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Welcome to Moonlight Cove! This newly established city is a haven for shape shifters, vampires, and humans alike. So come on in, make an OC, and make yourself at home in the Cove!
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Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Welcome, and thank you for being a part of Moonlight Cove! Now, in order to ensure that everybody has a good experience and that this place doesn't "go to hell in a handbasket," I've gone ahead and set up some rules to make this a smooth ride for all of us. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or problems, please feel free to PM xORainbowTeardropsOx or myself.

General Guidelines

1. All new players must fill out an application and be approved by a moderator before they can begin roleplaying. This is to ensure we know who is who, and so that you can be properly greeted by the administration :D

2. There is a limit of SIX characters allowed per person, PER ACCOUNT. If you have reached your max and want to put a new character in play, one of your characters must leave (usually via the Leasing Office) *Please Note* This limit does not apply to the mods, seeing as how we have to have certain characters to run certain things in The Cove. These 'shopkeepers' don't really leave their posts and are therefore considered non-playing characters. All playable characters will have an application on file in the Application Thread. UPDATE: 10/28/10: Please remember, this is an OC roleplay. Your characters may not be affiliated with the LP Wolves, the Cullens, and the rest of the S. Meyer world. UPDATE: 11/30: Please note that the charrie limit has been increased to SIX, and that you can only have SIX whether you have 1 account or 100. If you are found to be misrepresenting yourself to get around the limit, ALL of your characters will be removed and you will be banned from the forum permanently.

3. You must follow the posting format that will be detailed for you at the end of this thread. And for the love of green eggs and ham, do not use chatspeak. Proper English is taught in schools for a reason!

4. Please keep in mind that all forums are REQUIRED to have a 'T' rating. With that said, you must keep your character drama at that level. You are allowed to describe making out, and you are allowed to IMPLY other things, but it can NOT be expressly written.

5. Forcing other players into storylines they are uncomfortable with is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you are found to be in violation of this, you will receive a warning the first time. Any subsequent violations will result in an immediate and indefinite ban.

6. Have fun!

*A NOTE ABOUT DRAMA: Drama is the core of an RP. It guides your characters into new relationships and new adventures, and it makes things juicy and funny, and entertaining, and in that case, it's more than acceptable. However, I need to make something crystal clear: Drama outside of the RP, such as a personal conflict with a member MUST be kept to a minimum. If you have an issue with a member, you are more than welcome to contact a Mod and we will attempt to resolve the conflict. However, if it explodes into the Chat and threatens to disrupt the harmony of the Cove, all parties involved will receive a warning. If it continues, we reserve the right to take more drastic action.



You filled out an application and you've been approved; congratulations! Now what?

Go to the Leasing Office and talk to our receptionist, Clara. Once you've been introduced, she'll be sure to get you the keys to your new home. Only after that has occurred will you be able to roam about and do whatever you like (short of initiating the Apocalypse of course ;D). VISITORS: Once you have been approved, please go to the Hotel Front Desk.



Hello and thank you for visiting Moonlight Cove! To ensure a great role-playing experience for our full time characters and all of our guests, please make sure to read and adhere to these additional rules. Thanks in advanced for your cooperation.

1. Visitors are only allowed to visit for a maximum of 7 days. After those days have passed, your visiting characters must check out. If your visiting character would like to visit again, you will have to re-file an application (at this point, copy and paste might become your best friend :) )

2. Before you can begin your visit, a Mod must approve your visitor and assign you a check out date (it'll be added into your application). After you're approved, you'll be directed to the Front Desk, where Anthony the concierge, will greet you and give you your guest key.

3. All visitors must have a relationship to a full-time character (be it a relative, best friend, or that sort of thing)

4. All full time characters are allowed a maximum of 2 visitors at a time. Please note that this limit applies to characters, not players. For example: If JD invites his mother and father to visit and Jayde invites her mother and father to visit, that's okay. If JD invites his parents and his siblings to visit at the same time, that's not okay.

5. Have Fun!!


The Appropriate Chatting Format

In order to keep the lines clear as to what are your thoughts, and those of your character, we need to have a format.

1. If you'd like to say something such as: ZOMG, Finally got home! it would be placed in parentheses.

2. If your character is about to say something, their name would be bolded and underlined.

3. Your character's text would be kept in this exact font, and it would be written in 3rd person. Thoughts are placed in italics. You can also use italics and bold emphasis.


(ZOMG, I'm finally home!)--My thoughts.

Clara --My character's name is here.

Clara rolled her eyes as she scrolled through the list on the computer. "I'm sorry, Sir, but as I said, your lease is for one person only," she said in as sweet of a voice as she could muster. Damn it, when will people learn? I only enforce the rules, I don't make the damn things, she thought. --This is the correct format for character speak.

If you have read the rules, please put the word, "Watermelon" in your application. By the way visitors, the ADDITIONAL word to place in your application is "Strawberry" ;)

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