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The first ever Witch and Wizard forum! Here, we are against the New Order. We're the Resistance. Come in and create you own character and join my club. This is my own band of kids who are different and hate the Law. Long Live the Resistance!
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The place to create your character. Standard charrie:












7/9/2010 . Edited 7/9/2010 #1
Holly Muncho

Ah, hi there! I hope I'm not too early.

... Anyone there? Hello? -Echo is heard-

Name: Dalila Blooms

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hourglass figure type of body. Dull brown curls, that can barely be recognized as such because her hair is messy and dirty. Mud-colored eyes that always look tired, framed by long eyelashes. Heart shaped face with big lips and rosy cheeks. Her skin is either tan or dirty, it can be hard to tell. Short for her age. She could look attractive if she cared enough to, but she doesn't so she looks kind of ugly.

Personality: Though she has passion about the Resistance's cause, she is very apathetic when it comes to anything else. She doesn't care for looks, friends, romance or family. Her main concern is the cause and destroying the New Order, and she's very passionate about this. She's very anti-social, never hesitating before being mean, sarcastic or snappy, but if she ever does make a friend, she'll most likely not show any different emotions or compassion towards them, but she'd care internally. She is very intelligent but has very low tolerance for those who aren't and she gets annoyed easily. She is a very logical person, solving problem with math, science or simply common sense, and hardly ever looking at things creatively. She isn't an optimist, but she's also not a total pessimist, more of a realist; her opinions and hopes are based on what might actually happen, though because of this she most often comes off pessimistic.

History: She used to live in suburbia with her parents, her dog and her older sister. She went to a magnet high school and took AP classes. Her only friend's parents were big supporters of the N.O. and when they first started noticing that she was showing some magical ability, they ratted her out. However, she accidentally lit the van on fire and escaped to Freeland in all the commotion, joining the Resistance. She has been leader of the week once already.

Strengths: High IQ (around 180), sneaky, excellent with technology. She knows basic human anatomy and used to take health class, so she knows basic things about healing. She knows Spanish and some French. Magic-wise, her forté seems to be pyrokinesis, though she can occasionally manage other things (trying to work on her time-manipulation abilities). She can also shield her mind, against mind readers, and mind control/hypnosis.

Weaknesses: Completely fails at social interaction and basic common courtesy, not very good at hand-to-hand combat, even if she isn't physically weak. She is not very creative, so she isn't very good at scheming or strategics. Magic-wise, the whole trying to learn time-manipulation thing is going pretty slowly, and she finds transfiguration very hard.

Likes: Animals, computers, fire, math and science.

Dislikes: Most people, the New Order, physical fighting, transfiguration (but this is more because she epically fails at it).

Other: None.

7/23/2010 . Edited 11/28/2010 #2

Hey, sorry, i've been busy with my other forum, and this is the first time I've checked this one! SO...hmm...your OC is cool, just make sure you read the rules topic and you're good to go!

7/27/2010 . Edited 7/27/2010 #3
Holly Muncho

Alright then :3

7/28/2010 #4

Name: Alura


Gender: Female

Appearance: Jet black straight hair with bangs hair is down to butt, heart shaped face red eyes and long lashes, pale pale skin, small lips, slender figure but enough body to look pretty, black tank top, faded jean mini skirt, and black high top converse.

Personality: Usually happy, but is a tom boy. sometimes has an I-wil-end-you personality and can actually fallow up with her word because really strong. But is mostly a funny fun loving random girl.

History: Was abandoned at the age of 7 and ran away from the orphanage at age 9 and discovered she had powers at age 8, parents new she was going to be a threat to the N.O so gave her up because loved her to much to kill her, yet disgusted for what she was. So finally after searching joined the risitance at age 11.

Strength: Can speak chinese, is majoring in healing and time powers, is very intelegent, can tel when people lie, and has the IQ of 163, is really strong, a people person, is good at acting and lying so she can get around the N.O, like I said she is a people person so she can talk to people and is easy to convince people to do stuff.

