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The first ever Witch and Wizard forum! Here, we are against the New Order. We're the Resistance. Come in and create you own character and join my club. This is my own band of kids who are different and hate the Law. Long Live the Resistance!
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This is where we RP at Resistance HQ.

11/20/2010 #1

Lobo sat at her desk in her office, working on fixing the wires that make her computer work. Some of them had shorted out, and made her computer crash. And right when she was watching her favorite anime! So she wasn't the best of moods.

11/20/2010 #2

"Hey Lobo!" I said, "Alura and Zella are fighting again. Should we break them up?"

11/21/2010 #3

Alura: We are soooo fighting right now, I'm not even gonna talk to said person.

Zella: You are not talking about me are you?

Alura: Yes.

Zella: HOW DARE YOU! *consentraits and makes it rain over Alura*

Alura: I'M GETTING WET! *Points finger at Zella and she -Zella- turns into a mouse* You're going to stay that way to.

Zella: You! *her voice is unbelievably high* MY VOICE!

Alura: *rolls around in a puddle laughing her guts out*

11/23/2010 #4

Valentine looks out the door. She turns back toward Lobo.

"Yup, should definitely stop them. What now?"

11/24/2010 #5

Alura: *stops laughing a little and glares at Zellas mouse form* Get this stupid rain could off of me!

Zella: No *bits Alura's foot*


11/25/2010 #6

Valentine sighed. She walks toward the arguing pair.

"Forget this, I'll handle it myself," she muttered.

Using telekinesis, Valentine stopped the rain above Alura. She levitated Zella to eye level and shaped the water into a lethal spike. The spike was pointed at Alura.

"Alura, you will change Zella back right now. Zella, you will stop the rain after you are back to normal, or so help me, I'll drive the spike through you instead," Valentine growled, "I'm in no mood for games today, you two."

11/25/2010 #7

Alura nodded quickly and pointed her finger at Zella and she quickly snapped back in her human form but she stopped in the half of it, "You might want to grab her some cloths first because she isnt going to be wearing any..." she could tell Valentine didnt care so she magically zapped some herself and soon Zella was back to her old human self.

"Vaporias." Zella mummbled and the rain cloud dissapeared.

Aluras eyes suddenly grew wide, "MY iPOD!" Alura quickly took it out and magically fixed it, "Phew." Alura quickly shoved her earbuds in her ears and started listening to music on high volume but could still ear eveything around her.

11/26/2010 #8
Holly Muncho

Dalila, who was strolling by, noticed Alura listening to her iPod. Dalila shrugged and set it on fire, letting it burn until it was nothing save a pile of ashes. She kept walking.

11/26/2010 #9

Alura stared at her iPod and kept stairing at the ashes of it for a while thinking it'd come back some how.

Zella walked up to Alura and said, "Alura your iPod."

Alura kept staring at it in shock and turned to look at Dalila, "You burned my iPod... how could you... you just... you... YOU BURNED Y FREAKIN iPOD!!!!!" Alura exploaded litterally exploaded at is blew up like a bomb then reformed looking really pissed at Dalila, "I CANT BELIEVE YOU JUST DID THAT!" Aluras voice sent sonic waves breaking a lot of glass and a few plates and popped a few ear drums. Alura pointed a finger at Dalila and Dalila turned into a whale and the whale suddenly was covered in dry ice possibly going to kill it but not sure if it will.

Zella looked at Alura horrified, "Alura calm down!"

Alura set the death glare on Zella and quickly

Zella turned into a tree.

Alura was so upset that a rain cloud settled over her as she ran on into her area and slowly curled up into a ball and she started to stutter, almost cry even.

11/26/2010 #10
Holly Muncho

Dalila gave a big sigh. She heated the ice, which melted off, then, with she mumbled an enchantment, and, with an effort, turned back into herself. She chuckled, realizing last time she'd observed a hissy fit that pathetically hilarious had been a long time ago. Without doing anything else, Dalila walked away.

