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Wow--three topics by me in one week, new record. Anywho, anyone want to recommend very good Sakura stories? Any they have heard of or want to talk about? Do you have a story idea but need help forming the plot? Prehaps you want to self-advertize? Or just advertize for a fic you think deserves more recognition? Or do you simply want to place up the summary/snyposis/sneak-peak of your story and see what the fans say about it? Also, if you have seen a poorly written Sakura-bashing story or just a Sakura-bashing story in general and wish to ward everyone off and/or warn us about it that is fine as well... You can also ask about certain authors or (if they are talking here) ask authors themselves what's what with some things. Challenges can also be issued, or things you would like to see but haven't seen and don't think you could write yourself (ask an specific author or something) All is welcomed as long as they concern Sakura fics!! -- Mind if I start? Ok! First off, my story Unforeseen Future: The Journey Well...it seems to be lacking somewhat in reviews (not that I'm stingy, though it's probably coming off like it) it's just that the original-one (or two, lost ocunt at how many times I reposted it) when I got to chapter three I was in the hundreds...I just want to know what I'm doing wrong or why it is so unpopular compared to the other. In simple terms I would like suggestions on how to make it better for everyone. Also, I want to thank everyone who reviewd my Wife Contest story; my very first story that reached the 1000 review mark...I think I nearly cried...but I was kinda emotional...then again I always am so nevermind. But really, thanks!!!
6/18/2007 #1
I liked Unforsen Journey. But the reason why you maynot be getting so many reviews may be because there has been no major Sakura X boys action. I was not around to read the first two versions but that would be my guess. It could have come off as a bit slow too but I stil think it is the Sakura boy thing. I don't tknow if this is it since I really liked it and reviewd but that is just a guess. On a side note, I don't think you sound stingy. I think it' great you asked this. It only showes that you are humbeling youself and asking for advice to make your story better. See not stingy at all. Oh I guess I should say something about myself since that is what this forum topic is about. Well I would like some help on a muti Sakura pairing story. So far I have written Gaara Sasuke Neji and Naruto into the story. (no I have not posted it)I would like to know who else you Sakura lovers would like to see with Sakura. I plan on bringing a few other in as well but I would like to see/read what you guys would like to see. I would love it if I could get some ideas and plot suggestions. Pages of Ecstacy Pairings:SakuraXmany Summer:Sakura is a loner girl at school but a compleatly diffrent person when at home alone. Her dead Grandmother left behind a book with a warning inside telling those who read it to not leave it out in the dark. Sakura leaves the book open and the power goes out. When it comes back on she findes the two boys from the book in her apartment! Pretty soon more and more hot guys start to pop out of the book. One thing they all have in common (other than they came from the book) is that they are all pining after Sakura! How many hot possesive guys can Sakura handel when they are all in love with her?
6/19/2007 #2
That might be true. I guess I'm better with romance and humor than everything else. But I'm not giving up on the fic--cause it's like my favoirte one. I have so many plans for it. There won't be in boys/sakura action in The Journey, or as you dubbed Unforseen Journey (will be easier, THANKS!) but there will be some in the second one...er...no title yet and alot in the third...no title yet either. ^___^U As for your story, can you add Deidara, Itachi, Sasori? I've fallen in love with Deidara/Sakura paring after watching a video--it was amazing. And besides the more males the better!! WHOOOO!! And I adore your story with the Moth. __ So great, and as long as you think you're story isn't like Moonbeam's then it's all good!
6/21/2007 #3
The Journey is my favorite out of all your stories and I can see a lot of Potential for it. I'm so happy to hear that you are not giving up, and I know what it's like when your laptop will not work for you so don't worry about the Updateing thing. I have to send all my stories from my laptop in an e mail to myself so I can open and download it on the family computer. Most of the time it will not work for me. -_- everyone else can get it to work but I can't. But back on topic, I like it the way it is without so much as the boy action in the begining. If you rush into something like that without taking your time it can get old real fast. Aside from that I love the whole friendship thing going on with all of them. It's so cute and something not seen so much. I planned on bringing in Itachi and I really do love Deidara...yeah I think thos two would look so cute together. Sasori Sakura is another one of my favorites so I'm going to bring him in as well. I didn't know if I should in Kisama and Hinda. I love fishy chan and Hinda is just plain Hot. I would like to but I