Weakness: Fails in levetating and invisibility skills, one she gets to know a person she is very emotionally attatched to them and if betrayed it is the worst thing you could do, if lied to is majorly offended and can let gaurd down.

Likes: Animals, th ebeach, music, reading, learing new things, friendly people, drawing.

Dislikes: Nasty people, depressing people, and the N.O.

8/5/2010 . Edited 11/21/2010 #5

I really dont know what to do is because all there is is joining the resistance and the rule topic, and I cant put a talking topic so I dont know what to really do...

8/5/2010 #6
Holly Muncho

You wait until Sapphire does that, obviously. Of course, I don't exactly know when that'll happen xD so I guess you wait indefinitely. Or, you can send her a PM reminding her that this RP still exists xD and then asking her to put up the topic.

8/5/2010 #7

That could work.... maybe... Lol I cant wait for the next book can you?

8/6/2010 #8
Holly Muncho

Me neither. You know when it comes out?

8/6/2010 #9

No... do you?

8/10/2010 #10

HEY! sorry, I went on a little trip to the lake, and this was the first chance I had to get on the computer, soo...Bigtimebooks, you're accepted! Oh, and the second book comes out on...October 12, 2010. And it's called Witch and Wizard: Battle for Shadowland. I can't wait until it comes out, either.

8/10/2010 #11
Holly Muncho

I hope you had fun on your lake trip! I can't wait till the book comes out either :3

8/10/2010 #12

YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Secretly thinks: Wow I'm such a NERD...*

Well no one wants to know what Alura is thinking... Am I still thinking? Did I just say that out loud?

8/11/2010 #13

Lol XD Yeah, I had lots of fun! But I kinda fell off a golf cart...but I'm perfectly OK! ;D anyway, you guys are probably wondering when the RP is going to start. Well................I have no idea just yet. It would probably be when we get some more players to play. I'll add another topic for the roll playing. But until then...feel free to add more characters!

8/13/2010 #14

Name: Zella Spell

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Platnum blonde hair, loose curls, fairly pale kind with rosy cheeks, one purple eye one black eye, Full lips, dimond shaped face, small frame, a violet purple dress with puffy short sleves, black ballet flats, and dimond mood earings.

Personality: Usually a warm lovable girl but can get very shy, but mostly a fun lucky girl.

History: Ran away at age 5 after her parents tried to exicute her while finding out she has special powers, and joined the resistance at age 7.

Strength: Can speak Dutch, polish, German, Japonese, and English. Can read and control minds, see the future, and can shape shift. Is majoring in freezing and unfreezing time, also is controling weather. Is books smart, street smart, and is strong headed with the IQ of 152. Also is witty and fast.

Weaknesses: Is very weak in healing , transporting, and invisebility spells. Can be to smart for her own good and can be very shy.

Likes: Music, drawing, makignn people smile, and a lot of other things!

Dislikes: Nasty attitudes, daddy long legs, and the N.O

8/27/2010 #15


8/29/2010 #16
Holly Muncho

When are we finally gonna start RPing?

Name: Adam Manners, but he insists on being called A

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, 1.82 meters tall (I think that's about 5'11" though), somehow, people can tell he's of European descent just by looking at him, or might simply mistake him for being foreign.

Personality: He's got a hero's complex, he's very brave, loyal, friendly, passionate and trustworthy. He's also very rash in his actions and doesn't think about doing things when he does. He'll defy orders if it means doing what he thinks is right or necessary, and he's extremely stubborn so it's practically impossible for anyone to convince him not to do what he's set on doing. He's also immensely lucky so he can be very pretentious and stuck up, not to mention take his luck for granted and take stupid risks. He doesn't hesitate to risk his life for someone he cares about, so he's naturally selfless. He's active and athletic, so he can't be confined to a desk very long before he finds or invents something to do with his time. He has a very short attention span too, so he often gets distracted from "boring" things. He has a very high moral standard from the way he was raised and feels uncomfortable when he sees harm coming to innocents, and sometimes people who aren't innocents, so he tries not to harm people intentionally. He's very benevolent and mostly considered to be a good person.

