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The first ever Witch and Wizard forum! Here, we are against the New Order. We're the Resistance. Come in and create you own character and join my club. This is my own band of kids who are different and hate the Law. Long Live the Resistance!
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Okay, almost done withg my character, but is this RP based on a story after the first book or in the middle of it or...? Because I might be a little off.

11/27/2010 #31

Umm...darn, i don't know...let's go with a spin-off storyline. Not quite sure exactly what to do with this forum yet, so right now it's just some random stuff they're doing and maybe having the characters get to know each other better. Then, once I figure something out, we'll start into a real storyline. If anyone has an idea feel free to say it!

11/27/2010 #32
Holly Muncho

I like the Alt-timeline idea, but there should periodically be rescue missions.

11/27/2010 #33

the next book will be awesome!

Name: Charlotte Cook

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Charlotte has one eye that's blue (right) and the other is green (left). People often call her Husky because of it. Second of all, she has wavy, dark brown hair. About 5'3" and just stopped growing. Lightly tanned, but nothing as bad as the creator... (You know, I just noticed that I just sort of maybe described Mila Kunis from That's 70's Show.)

Personality: Basically anything that comes to mind. She can speak for herself, no help needed, thank you. She has a "free" spirit, meaning that she can be irresponsible.

History: She's not a witch, or at least she thinks that she isn't. Maybe she's just a late bloomer. That's what her mother, a witch, said before the N.O. came and took her. Though Charlotte has no "magic powers" (as she puts it), she just is over observant (such as being able to observe and resolve (ever seen Psych?), resulting in her being taken away from the N.O. (they were taken from their parents at that time if I remember correctly) After a miraculous escape, she had to live on the run. After what seemed like a lifetime without her family and shelter, (which was only two weeks) she is passed out in an alley. When she wakes up, and finds herself with the Resistance. They recognized her and her newly found powers

Strength: Water. As cheesy as it sounds, she can control it. That and teleportation seemed to have been something that she had her strong points with. Smart, excelled in all her classes when she was in school. Is very fluent in sarcasm.

Weakness: Love. She had a struggle without her family, seeing as she came from this wealthy family with everything served on a silver platter. As soon as this happens, she take a major turn on love. She also doesn't know when to stop talking, and can be a little too...odd for her own good, causing others to judge her too quickly. She also tries to act and look tougher than she actually is.

Likes: Cheese and chocolate. Music, mainly Beatles, but likes mostly all kinds of it.

Dislikes: People that judge too quickly. Ferrets. Bugs. She has a HUGE fear of bugs, especially spiders.

Good? I bet I might have to change some things about the history later.

11/27/2010 . Edited 11/27/2010 #34

Welcome to the Resistance!!!

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12/5/2010 #36

*corny fist in the air thing*

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Name: Nasrin , but she likes being called Rin

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Shoulder leghthed straight strawberry blond hair , that she always has down. She has Freckles everywhere ( Like most redheads ). Her eyes are a ocean blue. She wearing blue jeans and a cute T-shirt that she got gave to her once she got to the Resistance.

Personality: Always thinking about others before herself, Shy , smart and quit. She keeps to herself most of the time , but when need she is there.

History: Rin's parents died in an unexplained car accident after The One Who Is The One became in power, shortly after she moved to her grandmothers. Her grandmother was a nurse , she showed Rin many ways to heal and help people both physically and mentally. One day the N.O came to Rin's house saying that her grandmother and her were experimentation with the dark and foul arts. At the time Rin didn't release she had magic. The N.O took Rin and her grandmother. Rin was moved to a New order reformatory ( Overworld Prison ). She was beaten and pushed around, she didn't understand why until a group from the " Resistance " came and saved her . Well they were saving her and the others , a little girl got hurt , falling and breaking her leg. Before she could even think about saving herself .She ran over to the little girl and put her hand on her leg , Rin didn't release she was healing her leg with magic till it was over , and after she got it explained to her by one of the others. She has only been with the resistance for nine mouths.

Strength: Healing .Even thought she new at her power , and it doesn't always work when needed. She still knows the way of a nurse. She's great with children.

Weakness: People who are bigger and have more power, she feels small around them and is easily pushed around.

Likes: Reading, art , playing and watching the children. Helping others and just relaxing alone in her own little world where , there is no N.O.

Dislikes: N.O , People who hurt children.


1/30/2011 #39

Yalloh! can I join, even though I'm only still on the first book, or do you not accept newbies?

Name: October



Appearance:5'2''; slim; short black hair; pale skin; Wears a red T-shirt, a black hoodie, a silver neclace with a jewled 'O' emblem attached, a white pleated skirt with fade-in black hems, black headphones, black & white checkered Vanns; carries around her guitar

Personality:October's the 'stay-in-the-corner-and-away-from-people' type of girl. She loves reading and writing and any form of music (i.e. instruments, synthesizer, singing, etc...) she cares about her friends and hates to lose them, so that's why she has so very few. Most of the time, you could find her with a book and her iPod. Others, she's on the comp. or something related.

History: Her parents were hanged mercilessly by the N.O. for being accused of being a Witch and Wizard. They did nothing for cover and didn't explain a thing to her, just for their amusement. She was accused as well but escaped their clutches with a powerful burst of magic that killed a good amount of N.O. goonies.