don't know if I should bring in so many. What I want to do is bring in every male and pair him up with Saura chan since I love her so much but I don't know how well that would work. But Deidara Sasori and Itachi will be in there. I would love to know where the Dei/Sak video you saw is. It sounds really good. I've seen a few but for the lonest time they were just slide shows of fanart. It stinks that they don't ever interact. But then again that is what fanfiction is for! Most of it is about her outside the village and what happens to her and who she meets and the moths and such. She joins up with two of the Akatsuki one time on a mission and such so I don't think it sounds too much alike. I did PM her and asked her if it was okay. If she wants me to, I will take my story down and rewrite it, but I won't post again until I have her Okay in respects.
6/21/2007 #4
I know, but basically every story that deals with freindship just deals with Team Seven (sometimes minus Sakura), Sakura and Ino (also minus Sakura at times), or someone else...minus Sakura... I love Chouji and adore Sakura, Hinata has been annnoying me a great deal lately but I prefer her over Ino and TenTen (Temari is in second place of favoirte kunoichi...younger ones) And there are hardly any fics that stare Chouji and the ones that star Sakura are usually romance (nothing worng with that though!) very poorly written fics, or one where she is all powerful and cold...I wanted something different. I love anything that breathes with Sakura...Hidan/Kisame/Leader/Blue (final memeber, dubbed that--I have a feeling its a male, but even if its a girl I still love him/her with Sakura)/Kazaku/Tobi(SQUEEE!! I LOVE TOBI!!!)/Itachi/Zetsu(LOVE Zetsu!!)/Sasori/Deidara...Love all the Akatsuki with her....and don't get me started on Konoha...wow--so many there. And despite the fact I still hate them with passion, Karin and Sasuke are ok/WONDERFUL with her as well. I place her with EVERYONE... Well Dei-Chan isn't dead yet, fans can still hope!! I just can't wait for an update of your Moth story. It just sounds great. And Moonbeam probably won't tell you to take it off--she's not like that. Oh, this video is great, it has to be my favoirte one at the moment. It is fantastically made and I have watched it so many times... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2qO-hJL99Q
6/22/2007 #5
I have seen a lot of friendshi stories with just Naruto Kakashi and Sasuke having some 'guy bonding time' or something like that. What really gets to me is how they can call that a team seven fic! There is no Sakura (since she is female)and so it is not team seven! Arg, that just really get's to me how the girl is pushed out of the picture like that. CoughSexistcough But what I really loved was how you used Chouji as part of her team/group. I love him and Shino and both are very unpopular in fic and eve less popular in Sakura pairings. I know it's crack but it's Sakura crack. There was one really good story that puts Sakura with both boys and I nearly lept for joy at the pairing. It's nice to see something other than Sakura Sasuke all the time. This is the link... http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3484698/1/ For the love of Bugs and Candy Hearts with Chouji Sakura Shino pairing. I'm looking forward to doing some Tobi Sakura and Zetsu Sakura since it's an AU and I get to play with them and their looks. Tobi is my favorite (he's just so cute and plushi like) so I have to put him in there I guess. ^_^ I think the final member is a guy, or at least I hope he/she is. It would be weird if Blue was a girl living with a bunch of guys for so long in the naruto world. A guy just seemes to fit better I guess.I guess the only problem I have is how many guys can I fit into her house? For the longest time I was anti SakuraSasuke because I hated how he treated her after she stood by him all that time but just for kicks Ilooked up how many SasukeNaruto sotories there were on Fanfiction.net and I got really sick at what I saw. There was so much...0_0 too much...I could't take it!!! There was enough there to last someone a lifetime!!! So instead of being anti SakuraSasuke I'll support them with all I have. Sasuke is so much better with Sakura than heis with Naruto. *shudder* Even if Dei chan dose die he's still alive in Fanfiction.I meanSasori died a long time ago andthere is still fanfiction ofhim and Sakura. I hope he dosen't though. I loved that Video! Smooth criminal fits Dei chan so well and it looked like they were really...well together though they have never seen each other in the anime. Thank you for the link!
6/22/2007 #6
well, i have one, but i don't know if you guys accept yuri or not. well here it is: Title: "Carpe Noctum" Rating: T. Will go up for later chapters Pairing: Sakura/Ino Summary: AU After a bad boyfriend, Sakura looks for love in the same sex. And finds it in the form of a blond, blue eyed, biker babe. I don't want to give away too much of it, because I only have up to the third chapter posted, but basically Sakura searches on the internet for another girl with her "interests" and finds Ino, a beautiful biker girl. After meeting up with Ino for the first time, they hit it off and things begin to take form. Points of the story that have yet to be explained: -Why Sakura is gay -What will Sakuras parents say -Why Ino has a lot of money Thats my story and I would greatly appreciate any creative critisism and any reviews. Thank you for your time.