11/26/2010 #11

Alura realized that she was a witch and then stopped crying thinking of how rediculus she was acting and pointed her finger at the remaints of the iPod and said some spells did a little magic and her iPod was as good as new. Except the fact it was missing a few songs. Should I apologize to Dalila for turning her into a whale? she thought to herself... Nah. And she just kept listening to music and ocasionally singing a lyric or two to the song.

11/26/2010 #12

"Dalila," Valentine said calmly, "Get back here. Now."

She walked over to Alura, and smiled. Then she walked over to Dalila, as she didn't respond. Valentine grabbed her shoulder and turned her around quickly. She pulled back her fist and let it fly into Dalila's cheek. As Dalila fell to the floor, Valentine said, "That was for Alura."

11/26/2010 #13
Holly Muncho

((In the future, can you maybe not state my characters' reactions to actions taken by your characters?))

Dalila, who had not fallen to the floor, but had staggered back from the force of the blow, ignored Valentine. It was like she hadn't even noticed. Of course, she had noticed. Valentine was clearly out of line, as had been Alura in turning her into a whale, but who was she to complain? She lit Alura's iPod on fire, causing the whole thing. She had nothing against hypocrisy, but she did have something against wasting her time with idiots, and pointing out Valentine's double standards would only waste said time.

She walked away without a second glance.

11/26/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #14

Lobo sighed, "Quit fighting!" she yelled. She did not like particularly involving herself in situations like this, but as things were going, she would have to intervine sooner or later.

((Hey! Guess what! The second book to Witch and Wizard comes out on December 13! I don't know where I got Oct. 12 from...T.T sorry for miss-informing you!))

11/27/2010 #15

((YAY!!! *does happy dance*))

Alura looked greatfully at Valentine, and mouthed the words 'Thank you.' as she shifted her podition and a song by Paramore started again.

11/27/2010 #16

Valentine mouthed back, "Sure." to Alura and walked away to find a place to practice her techniques. She obviously needed to let off some steam. Dalila just seemed to...upset her.

11/27/2010 #17

Alura just closed her eyes listening to music.

Zella tried to levitate a lock of Alura's hair and was doing quite well but Alura questioned her, "Why are you trying to levitate my hair?"

Zella shrugged, "Something light weight to practice on."

Alura nodded and waved her hand about three feet from Zellas face and it started to snow over the pair.\

Zella went wide eyed, "SNOW!!!"

11/27/2010 #18

Lobo looked up when Zella shouted. Ssure enough, there was a stead fall of snow falling down, and a little snowdrift on the side of the opposite building. "Great," she muttered, "We might get snowed in."

11/27/2010 #19

Alura looked at Lobo, "Would you like me to stop it?"

Zella looked sad that the snow would leave but didn't say anything.

11/28/2010 #20

Lobo looked out the window again before replying, "Yes, please. That'll save me from having to go around to make sure this place is heated..."

12/5/2010 #21

Alura tried not to show any dissapointment and turned off the snow.

12/10/2010 #22

(uh...i'm a little uncomfortable with a first post for like 10 days. so...who wants to post? I just dont know what to put, by adding a character)

12/16/2010 #23

Alura started to burn a random peice of paper that she saw on the floor, "I'm hungry..." Alura said still burning the paper.

Zella nodded in agreement with Alura, "Me to."

12/17/2010 #24

Lobo stomach started to growl, "Hmm...I think there's something in the fridge..." she walked over to the fridge and opened it. There was nothing in it, "Looks like we need to go shopping again. Who wants to go with me?"

12/19/2010 #25

Alura jumped up and the paper was burned to ashes, "I will! Should I change? Nah I think I look okay." She looked down at her faded blue flowing dress that was sed as a shirt and ended mid theigh over black skinny jeans with black converse. She had a blue head bland in her black hair.

12/21/2010 #26

Charlotte kind of watched as the girls were trying to decide. She sat on the floor and looked around at the room. She was amazed that she was finally somewhere where she belonged. But, she didn't understand most of it.

12/28/2010 #27

Alura looked around the room and spoke, "Does anyone else want to come?" Alure touched her hair and the tops tinted off as a terquishish blue.

12/29/2010 #28

(wellllll thennnnn.............. its been like, two yearz..... awkward......)

2/23/2012 #29
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