Strength:Due to her creativity with writing, give her a pen and paper and she can write out a person's fate. It's her least favorite power. Other than that, she can knock someone out by singing and can bend their will to her own if she adds her guitar. She can burst into flames ((Sorry for stealing your power, Wisty!)) and bend water or fire to her will as well. ((Next power is just for kicks)) she can control any musical things near her with a simple gesture such as a wink, snap, blink, or twitch.

Weakness:She's still partially human, so she can suffer from mortal wounds. Other than that, she can be weakened by any metal, air, or earth magic. She can be killed by spiritual power if it's strong enough.

Likes:Reading/Writing/Making music

Dislikes:ANNOYING PEOPLE!!!!! (i.e. ALL the N.O. people. ALL of them.

Other: She's a total pyro and swims very well. She's very creative and enthusiastic about books/songs. She can sing very well and plays guitar and piano.

6/17/2011 #40

Name:Samantha Amelia Batrill.



Appearance:Long curly blonde hair,thin,bit tan with bright blue eye's.

Personality:Short tempered girl who doesn't like to be pushed around.Most people are scared of her because of her attitude.

History:She was born in lake city florida,her mother past away when she was six.She was kiddnapped and taken to jail when she was 13 and was there for two years before escaping killing anything that got in her way.Yeah,prison killed all her nice left in her.

Likes:To hang out with guy's and do thing's any teen would.

Dislikes:The n.o. and anyone who follows them.


11/18/2011 #41

Name:minerva Tearth (miney for short)



Appearance: about 5'6-6'slight tan, dark dirty blonde hair almost down to her butt... slight build, slim, pretty.

Personality:down to earth, but can be a little pissy at times.hates to see the ones she loves get hurt.

History: ^^ an orphan from birth, practically, she never knew her parents. at every foster home she went to, she was abused or mis-treated. she would run away to the police when things with the fosters got too bad and would get a new home. this could happen in as little as 4 days, so she skipped around quite a bit. she learned to defend herself, and when she got her powers, she ran away to live in the Forrest.

Strength: she is very good at fist/ hands on fighting. she can earth bend along with plants bending to her whim and also can read minds and communicate telepathically. (also lava) she has heightened senses, like sight hearing, speed, but not taste. she can "see" in the earth, as in know where people, landmarks, buildings, ect.. are just by casting out her senses in the earth. animal are comforted by her presence.

Weakness: recounting her past.

Likes: joking around, having fun, and practicing her combat.

Dislikes: HATES when people piss her off.

Other: whatever...

2/23/2012 #42
((This wont be able to be spaced by me because the enter button on my kindle is broken))Name:Azazel / Age:15 / gender:male / appearance:has dark blonde hair,blue eyes, is 4'11, and always wears black jeans with a blue hoodie/ Personality:He is humorous,short tempered,and slightly like Leeroy Jenkins./History:His parents loved and cared for him,but disowned him once he was captured.He was allowed to keep one item:his staff.when he uses his magic on it,it turns into a katana sword.He later escaped the N.O. during his excecution./Strenth:his staff,it holds magic within it/Weakness:bieng happy or sad./Likes:darkness,and ice/Dislikes:everything else.
10/4/2012 #43

Name: Ezmarelda Aenya (Ezme or E for short)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance: Hair- Short straight Blood red. Eyes- Hazel but it's mostly a dark forest green. Clothes- wears a gray striped zip-up hoodie with black clanky boots and purple unicorn BOTDF Tee and black skinnies, has a blue and red striped vampire beanie hat. Height- 5'3". Weight- 107

Personality: Varies from time and time again but is somewhat hotheaded, short tempered, and very protective over self and others for most of the time.

History: Mother was a witch but her father was a part of the N.O. and had turn them both in. Mother was killed but E had escaped. Mother gave E her beanie hat before they had been taken away.

Strength: Her beanie can change her appearance and disguise her into any person she thinks of. She is also good with necromancy.

Weakness: Love and her great fear of dogs.

Likes: Big fluffy orange cats (or any cat basically but mostly the orange ones), Strawberry icecream, screams of pain.

Dislikes: N.O. Dogs and girly-girls

Other: *shrug*

10/4/2012 #44

Name: Adiran Valanski (A for short.*

Age: 19

Gender: male

Appearance: Emo crop jet black hair with blind blue eyes. Wears asking alexandria tee's and stuff so yah. height is 5'9" weight is 135lbs.

Personality: mysterious, angry, dark.

History: doesnt like to talk about it. mad at his dad.

Strength: Spirits.

Weakness: Fire.

Likes: Halloween. Screams. The dark.

Dislikes: The sun. Laughter. People.

Other: erf.

10/25/2012 #45
Emma Cole

Name: Alyssa Evrest



Appearance:Thin,red hair that goes all the way down her back and is usually pulled back into a ponytail. She wears a black leather jacket with ripped black jeans and black tenni-shoes.

Personality:She is very honorable and respects people and there decisions. However, if you come acrossed her as arragent and judge mental, you will have to work realy hard to prove youre not if you wont her respect,which is not very easy.

History:She was born a witch and found out that she was and learned how to use her magic at the age 10. Her parents were killed by The One Who Is The One when she was 13.Since her parents died she joined The Resistance and has been fighting with them ever since.

Strength:Alyssa's strengths are her witty word play, her magic, and her stealth.

Weakness: Alyssa's weakness is her arragents.

Likes:Nice people that respect her,The Resistance

Dislikes:The One Who Is The One


7/28/2013 #46
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