel slightly less sane than when you first showed up. Whichever comes first.

So come on in. Make yourself comfy.

Ask away~


3/1/2011 #2
Lolly Dream

*rubs the magic 8-ball Chibi-chew* Lolly shall be your fist! Lolly wants to know how her doctor visit is going to go and what her blood tests will come back as. .

3/1/2011 #3
psycho chibbi

*purrs at the rubbing and leg starts to wiggle* Oh.. Ermm.. *coughs*

Hrm.. Doctor visits...

Well, my experience has always been the worrying is worse than actually finding out. Most of the time it's not as bad as you actually fear, but, either way, the more you know, the more you can do. So positive or negative outcome, at least you'll know what you need to do to live healthier.

And be a good girl, and maybe the doctor will give you a lollipop. :3

3/1/2011 #4


If you could recast a non-animated Musical with One Piece characters, what sounds good to you and who would you cast as who?

3/1/2011 #5
psycho chibbi



Dr. Franken Furter: Sanji (sexy legs! *swoons*)

Riffraff: Law (elbow sex! elbow sex!)

Magenta: Robin (You're lucky, I'm lucky, we're all lucky!!)

Columbia: Nami (high pitched annoying voice, but oddly intriguing XD)

Brad: Ace (I think it'd be funny.. "Cooooomiiiing!")

Janette: Vivi (She wants to feel dirty.. hahaha!)

Rocky: Zoro (... Bahahahaha!!!)

Eddy: Luffy (*cracks up laughing*)

Dr. Scott: Usopp (can totally see it.. XD)

Omg.. My mind boggles with the possibilities... haha!

3/1/2011 #6

OMG! BRILLANT!!! I especially love the vision you gave me of Sanji pulling Zoro around a gym, oiling him up, and singing in Just 7 days he'd make him a man...

AND OMG AceBRad is pretty damn awesome...



Next Question-

If you could give 5 Supernova Authors a Superpower- who would you choose and what would it be!

3/1/2011 #7
psycho chibbi


E-kun: Invisibility. Because the little perv tries too hard. X3

Lolly: Lollipop vision. Works sorta like heat vision, only instead of melting stuff, lollipops magically appear.

Inari-chan: Chopper's guard point. Because I think that would be too cute. Giant fluffy fox! XD

Gecko: Shadow manipulation. I know she would put that to good use, ha!

Ringo: The ability to communicate with and control plants. So she can attack people with apples. :3

3/3/2011 #8

Hehehe!! How very appropriate! I like the attack apples! ANd what naughtyness E-kun will get into!

I also thought more on the RHPS one and squeeled over the finale with Zoro carrying Sanji up his back up the RKO radio tower.

New Question: Please tell me about one of the dreams you've had about one piece. If you've never had one, make it up!

3/3/2011 #9
psycho chibbi

Last dream I had about it was a last week. I was walking around with Sanji around a small town, and we walked past a crime scene where someone had been stabbed to death. We stopped at the barricades and police tape that was blocking off the area, and Sanji said "That happened faster than I thought it would."as he looked at the guy being stuffed into a body bag.

Then we walked off and headed for a coffee shop.

The end.


3/4/2011 #10

LOL! Random! I had an EPIC sanji/Zoro dream yesterday but have since forgotten does that HAPPEN?? :{

3/4/2011 #11
psycho chibbi

It was too much smexy for your brain to cope, so it was deleted in order to keep you from going into a smex coma. *nods*

3/4/2011 . Edited 3/4/2011 #12

Oh!! That does make sense!

3/4/2011 #13


If you could plant a single idea in any one persons head, who would it be and what would you have them think?

3/4/2011 #14
psycho chibbi

*shifty eyes*

I would make Bill Gates have the uncontrollable urge to give me 50 bucks. Every hour. On the hour.


3/5/2011 #15
Feral Inari

*tugs on sleeve* Could you get him to give me 10 bucks an hour?

Ok... I'm getting in on this now oh witty and random one. *bows to the epic random*

Question: Chibi owns a circus and must put on an epic show. The OP cast are your performers. What acts would you have them performing? (not limited to the Straw Hats) What would the show be called?

3/5/2011 #16
Lolly Dream

*snorts* I have a story like that in my plot book Inari-chwan. It's called "Circus Life" and Zoro will be a cop in the 1920's or 1930's investigating the circus that's pulled into town that ends up with their magician (Brook) dead.

*yawns* anyways Lolly wanted to ask a new question too!~

Chibi-chew ... what color panties are you wearing? *waggles brows*

3/5/2011 #17

Oh, great Chibi who knows all-

Dead serious: What really happened in Roswell, New Mexico 1947?

3/12/2011 #18
psycho chibbi

Answer to Inari-chan's question:

Start with Nami being a Carny Barker, trying to price gouge the hell out of ticket sales. Go in and Robin if Dressed in the Red ring master's suit looking all sex. Hanging from the ceiling are the long red and blue silks where Sanji is twisting a twirling in Aerial acrobatics looking smexy as sin~ Across the floor, Zoro and Law are having a grand sword fight that looks to the death that somehow works it's way up to the high wire where they duel precariously balanced. Then Luffy Usopp and Chopper come riding in on miniature donkeys in clown suits to cause mass havoc with Franky and Ace doing killer pyrotechnics and playing with fire in the background. Brook performing the music with the entire crew of the Rumbar pirates.

And that would be in the first ten minutes. Shit gets crazy from there. X3

Lolly's answer:

I'm not wearing any. :3

Gecko's answer:

Okay, what really happened is that someone laced the water supply with acid and there was a mass orgy in the desert, but they had to cover it up because a few very influential politicians and military brass somehow got involved, so in their drugged state they got some balloons, a shitload of jiffypop popcorn, and a truck load of pie tins and tried to fake a saucer landing.

The guy on the street corner with the lazy eye and the pet dung beetle told me. *nods*

3/12/2011 #19

Chibi--Are you really a lunatic dwarf?

3/15/2011 #20
psycho chibbi



No, I'm not.

*shifty eyes*

4/5/2011 #21

Chibi! Any big blockbusters you're looking forward to this Summer?

5/2/2011 #22
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