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A place for all fans of Merlin to talk about Merlin, do Merlin-related challenges, help each other with Fics and pick plot-holes or whatever in the show vs. the original legend. Have fun!
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Voldy's Worst Nightmare

A daily challenge for people to complete if they want to, inspired by the Heart of the TARDIS Daily Prompt on a friend's forum.

Basically, the prompt is a word or phrase, for example, "Rubber ducks"

The fic you write for the challenge has to involve the prompt in some way.

Then you post the fic on the Completed Challenges topic.

Since it's rather late over here i'll do tomorrow's prompt:

Dragon's cave Daily Prompt 5th July 2010: Rubber Ducks

Go crazy with it :P

7/4/2010 #1
Voldy's Worst Nightmare

Before I forget, I'm going to post tomorrows prompt;

Dragon's Cave Daily Prompt 6th July 2010: Pineapple

7/5/2010 #2
Voldy's Worst Nightmare

Today's prompt: lateness

7/7/2010 #3
Voldy's Worst Nightmare

hehehehehe.... whoops; i missed the prompt yesterday because i was so late for school XD

not that anyone's doing the challenges or anything... :(

oh well.

today's prompt is: "MERLIN!" ;P

7/8/2010 #4

Hello Voldy! I saw you being a sad panda because no one was coming on here and I thought 'I ain't having that' so came on here. I can't guarentee it but I'll try and do one of your challenges :D

7/9/2010 #5

I can do today's one. :D *Grins* It'll be up sometime. xD

Sorry I havent been around here much. Got distracted by Doctor Who.

7/9/2010 #6
Voldy's Worst Nightmare

YAY! *hugtackles Josie and Paulala *i love you both, you know that? XD

7/9/2010 #7

=) Love you too, Volds. :P

7/9/2010 #8
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