6/27/2007 #7
Inactively Inactive
here's mine. till now, all 3 are centered around her and naruto, but the first two are centred mainly around her. 1. Title - Siblings Rating - T Pairing - Sakura/Naruto Story - Sakura's brother left her eight years ago. He came back with the Akatsuki trailing after him, and now Sakura's in danger as well! But things may start to look up, now that Shikaru's back! 2. Title - The Perfect Medic Rating - T Pairing - Sakura/Naruto Story - Five siblings are looking for the Perfect Medic who can help them. They ask Sakura and Naruto's help, but are being trailed by Itachi. The Perfect Medic has to learn her tricks soon, before everything goes downfall for her and the ones she loves. 3. Title - Sword School Rating - T Pairings - Ino/Shikamaru; Sakura/Naruto Story - The four are sent to Malta to train under two new mentors, Victoria and Robert (me and my bro!). But a new threat, a deadlier threat (not so deadly as the Akastuki though) are trailing them, and they need to find a way to fight them, with only three-weeks worth of training! Thanks for seeing this! I hope you read and give me comments!
7/6/2007 #8
My I stray off topic a bit? Not much--it's about my Wife Contest story and the pairings but it is still about the stories... I have told EVERYONE in the story in my author's notes I DESPISE the couples Naruto/Hinata and especially Neji/TenTen yet I keep getting reviews upon reviews asking for these things! People! I've said it over and over again; NO!! I have had enough of this. Neji/Tenten- This in my opinion is a complete SHALLOW pairing. There are no hints of it (ignore the no hints of other Sakura pairings for a moment please I will get to that later...here or somewhere else) It seems the ONLY reason people like it is becuase Neji is good looking and Lee isn't. I have seen TONS of Lee/TenTen hints (or TenTen/Lee hints, which ever you want to go with becuase I think TenTen would be the seme in the relationship....O__o) In the Chunnin exams--Lee makes a vow to Sakura to become stronger and whatnot, then there was a shot of TenTen looking SUPER pissed off--that my freinds looks like one of jealousy. Secondly, Towards the end of the series (either right before the filler-arc or right before the the shippuden arc) Lee is training and TenTen is sitting on a rock/log watching him--she smiles--pratically GLOWS--and blushes...yeah like that's not a sign. There are more but I won't get into them here and now. At first TenTen might have had a crush on Neji--he;s cute. But don't forget she thought Sasuke was hot/cute as well...she seemed to have grown out of it really fast. They are just teammates. She helped him train--not a sign. G** helps him train, does that mean they should be a couple as well? He helps her up when she falls after almsot drowning--everyone helps there teammates. Neji was mad that Lee was hurt during the Chuunin exams...doesn't mean they are a pairing. She snaps at him during the thrid tournament thingy of the Chunin exams---during Ino's and Sakura's fight. Oooh yeah--that's a sure sign they want each other. She was just straightening out his views--EVERYONE does that!! I only see a freindship between them...STOP ASKING ME TO WRITE ABOUT THEM!! Naruto/Hinata I only write it if I'm lazy or in need of humor. Like in Double Dare...once again--I have explained this like three times in my Wife Contest fic. Hinata loves him...ok...and...? Naruto does not love her...get over it. Maybe if they spend time together or what not, who knows. I know I will never support it. There have been no signs of it...Kishimoto now might be kinda forcing it on to us but to me its blech. Guys...leave me alone about the pairings!! I'm begging you! I have said it over and over and over again that it won't happen!! Ok, that was all I wanted to say about that story. I don't want a discussion about these pairings here, since this isn't what it's about. I'm placing this up for my story and how many people can't seem to grasp that there will be NO Neji/Tenten or Naruto/Hinata... I've snapped if you're wondering...ugh...I need an asprin...
7/15/2007 #9
Queen Datsuh
I'd like to recommend my story 'Out of War'. It's rated T. The summary's below. Summary: SakuNeji. Tragedy strikes and Konoha is destroyed. The only known survivors Neji and Sakura are taken to Sunagakure and put to work. But is tragedy bringing them closer? What of other survivors? And will the destroyers of Konoha, 'Slicers Of Silence' pay?
8/30/2007 #10
Does anyone know of any stories staring Sakura, a male character being possessive (maybe Naruto) and her not having long hair? I swear, it's to her waist and butt in every single fanfic... And any more to add to Sakura Heaven!! And sorry about how I'm not updating...major writer's block here.
9/5/2007 #11
raspberry soap
As for good Sakura fics, read all of randomsomeone's fics. Awesome Gaara/Sakura stuff. And Cynchick's Perception and Silver Lining. That's Itachi/Sakura and Deidara/Sakura. Those two writers are insanely great at writing Sakura, especially randomsomeone.
3/13/2008 #12

