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A place for all fans of Merlin to talk about Merlin, do Merlin-related challenges, help each other with Fics and pick plot-holes or whatever in the show vs. the original legend. Have fun!
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Voldy's Worst Nightmare

Want to discuss your preferred characters/pairings?

Here's the place!

I'll start: Fave characters anyone?

7/4/2010 #1
White Shade

Okay...I've noticed it's kinda dead around here. What's goin' on, did you fail the tests from the Keeper of the Unicorns or what?

Oh well, my fav characters are: Gaius, Merlin, and Gwen. I like Gaius b/c he has a way of getting through to Merlin, and he only wants the best for him. When he receives Merlin's mother's letter, he does everything in his power to protect him, even if it means making up some excuse to Uther. His relationship with Merlin is both hilarious and inspiring. I suppose I like Merlin b/c he has a lot to learn. I can relate to him, you could say. He also has a unique way of handling Arthur's orders and with his magic to save the prat's a**. Gwen is my favorite too because of her perseverance and integrity with Morgana. She makes friends easily, and not to mention she's the daughter of a blacksmith. Not a bad thing. She too, helps keep Arthur on the right track, whether he knows it or not.

8/2/2010 #2
Voldy's Worst Nightmare

just a problem with the advertising... wprking on it! :P

personally i'm blaming Mordred :P

8/12/2010 #3
White Shade

I found this hilarious Youtube video if anyone is interested. I don't know if any of you've seen this, but it's really funny!

8/24/2010 #4
Voldy's Worst Nightmare


8/25/2010 #5
White Shade

I knew you'd like it.

8/25/2010 #6


Thought this forum should get up and rolling in readiness for the new dose of awesomeness! :)

9/6/2010 #7
White Shade

Life sucks, I have record the first episode b/c I have to go somewhere all day so I won't be able to watch it until Sunday. I wanna see it soooo badly right when it is, but I can't. Sad face moment!!!! :(

9/6/2010 #8

Oh noes!!!! and it's a 2-parter as well!!! You could watch on iplayer or something :)

We'll try not to post spoilerific comments, I promise :)

9/7/2010 #9

My favourite character is Merlin, oh how I wept during "The Lady Of The Lake"! I thought he and Freya were the most amazing couple, it was so swell to watch two people who had found each other and cherished each other completley. Apart from this, I love the Arthur/Gwen pairing.

Other favourite character is Gaius and I like Uther (although he's not a fave) he means well although he makes some awful decisions he wants to be a good king who focuses on the welfare of Camelot.

I also really like Morgana/Morgause.

10/11/2010 #10
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