History: He was raised by very religious parents, his mom was a very catholic Spanish woman and his dad was catholic too, just American and he had an eleven year old sister called Eve. His family never discovered his abilities, because he had heard them talk about the N.O. much before, in it's favor, and they'd told him many times to report any kids in his class that seemed to have witch-like powers, so he had deduced they'd probably send him off if they ever discovered his powers. So, when he realized he had magic powers, he decided to run away from home and spare his family any trouble and heartbreak by creating a fully-functioning, non-magical double of himself. This required a lot of energy so as soon as he reached Freeland, he passed out and went on a short coma. He woke up recovered and in the headquarters. He likes to work in the field rather than behind a desk at the Resistance.

Strengths: Sports, social skills, cooking, he's very clever, and he knows Spanish very well. Magic-wise, he's good at replicating himself, much better than he was before. For example, he can create non-functioning doubles (who just stand around, he uses them to confuse people) with almost no strain, and create semi-functioning double (who can do only one menial task) with some effort. If he ever does need to create a fully-functioning one, it does still exhausting, but there's no longer the danger of falling into a coma (he does, however, have to wait a while before performing any other types of magic). He can also do some light levitation and can shield his mind.

Weakness: He doesn't have much going for him in the creativity or strategic department, so he's not very good at planning or creating backgrounds for himself either. He can't so much as lie without stuttering, so if he's ever caught he's pretty much screwed. He's also terrible at math, and he can barely perform the basic operations.Magic-wise, he's probably never going to be able to harness or control any of the elements, no matter how much effort he puts into it. Also, anything related to stealth and invisibility is almost impossible for him too, though he might be able to manage temporary (around, say, 5 minutes) invisibility with a lot of effort, but it isn't worth it. Even though he can levitate light things, levitating heavy things is hopeless for him, for some odd reason.

Likes: Funny things, friends, animals, cooking, challenges, sports, the "rush" of being in danger.

Dislikes: People who are too ruthless for his taste, people that defy his moral code, paper work, practicing something he knows he's not good at, anything that keeps him bound to a desk too long.

Other: Eve (his sister) can develop magical powers and show up if anyone wants to take her, otherwise she won't.

9/5/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #17

Accepted. soon as I post my charrie XD

9/7/2010 #18


I LURV YOUR PROFILE PICTURE! *Secretly thinks: Really Alura, how low can you go?*

Pretty low... I SAID NOTHING!

11/8/2010 #19

Name: Valentine Lee

Age: 14

Gender: female

Appearance: Of Chinese descent. Black layered hair that reaches the middle of her back. Brown eyes. Tan skin. Black shorts and blue thigh high socks. Black ankle boots (no heels). Black and white zipper tank top (one side black, the other white). Black half jacket with 3/4 sleeves. Black watch.

Personality: Sometimes overconfident and sarcastic and witty. She's usually a kind girl, but will not be afraid to voice her opinion (unfortunately, due to her overconfidence, she does not restrain herself even when she is about to be killed). She hates the New Order with a passion and will definitely protect her friends. Used to take kung fu before she ran away to Freeland when she was twelve. Loses herself in rage when someone calls her weak, even if she has no chance of winning. She gets irritated easily, but tries not to show it.

History: Ran away from home at twelve because her parents urged her too. Her parents were hanged after being arrested, although they managed to allow her to escape. They were all put under arrest two hours after she had accidentally sprayed a kid with water from the water fountain at school out of anger. After surviving a month, she found the Resistance and joined shortly after.

Strength: Speaks/reads/writes fluent Chinese. Controls water from any water source. She can change its temperature and uses telekinesis to create weapons and other objects out of water or for levitation purposes. She's very good at kung fu.

Weakness: Anger easily clouds her judgment, and she gets irritated easily, though not to the point where she's constantly angry at others.

Likes: the Resistance, water, swimming, sparring, winning

Dislikes: the N.O., losing, not confident people, doing nothing

Other: Sometimes longs for a sibling (preferably younger), to the point where she tries to protect every single younger child in the Resistance.

