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Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Is it your first time on a forum? Been on forums before but just don't know where to go in what order? We here at Moonlight Cove want to make your experience as fun and ouchless as possible, so with that in mind, we've created the How To thread, where Mods (and ONLY MODS) will provide you with little tutorials on how to get by in the Forum.

1/7/2011 #1
Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

HOW TO: Apply to have your character in the Cove:

1. Go to the 'First Thing's First thread that is located here:

2. READ the directions. Completely.

3. Fill out your application COMPLETELY, as per the instructions on the thread. If there are fields that do not apply, simply put N/A, don't delete the field.

4. Wait for approval.

1/7/2011 #2
Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

HOW TO: Handle a denial

On the rare occasion that your character has been denied, PLEASE check your inbox. A Mod will send you a PM outlining the reasons why you've been denied and your options (if any) for re-filing an application. If you are denied again, we will repeat the process until we can get you in. We hate having to turn people away, so we will work with you to ensure that you get a chance to play.

1/7/2011 #3
Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

HOW TO: Post in the RP

The Appropriate Chatting Format

In order to keep the lines clear as to what are your thoughts, and those of your character, we need to have a format.

1. If you'd like to say something such as: ZOMG, Finally got home! it would be placed in parentheses.

2. If your character is about to say something, their name would be bolded and underlined.

3. Your character's text would be kept in this exact font, and it would be written in 3rd person. Thoughts are placed in italics. You can also use italics and bold emphasis.


(ZOMG, I'm finally home!)--My thoughts.

Clara --My character's name is here.

Clara rolled her eyes as she scrolled through the list on the computer. "I'm sorry, Sir, but as I said, your lease is for one person only," she said in as sweet of a voice as she could muster. Damn it, when will people learn? I only enforce the rules, I don't make the damn things, she thought. --This is the correct format for character speak.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you notice, the actions of the character are in the third person, and there is proper grammar and punctuation throughout. I know it seems stupid, but this is ESSENTIAL for non confusing roleplay. If for some reason you can't bold or underline or italicize, PM a mod and we'll give you options for posting otherwise.

IMPORTANT NOTE NUMBER 2: Your characters CANNOT be in more than one place at a time. For example, if Clara is dealing with someone in the LO, she can't be getting her drink on at the nightclub at the same time. Posting in that fashion causes extreme confusion and it's just a headache overall. So, post somewhere, let the RP play out, and THEN move on. If your character is posting in several places at once without clear resolution, mods will modify and delete posts as necessary to restore order. Don't be that player.

1/7/2011 #4
Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

HOW TO: Take a leave of absence.

Have you gotten so swamped between school and work and life in general that you don't even have time to breathe, much less post on a forum? That's okay—we have ALL been in that situation at some point. As such, we've come up with some tips to make your transition out (and hopefully back in) as smooth as possible.

1.If you're in a storyline with someone, talk to them via PM BEFOREHAND so that you can come up with an exit strategy that is comfortable for all of you. The most important thing to remember here is this: You don't have to check out your character, but you do have to make it so that another person's character is not frozen in an interaction with you.

2.If you really feel that you MUST check out your character, please make sure that you go to the apartment directory and post that your character has checked out so that we can save space and give that spot to someone else.

3.If you'd like to leave a goodbye (ie: "Hey guys, I'm going to Fiji for vacation, see ya when I get back!" or "Hey guys, school's kicking my ass, but I'll be back as soon as I get caught up/have free time," or "Hey guys! School's being a bitch so I'll only be on on the weekend."), feel free!

4.When you yourself are leaving, if your goodbye is abrupt and/or you don't feel like providing explanations, the Mods and I kindly request that you PM people goodbyes individually. This tends to diffuse explosions on the chat that can be stressful to our players and to the Mods and I.

5.When you come back, ask to get updated in the Chat or, if your absence has been extensive, PM a friend or a Mod and we'll get you caught up!

IMPORTANT NOTE: As we outlined in the rules, drama WILL NOT BE TOLERATED unless it's RP related. If you start an argument in the chat and say something to the effect of: "WELL FINE, I'M LEAVING THE FORUM," you will be banned immediately and will have to request Mod Permission to get the ban removed.

1/7/2011 #5
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