Highschool of the Dead RP
Make a zombie killer and slaughter thousands of zombies alongside the HOTD cast. Maybe make a zombie killer that's a zombie also! Do whatever the hell you want!
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Akuma no Musuko

RP here. Start when ready

7/3/2010 #1
Akuma no Musuko

In a nearly deserted part of town, Alejo was skulking down the sidewalk. Barely any zombies were in sight, which rendered him bored. Pulling his guitar from his back, he turned the volume up on his portable amp and began to play a few notes.

Soon afterwards, he heard the sounds of shuffling feet and low moaning, the telltale signs of the undead.

Alejo smirked. 'It's not gonna be so boring today, after all,' he thought.

7/4/2010 #2
Princess of All Cosmos

Rai jumped out of the window, bits of glass everywhere. Looking back one more time at her school, she fled from the masses amounts of zombies that were starting to give chase. While searching for a weapon along the way, she heard a guitar strumming from one direction.

"What kind of idiot would be playing the guitar in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?" she thought, picking up a lead pipe and swinging it to test it.

7/4/2010 #3
Akuma no Musuko

The small mass of zombies grew to the tens. Smirking, Alejo pulled out his twin Single Action Armies and quickly checked them. They were each fully loaded. Latching the revolving chambers back in place, he took aim at two of the zombies and fired each revolver once. They went down with a good chunk of their skulls missing.

the drifting zombie slayer smirked as began firing off the rest of his rounds, each bullet meeting their marks on the zombies. As soon as the guns were empty, Alejo quickly holstered them and pulled out his two kukris, their blades shining in the sunlight.

'Now it's time to party,' he thought with a smirk.

7/4/2010 #4
Princess of All Cosmos

"Baka!" Rai yelled at the man, who was currently firing off rounds at the masses. "You'll only draw more like that if you keep on firing!" She saw him draw out two kukri. Barely enough to fight off a horde of zombies.

(( Gtg, won't be on till monday))

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #5
Akuma no Musuko

Alejo took notice of the girl shouting at him, but paid her no mind. Instead, he threw himself towards the nearest zombie and lopped its head off.

7/4/2010 #6
Seth squatted in a dark alley near where the idiot was attempting to fight off a horde of zombies with his two kukri. The hilts of his two perfectly balanced machetes were grasped in his palms. Seth was still debating whether or not to help the man with the guitar when he heard a girl shouting. That settled it, there was no way he was going to let the death of a female sit on his conscience.
7/5/2010 #7
Akuma no Musuko

Alejo's arms weighed him down as they strained against the continuous swing of the two kukri. His arms were sore, and there were still about a dozen zombies left.

Alejo was exhausted enough to not notice the zombie sneaking up behind him.

7/5/2010 #8
Princess of All Cosmos

Rai noticed a zombie sneaking up behind the guy with the kukri, and immediately rushed in and clubbed it in the head with her pipe. The zombie fell to the ground in a splatter of blood and brains. "Now, what did I say?" she asked, pissed at the guy right next to her.

7/5/2010 #9
Akuma no Musuko

Alejo answered, panting, "I think you said not to shoot 'em or something. Thanks for the save, by the way."

7/5/2010 #10
Princess of All Cosmos

Clubbing another zombie, Rai told him, "If you make any loud noises, then more will come. Guns equal loud." This guy seemed pretty good at fighting, maybe teaming up with him wouldn't be a bad idea.

7/5/2010 #11
Akuma no Musuko

"I got it," Alejo replied, lopping another zombie's head off. "I'm not that big of a dumbass, y'know."

7/5/2010 #12
Princess of All Cosmos

"Never mind..." Rai thought again, sweeping away two zombies at once. "Oh really," she remarked sarcastically.

7/5/2010 #13
Akuma no Musuko

"Well, ok," Alejo admitted, kicking a zombie's legs out from under its feet. "Maybe I was dropped on my head once or twice when I was younger, but then again, who wasn't?"

He then raised his kukri over his head, jammed them into the zombie's skull, and pulled them apart with brute strength, ripping the zed's head in half.

