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The first ever Witch and Wizard forum! Here, we are against the New Order. We're the Resistance. Come in and create you own character and join my club. This is my own band of kids who are different and hate the Law. Long Live the Resistance!
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hiyah!! 3

9/16/2012 #31
zomg maxfang=faxness forever! (and 5 ever!)
9/27/2012 #32

zomg maxfang=faxness forever

Call me PB or Deadly and HIIIYYAAHHH VANITYYYY!!!33

10/25/2012 #33

To everyone who has posted in this forum:

I thank you for taking the time to check this forum out, as Witch and Wizard is a pretty cool series.

But I won't be starting nor continuing anymore roleplays. I have not posted anything here for some time. Sometimes I wonder why people still post....but I'm here to say if you wish to start your own roleplays on this, than that is fine with me. I don't care what you do. Have fun. Just make sure to state the person who started the roleplay, the characters he/she has accepted in the roleplay, any plotlines/bunnies/ideas, and your own rules for the roleplay - all in the first post of the roleplay topic.

Or, if you aren't lazy, go start your own roleplay forum.

Who knows? Maybe in the distance future where I don't have homework stacking my time or any distractions out there on the interwebs, I'll pick up roleplaying again...but for right now, this is what's going to happen.

Thanks for understanding.

Amestris/AlchemicNation (I'll be changing my name when I eventually come back to FF to match everywhere else I'm known as on the web (i.e. Twitter, Youtube). Just to let y'all know. :P)

10/25/2012 . Edited 10/25/2012 #34

zomg maxfang=faxness forever!

Call me Foxy or Nerd for short.

1/21/2013 #35

Zomg maxfang=faxness forever!

12/22/2018 #36
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