yup yup,..

I love randomsomeone stories too,.. such a legend when it comes to gaasaku fic.

4/25/2008 #13

I'll recommend my own story. It's a Sakura x Sasuke fic, and I need reviews in order to continue. It's called Heavy Starry Chain.


The 8th Anniversary of their graduation from academy students to Genin was today. Sakura couldn't help but feel nostalgia catching up to her. And, when she was finally about to break in pieces, she sees him. What will happen when she has to take care of him as an ANBU Medic-nin? Will a relationship ensue?

8/23/2008 #14

Well I know two brillent SakuraxNaruto story the best ever. Here's the link to them. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3341014/1/Hells_Radiance and http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3786225/1/Way_Of_The_Shinobi_Destruction.

Also if you want a superb GarraxSakura story cheak out this http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3737352/1/Paradise_Found.

Also I recommand you to have a look at Burn it down it's a Sakura-centric story.

8/24/2008 #15

Ah yes, Burn it Down by MistedVines is one of my favorites right now. I really wish there would be more than one chapter to it though, it's so interesting.

8/24/2008 #16

Totally agree, I love her stories, Burn it down is proboly one of my top ten along with Blue romance it is so brillent, not to mention Orochimaru, I just find him so cute in his genin days, but when he's grown up a little creepy but still very hot.

Pervert thoughts: Not to mention he proboly could do things with his toung. xD

8/24/2008 #17

*laughs* Agreed, agreed! I really love how she writes Orochimaru in her stories. I love it when he's the good guy, in a bad guy fashion. Kind of like the Godfather.

8/24/2008 . Edited 8/24/2008 #18

Totally agree with that and I just can imagen Jarayia as a house wife. 'Laughs'

Also if she updates Burn it down, I'll be hyper for a week, I can't wait to see when Sakura gose to summer camp and becomes smexy.

Not only that, I'm also wondering if the akatsuki or Orochimaru himself will train her in some kind of sport.

O and do you know the anime, I can't spell it. :P

Anyway the main character is Ed and he has a brother called Ai.

8/24/2008 #19

FMA or Full Metal Alchemist. I have one of the manga sitting up in my room, but as for the story in a whole, I'm still getting into it. Though, I like Ed, I can relate to short people.

A bunch of us Burn it Down fans must rise up and bug and plead for an update. I really like that fic.

8/24/2008 #20

Same here with the Burn it story.

I also started on FMA, I'm on number 11. I've been thinking of doing a FMA/Naruto crossover. With the paring beening EdxSakura and AixTemari. Might also add RoyxShizune to that.

I've got the summery sorted out in my head now.

8/24/2008 #21

I recommend Cutecrazyice stories,...

She's very good and all of her stories are about Sakura ^^,

8/25/2008 #22

Most all my Naruto stories star Sakura, but some of them aren't too well written.

10/4/2008 #23
grim reaper sakura

well i got 3 Naruto stories centered around Sakura..i think my best one is changes the other two where just out of boredom and are poorly written some

people tend to like them Heres the Summary for em check them if you like

Reaper of Konoha-the Uchiha clan never died, Naruto was a hero and Sakura life was not so great. Orochimaru destroys Konoha and Sakura uses a Tech to travel to a world like hers yet different. pairings NaruHina,SasuTema and Ita/saku.. so far trying to make the ita/saku parts..

Changes-After feeling weak Sakura leaves the Village and enters a new Village and as years pass she changes quite some that when she goes back to Konoha surprises everyone. i think its a sasu/saku..dont remember LOL

Haruno clan-What if Sakura wasn’t from Konoha? And What if she wasn’t the only child of the Haruno clan? And not only that but The Haruno clan wants her and her siblings dead?. this gotta be my worst one of all 3 im either dropping it or rewriting it dunno yet

10/25/2008 #24
Grand Phoenix

I would like to advertise my two Sakura-centric stories listed below.