7/5/2010 #14
Princess of All Cosmos

"The people who'll stay alive in this world," Rai remarked truthfully, throwing the pipe at a zombie's head. Then, she proceeded to kick another zombie in the head, knocking it to the ground, and crushed its skull with her foot.

However, while she was busy crushing the zombie's skull, another two came up from behind her and grabbed her shirt, their hands digging into her skin.

7/5/2010 #15
Akuma no Musuko

Alejo took notice of the the girl's predicament and rushed over to her, his kukri readied. When he was close enough, he jammed each blade into the zombies' heads before they could get a bite.

When they fell to the ground, Alejo said, "I guess that makes us even."

7/5/2010 #16
Princess of All Cosmos

Rai nodded. She didn't like people owing favors to her, or the other way around. Realizing that he'd drawn far too many zombies than could be killed, she started scaling a nearby wall. "This way!" Motioning for Alejo to follow, she kicked a zombie that was trying to give chase.

7/5/2010 #17
Akuma no Musuko

Alejo was a little disappointed, but even he knew that he would get tired eventually. Without another word, he followed Rai up the wall and jumped down to the other side of the fence. (If that was what it was)

7/5/2010 #18
Princess of All Cosmos

Rai knew that there was no time to relax, so she started running immediately, looking for a weapon. She picked up a sturdy-looking pole off the ground. "Hey, where'd you get those two kukri?" she asked, wanting a better weapon than just scrap metal off the streets.

(( I guess...I don't exactly know myself XD ))

7/5/2010 #19
Akuma no Musuko

"Smuggled 'em and my revolvers from the U.S. when I got on the first boat to Japan," he answered simply, pulling out one of his kukri. "Why? Do you wanna borrow one for a sec?"

7/5/2010 #20
Princess of All Cosmos

"Nah, can't use kukri," Rai replied. "Got anything....like, a lot longer?" She put her hands out to show that she wanted something that was not a dagger or knife.

7/5/2010 #21
Akuma no Musuko

Alejo thought for a second before he pulled his guitar off of his back. "Will this work?" he asked.

7/5/2010 #22
Princess of All Cosmos

Rai sweatdropped. "So, you don't care if I break it, right?"

7/5/2010 #23
Akuma no Musuko

"Nah," Alejo answered simply. "I was never really good with the guitar, anyway. I was a lot better at the drums, but it's not like I could carry those around everywhere I went."

7/5/2010 #24
Princess of All Cosmos

"Well, thanks, I guess," Rai replied, taking the guitar. She continued on walking, avoiding any zombies in her path.

7/5/2010 #25
Akuma no Musuko

Alejo followed close behind her, his twin kukri at the ready.

(wait, are they a group, or did she think it was time to go their separate ways?)

7/5/2010 #26
Princess of All Cosmos

(( You decide. ))

Rai turned around. "Why are you following me?"

7/5/2010 #27
Akuma no Musuko

"Uh, I just thought it would be safer if we went in a group," Alejo answered nervously. "Safety in numbers, y'know?"

7/5/2010 #28
Princess of All Cosmos

"Baka!" Rai yelled, then whacked Alejo in the face. "You could be concealing a bite, then sneak up behind me and then kill me or something. Actually, it'd be safer just to kill you now, but seeing as you have a weapon, I think you're good. For now," she stated, smiling scarily.

"Most people think that they're the one person who's immune to the freaking virus or something." Her smile dropped, remembering what she'd just barely escaped from.

7/5/2010 #29
Akuma no Musuko

Alejo rubbed the side of his face that Rai struck, but the words hurt more than the blow. He sighed and said, "I don't know how many people you met that thought that way, but I can tell you right now that I'm not one of them."

He then bent over slightly so that he was eye level with Rai as he continued, "If I did get bitten, I'd kill myself right there on the spot, just to spend my last moment human, and not like one of those things."

With a smirk, he finished, "I may be an idiot, but even I'm not stupid enough to risk the virus."

7/5/2010 #30
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