11/12/2010 . Edited 11/12/2010 #20


*Looks at Valentine*

Hi! Valentine, can you teach me how to do the water thingymebobber??? Can you make a gun out of water? If you can teach me how! Can you teach me how to do a few kung fu moves? *rambles on and on about useless things and what not until Zell slaps a hand over her mouth*


Would you shut it! Jeez I'm trying to levetate a flower pot over here!


*Is kind of shocked by Zella's out burst but recovers quickly* I can help you with that!

*Thrusts hand up ward to fast and the flower pot shatters against the ceiling* Oops... ZELL DID IT! *runs away guiltily*


Oh no you dont! I am not getting blamed for this! *quickly runs after her as fast as you can in high heels*

11/13/2010 . Edited 11/13/2010 #21

GAH! I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT THIS FORUM!!!! T.T I am terribly sorry for my forgetfulness TT.TT I am posting my character right now and then I'm going to create a RP topic. Once again I AM SO SORRY!! please forgive me? Oh and Valentine is accepted.

Name: Lobo (means wolf in Spanish)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance:Small for her age, Blue-streaked brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a thin frame. She likes to wear a fake wolf tail and fake wolf ears that she got from an anime con she went to before the New Order.

Personality: Smart, nice, angered very easily, and sarcastic when people annoy her. She likes running the Resistance and always welcomes new members. She totally hates the New Order with everything she has in her soul, body, and mind. She doesn't really like talking about her past. She also completely hates it when people call her small or anything related to that word.

History: At a younger age, before the N.O. took charge, she began to show magical talent. She would start predicting the lottery numbers, and every once in a while, major disasters. One day, when she was fourteen, she predicted that the government would be over-turned and a new, stricter government would take over, putting anyone in jail that was different or broke the rules.Most everyone she told about it didn't believe her, even her own parents, who always trusted her visions. Then, three years later, the N.O. took over, just like in her vision. She ran away before her parents could turn her in. She wondered around a lot, never staying in one place for long, fearing that she might get caught. As the month went on, she developed some more abilities, like when she thinks hard about it, she can turn invisible. Then she found the Resistance and joined soon after. Sorta runs the place.

Strength: Seeing the future and turning invisible. Lobo knows a little bit of technical stuff, so she usually fixes things around the headquarters. She's also pretty handy with a knife.

Weakness: Basically, everything that's doesn't involve turning invisible or seeing the future. But she's working on shape shifting, but can only transform her ears, and only for a few seconds at a time. She's also a sucker for a good anime/manga.

Likes: Wolves, anime, books, storms, magic, and sparring occasionally.

Dislikes: the N.O, people not getting along, when people call her small, and spiders.

Other: She dropped her last name after she was turned in. She also changed her first name so she wouldn't get caught as easily.

11/20/2010 #22


Hi Lobo! OMG can I show you my new drawing? *holds up peice of paper with an anime girl drawn on it* Do you like it?


Did you eat any sugar recently???


Nooooo. *turns around quickly huffs into her hand to sell her breath for any signs of chocolaty goodness*


Did you get into any of my candy???


Noooo.... *hides various candy wrapers under a rug that she made appear*

Zella: That wasn't there before.


Anyway *pushes past Zella* Can you help me with that invisibility thing your so good at?!? I'll help you with, like, healing and stuff.

11/21/2010 #23

Lobo: Sure!

Me: I think I'm going to create a chat topic so this won't get cluttered...

11/21/2010 #24

Ok. Teach me!!!

11/23/2010 #25
Holly Muncho

I added a new strength for both my characters, is that okay?

11/26/2010 #26

In the other topic my character is pretty pissed at your character :P

11/26/2010 #27

It's all good ^^

11/27/2010 #28

Is it okay if i add a character, or is it too late?

EDIT: I'm Xo, by the way.

11/27/2010 . Edited 11/27/2010 #29

Nope! Go right ahead! And nice to meet you. I'm Sapphire.

11/27/2010 . Edited 11/27/2010 #30
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