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The first ever Witch and Wizard forum! Here, we are against the New Order. We're the Resistance. Come in and create you own character and join my club. This is my own band of kids who are different and hate the Law. Long Live the Resistance!
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Heylo! My name is Winged-Wolf-At-Heart, but you can just call me Sapphire. This is the very first Witch and Wizard forum and I hope to meet alot of new people! Just a few Rules to get us started:

1. No major cussing. I do not mind minor cussing. But when you start dropping the F-bomb in every other sentence you say, you're banned.

2. Don't control other people's character. Unless you have special permission by that person, stick to your own character.

3. Don't create more characters than you can keep up with. You can start out with one character, and when you feel like you can keep up with another, then you may create another character.

4. Keep in character! Stay as close as you can to your character's personality. ((When you want to talk, as in, not your character, put it in double parentheses))

5. No one is perfect. No God-modeling, Mary-Sue's, or invincible characters. Self-Healing is fine.

6. Adventure is cool. Your imagination is cooler. We can go anywhere, say anything we want, and do practically everything! Get as creative as possible, and have fun!

I ban who I want, And so can my mods, if I get any. Failure to comply with my rules, you will be banned. Before you can post(So I know you read this), please say: zomg max+fang=faxness forever!

7/3/2010 . Edited 7/27/2010 #1

zomg max+fang=faxness forever! and Hi, I'm Winged Wolf, but please just call me Sapphire!

7/27/2010 #2
Holly Muncho

zOMG Max+Fang=faxness forever 3

The previous statement is an unsolvable equation.

Hi, I'm HollyIShort, but just call me Holly :3

7/28/2010 #3

zomg max+fang=faxness forever!

Hi I'm Bigtimebooks but just cal me Alura (A-Laura)

8/5/2010 #4

too late to talk? i'm bookworm323 but u can call me chalse (like chelsea, different spelling)

10/13/2010 #5
Holly Muncho

It is never too late!

But I do think the Admin's forgotten about this RP...

11/8/2010 #6


11/8/2010 #7
Holly Muncho

Winged-Wolf-At-Heart is, being the creator of the forum.

11/8/2010 #8

zomg max+fang=faxness forever

11/12/2010 #9

I LOVE FAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/13/2010 #10

zomg max+fang=faxness forever!

so is this a forum anymore?

11/27/2010 #11
Holly Muncho

Yeah, it's actually just gotten on track xD

11/27/2010 #12

are you still accepting characters?

11/27/2010 #13
Holly Muncho

Well, I'm not a Mod, but I think so.

11/27/2010 #14

oh, and Holly, I love your profile. I'm also short, but I'm only 12 so 5'3" is like kick butt compared to my classmates...lmao...

Your profile is funny, is what I'm trying to say.

11/27/2010 . Edited 11/27/2010 #15
Holly Muncho

Thanks! :D

Oh, I don't remember how short I was when I was that young, but it was probably a heck of a lot shorter!

11/27/2010 #16

We are still accepting characters! Feel free to post your charrie at any time and don't roleplay until you are accepted!

11/27/2010 #17

Okay, thanks for the heads up. Also, it's been a while since I read this book. I might be a little rusty on facts.

11/27/2010 #18
Holly Muncho

Yeah, I had the same problem. Wikipedia helps lots!

11/27/2010 #19

zomg max+fang=faxness forever!

1/31/2011 #20

We should still be accepting but I'm not a mod either

2/1/2011 #21

zomg, max+fang=faxness forever!!! lurve da series. ^^

6/17/2011 #22

Hey, just wondering, can people still join?

9/1/2011 #23
Holly Muncho

Probably, but it'd be a huge lie if I said there was much activity going on.

9/1/2011 #24
The Lady Cloudy

zomg max+fang=faxness forever! Please call me Cloudy.

10/23/2011 #25
The Optimal Oz

zomg max+fang=faxness forever!

call me thunder

11/19/2011 #26
The Mindless Opal

zomg max+fang=faxness forever!

Hiya I'm BaseballHockeyWitch(for now, I've been known to randomly change my name at random times) but y'all can call me Annie or Duaa...

2/17/2012 . Edited 2/17/2012 #27

zomg maxfang=faxness forever!

5/19/2012 #28

zomg maxfang=faxness forever! ... HEYELL YEAH-YUH!!!!! haha :D I looooove Fax. Eller my fellow role-players, Je M'appelle vanityinsanity2012vans. But you can call me Vanity, Torresgirl, or BREEEEEEE XDD I go by Vanity alot though. I am called Vanityinsanity2012vans because 1) I am madly in love with Dahvie Vanity 2) I met him at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. I'm very pleased to meet ya'll B))

9/16/2012 #29
The Mindless Opal


9/16/2012 #30
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