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A place for all fans of Merlin to talk about Merlin, do Merlin-related challenges, help each other with Fics and pick plot-holes or whatever in the show vs. the original legend. Have fun!
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Voldy's Worst Nightmare

It can't all be about Merlin, after all...

Basically, talk about whatever on here; Doctor Who, Life, the Unniverse and Everything, maths homework... you name it!

7/4/2010 #1

Maths Homework... bluegh! That sucks! Maths sucks! Maths should go die in a hole! NO!Actually, maths is ok, my ex-math teacher should go die in a hole. Mean, patronising old git!

People need to come on this forum! It's an awesome forum! *goes to read Merlin fics as to advertise this forum*

7/9/2010 #2

I havent done math in a year. :P

7/9/2010 #3

I don't so maths anymore either *happy dance of mathslessness* Yes. Mathslessness is now a word. I just invented it.

Eleven icon love :)

7/10/2010 #4
Voldy's Worst Nightmare

Mathslessness is an awesome word. it should TOTALLY go in the dictionary XD

i don't do maths any more either! WOO!!! *dances* XD

7/10/2010 #5
Voldy's Worst Nightmare

and i LOVE your DP! XD

7/10/2010 #6

You gotta love Eleven

I am always creating random new words. Like Lewis Carroll... He created lots of random new words.

English A-Level is getting to me...

7/10/2010 #7
White Shade

I like L.C.'s books. For those of you who didn't check out the profile, my favorite books of his are Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. On the subject of that, Tim Burton's pretty awesome too. Not afraid to do anything different. Maybe that's a little too off track.... can't be as off track as the hatter and the hare though. They're just random. Kinda like me. *Stops rant*

8/15/2010 #8

YAY! A place for random chit-chat! :D

White Shade;

I really really love Tim Burton's movies, I'd have to say Sweeney Todd & Alice In Wonderland are my favourites, but I love love love The Corpse Bride & The Nightmare Before Christmas (I have a slightly strange obsession with Jack Skellington). I'm mad as a hatter, I know ;).

Hmmm..right now, I'm listening to Judy Garland while thinking about Colin Morgan's cheekbones, and attempting to decode my Ancient Studies teacher's writing.

Voldy's Worst Nightmare; Maths homework should die, I agree. I should do that work on Pythagoras later... Grr!

Anyway, back to homework...

10/11/2010 #9
White Shade

Okay, it's been a year and I'm waiting for my next season of Merlin to come out on DVD yet. But other than that, WHAT'S UP GUYS??!!! Seriously, we gotta get back into this. Maybe add some new discussions or something. I mean come on, things in my life have been hectic but I can still sit here and find time to chit chat! I'll start it off. Since I last posted here: I've been in a out of a relations in which my significant other has been "in and out" shall we say? We are TOTALLY attracted to each other but he's too stupid to realize it and yoda yoda we're broken up for the time being, the next thing is, I've seen so many great movies, animated and not, including Megamind and Despicable Me. I love those films. I met some interesting people this year in high school already and one of them might be straight up my alley. He likes drawing, I like writing, so we might end up doing somethin' together on those grounds. I'm not sure yet but it's a positive thing to think about!

I've also recently gotten a hold of Conker's Bad Fur Day for the N64. I love my old game systems so I was happy to get my hands on an n64 game that costs about as much as a Wii game today because it's that rare! :) In addition, I've written lots of fanfiction and read a ton if it too, but that was mostly over the summer, I've acquired a driver's license as well!! Ha, and this month I'm able to have more than 1 person in the car at a time with me (which is like, super awesome cuz I need that lols). I've also entered a new year of high school, and that's been a ride, I've got an new haircut as of August. My hair is shorter now (I used to have a sort of Morgana look, for it's naturally long and wavy), and I may even get it shorter still because I LOVE Roxanne Ritchi from Megamind so much.

I've got an addiction to Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allen Poe and I'm excited for the new series on TV called Once Upon a Time and the TV show after that called Grimm (total joke the Grimm brothers who acquired/wrote all the original fairy tales like Red Riding Hood that have original bad, darker endings rather than Disney's happily ever after stuff). So, I'm intrigued by that too.

So, come on guys! What is goin' on???????!!!!

10/22/2011 #10
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