Sparda in Colossal Rating: T Genre: Drama/Mystery Pairings: N/A Type: Multi-chaptered epic Summary: "During the hunt for Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno comes across a strange enigma named Sparda, the One and Many. He claims to have knowledge of the true history of the world, of secrets repressed and denied by time, but how is Sakura involved in His plans?" Additional Notes: Takes place during Manga Chapter 371-384, but diverges from canon Post-Chapter VIII: Point Blank. As of 2/16/2009, 9 out of 30 chapters have been posted.

Holy Song Rating: T Genre: Supernatural/Tragedy Pairings: N/A Type: ONE-SHOT Summary: "The Hidden Village of Konohagakure burns with the stench of smoke, blood and death. Its fate dangles above Evil's dark maw. When Sakura saw the signs, she knew the end was near. To prevent it, she reveals a power forgotten by man." Additional Notes: Takes place Post-Manga Chapter 423. Includes character death.

I would appreciate any reviews/feedback/favorites/alerts to these two fanfics, especially for Sparda in Colossal; I posted the latest chapter yesterday and the hit counter went up dramatically (300+), but only 2 reviews have come in so far (not that the story is lacking any, mind you, but still).

Thank you in advance, to anyone who reads this.

- Grand Phoenix

2/16/2009 #25

I really liked Holy Song, Grand Phoenix. I'll recommend it to anyone here on this board.

3/21/2009 #26
Kira 'Spit Fire

I don't know if someone recomended this yet or not but "A Soul's Salvation" by Lady Kogawolf. It's Naruto/Sakura pairing but it's basically about Sakura finally realizing that after so many years of hitting him and belittling him, she succeeded in pushing Naruto away from her, and in one night she receives guidance from and unlikely source. From there she attempts to become a better person and in the mean time gain Naruto's forgiveness. All together it's a beautiful story that will have you pulling out your hair in one minute, crying the next, and finally grinning like a mad man/woman at the end. If there ever was a NaruSaku story that deserved attention, than this would be it.

5/4/2009 #27

I recommend Threads of Desire by kinetic fairy! Oodles of strong Sakura and possessive Sasuke. Maybe not possessive, but he's quite obsessed with her, really. The story is really well written and overflowing with detail! I definitely recommend you to read it! Also Laying Claim by JanuaryEclipses as well as the Chicago series of one-shots by Neon Genesis! I know plenty more, but can't seem to think of them. Most of my favorite authors write exceptional Sakura fics as well and I adore most of the stories written by aNdreaa. That sums up all the things I remember for now! x] Hope you enjoy them! :)

8/12/2010 . Edited 8/12/2010 #28

Hello everyone, I am new to this community! I have read many fanfics on fanfiction.net(naruto fics), but I haven't actually become a member until a few days ago, and started a new fic called "Her Path to Paradise". i would be very happy if this fic was added to the community, and I would also like to get some reviews and fans(criticism accepted, but not so harsh) since I would like to become a published author one day. Anyways, here's the info~:

Name: Her Path to Paradise

Genre: Adventure/Action

Summary: "Hello, Bird. Was the mission successful?" "Yes, Tsunade-sama. However, I have some grave news." "Oh? And what's that?" "Sakura Haruno has left the village." Pause. "WHAT!"

More detailed summary(only here and on my profile): The story is basically about Sakura being in another world(Vindictus) and is fighting against the Fomors. The Fomors eventually come to the Ninja World(Naruto) and Sakura and her team(Fiona, Lann, Team 7) have to fight against them and defeat them once and for all. Eventual SasuSaku and other pairings as well :D

The story will have several chapters before time passes(years) before Sakura comes back to Konoha and is about 18 19-ish.

Although chapter 1 is unusually short(not that much) Chapter 2(and hopefully onwards) will be longer. I'm also looking for a Beta Reader who is available almost every day, and is able to give me the final draft of the chapter on the same day I send it or the next day it was given.

Thank you~

11/30/2010 #29
Hello, I would like to reccomend my story, And Then I Found Five Dollars. It's SasuSaku (or at least for the moment...hehe) and has a 'punk' Sakura that I think is so cool. I'm not going to lie, but, I think this story is very unique and not something you'll find everyday. But I'm the author so, LOL. Summary: In which I decide to become the punk from South that works at Plush. Just for the cool uniform shoes. And the hot manager. Well, that and maybe all the guys that work there are hot. But I'm there just for the shoes. I swear. AU. SasuSaku. T for Language Humor/Romance Does anyone else think Sakura needs a dose of personality? /:
12/19/2010 #30
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